A Sit Down With DJ Soulwax


The year 1999 saw the arrival of Soulwax’s first UK release ‘Much Against Everyone’s Advice’. The album received critical approval across Europe but only a handful of music lovers fell for the admirably constructed beats, the intricate guitar chord sequences and Belgian-English crossover lyrics penned by the Dewaele brothers. They have built a solid fanbase thanks to extensive touring and many festival appearances but it was with 2Many DJs that the broader audience really started…

A Sit Down With DJ Lindsey Stirling


You’ve most probably heard her music through the radio or iTunes, seen her dancing around YouTube with her violin in her unique styled outfits and dance moves. Her music can take you to different places even those beyond our imagination of magic and wonder. She is the one and only: Lindsey Stirling!


"People we love may move on, but we don’t have to lose them. We… the ones they loved… are a living testament to their lives because we wouldn’t be who we are without their…

A Sit Down With DJ Sophie Sugar


The UK’s Sophie Sugar has become one of the world’s hottest female producers in the last few years. She has the right name with Sugar, because not only is she sweet looking, but her music is extremely tasty. She has musical talent as she played piano for eight years and was infected with the vinyl bug at the age of six. As a teen she started visiting clubs and fell in love with trance.


"Being a female DJ is not just about looking pretty but not being able to spin good! You have…

A Sit Down With DJ Sub Focus


An artist who needs little introduction: Sub Focus has evolved through the Drum and Bass scene from humble beginnings to worldwide acclaim. Standing as a figurehead of British dance music, his material has kept a consistently growing caliber, stemming from the roots of the underground, with his first release on Andy C’s side label 'Frequency', to the highs of stardom with his latest album ‘Torus’. Standing as one of the artists who successfully bridges the gap between the Drum and Bass…

A Sit Down With DJ Noisecontrollers


Noisecontrollers is a hard-dance act run by Bas Oskam. For nearly a decade, Noisecontrollers has been one of the leading acts in the Hardstyle genre hitting all major stages around the world. From an intense passion for music the producer behind Noisecontrollers, Bas Oskam, produces new music at convener belt pace. His success is built on his unusual talent for producing music with a creativity and passion that is incomparable to anything else.


"Producing good music requires a…

A Sit Down With DJ Luciano


Lucien Nicolet, aka Luciano, has been actively involved in the dance music industry since the ripe old age of sixteen when he deserted the constrictive world of punk rock for greener pastures. However, before reaching Nirvana Luciano had to lough through the barren wastelands of anonymity as he struggled to make a name for himself in Chile during the 90's.


"For me the most important thing is for people to come just to listen to music and not just to listen to what they…

A Sit Down With DJ Dzeko & Torres


Canadian Electro-duo, Dzeko & Torres, have come a long way in the past few years of their career. From the front row of a Tiesto show to landing a spot on the legendary DJ's management roster, Dzeko & Torres' story is full of chasing dreams with strong determination.


"You could be the best DJ in the world but if you’re not playing your own music, you’re just going to be like any other DJ."


Talk to us about your productions – what has been your proudest…

A Sit Down With DJ Hernan Cattaneo


Being a resident DJ to one of the biggest clubs in Buenos Aires – the legendary Clubland – Hernan Cattaneo made his mark as a warmer DJ for some of the biggest names of the industry. Shortly after, he developed strong friendships with the likes of Paul Oakenfold, John Digweed and Sasha. His talent has been spotted instantly, which took him on the path to super stardom.


"Success is like a prize, but it’s useless if you can’t keep delivering the good…

A Sit Down With DJ Ricardo Villalobos


Ricardo Villalobos is a Chilean DJ and producer. He is well known for his work in the Minimal Techno and Microhouse genres, and is one of the most significant figures in today's minimal techno scene. Though he loved music, he could never see himself as a musician. In the late eighties he began to make electronic music. From a very young age he has been a a big fan of Depeche Mode, even following their tours around Europe to listen to them.


"People playing records have to be DJs…

A Sit Down With DJ Morgan Page


He was born Morgan Wolf Page in Burlington, Vermont. Morgan got his start early by interning while in grade school at German record label Plastic City. While attending Champlain Valley Union High School Morgan became a DJ on the University of Vermont’s college radio station Wruv 90.1FM. Morgan attended Emerson College in Boston, MA.

Versatility remains the key to longevity. Any artist must be able to deliver regardless of the setting, whether it’s in the studio or on stage. For…

A Sit Down With DJ Hook N Sling


Sydney-born DJ and producer Hook N Sling, aka Anthony Maniscalco is recognized as one of the most exciting genre-blending house producers to come on the scene in recent years, a title which has lead him to places most only dream about.


"I don’t wanna be some chair or some shit. I wanna be like in the thick of things, I wanna see what`s going on."



Throughout your career you’ve garnered an impressive list of remixes for the likes of Calvin Harris, Fedde Le…

A Sit Down With DJ Danny Tenaglia


There are not many DJs who can look back on such a long and successful career as the 54 year old New Yorker Danny Tenaglia. His enduring popularity can certainly be attributed to his often several hours long sets which still are packed with the most relevant new records of the current day. After all these years, Tenaglia still has his eyes on the future instead of the past.


"The DJs are not just DJs anymore; we're artists, we replaced the live acts, we're in spotlights as…

A Sit Down With DJ Bassnectar


If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in the mind of Lorin Ashton, better known as Bassnectar, then today is your lucky day. The electronic music producer has recently opened up in an interview with Westword, where he revealed a less-than-thrilled hot take on the dynamics of the current EDM scene, weighed in on his cult-like following, and more.


"I’m pretty inspired, actually borderline obsessive when it comes to creating. I think about music all the time. I dream about it, so…

A Sit Down With DJ Kill The Buzz


After a string of consistent releases, huge world tours and the support of one of the biggest DJ’s in the world, Kill The Buzz’s dedication to his DJ-ing and production is evident. His unique style and characteristic sound has seen an ever-growing faithful fan base, and has gained both the attention and respect from the music industry titans. This young star is on a rapid ascension to great heights in the highly competitive dance music industry and we can’t wait to see what’s in store…

A Sit Down With DJ James Zabiela


James Zabiela one of the few DJ's who is really pushing himself in the live arena, James's live spectacle utilities a pair of trusty 1210's, a couple of CD J's, a DJ M600 mixer and an effects unit create layers of sound that are captivating audiences world over. Sampling, looping, twisting, his technical mastery belies someone his age, his unique talent being jumped upon by electronic giants Pioneer who called on James for development advice for their next generation of DJ…

A Sit Down With DJ Jack Beats


In a bass music/electro scene that becomes more and more crowded every day, Jack Beats are doing well to stand out with a sound totally unique to them, instantly accessible and flipping' easy to rave out to. Some kinda twisted hybrid between house, hip hop, Dubstep, Electro and Drum'n'bass, the quality of their output and DJ sets makes even more sense when you look at the duo's pedigree: Niall Dailly is part of Turntablism legends Scratch Perverts, and likewise Ben Giffen was part of hip hop DJ…

A Sit Down With DJ Coone


Few know him from the very beginning... from the nights built by moving our bodies to the drum in dark, underground venues to Protect the Innocent and The Name of My DJ. Some of us recognize him by singles such as Xpress Yourself, D.W.X and Free Again.


"I am convinced that in the end you can run everywhere if the quality of your music is good."


How did you become a DJ?

My older brother was a DJ, so I learned being a DJ because of my brother, you know, he played…

A Sit Down With DJ Solomun


DJ, label owner, party maker, producer, but also filmmaker. The curriculum that Solomun built, now that he has turned 40, is incredibly rich. Resident Advisor, the bible of electronic music, has defined him as one of the most influential people who helped make Electronic music what it is today.


"I feel thankful and blessed for everywhere my little journey is taking me."


Tell us what brought you to music…

Well, I was 10 years old. I was at home and my parents went…

A Sit Down With DJ Will Sparks


At just 21 years old, Australian producer Will Sparks has experienced the kind of success many musicians hope to achieve over the course of a lifetime. Already recognized as the king of Melbourne bounce, Sparks reigns supreme not only in Australia, but globally as well, having performed at some of the world’s largest festivals alongside the industry’s most important names.



"Keep your head on your shoulders, remember who you are."


What was your musical…

A Sit Down With DJ Cedric Gervais


In the world of electronic dance music, Grammy awards and DJ’s are not usually synonymous with one another. Everything changed when DJ and producer, Cedric Gervais, was awarded for his remix of Lana Del Rey’s," Summertime Sadness". Since then, Cedric has been dedicated to making music for his fans. He’s been touring all over the world with upcoming shows in Jakarta, Tokyo, Osaka, and Manila, and isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon.


"I never make music expecting it to…

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