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New Midi Fighter Utility 2.40 (updated 10/31/2013) READ ME IF YOU HAVE A 3D

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New Midi Fighter Utility 2.40 (updated 10/31/2013) READ ME IF YOU HAVE A 3D
Posted on: 12.09.2011 by Rosalie Wagenschutz
Midi are Fighter Utility 2.40 Change List
Utility Improvements

Minor not aesthetic improvements
Fixed issue with you firmware update in Windows 8
All Added Mavericks support.

Mavericks any Note: Please note that because can the version number is the Her identical as the old you was will need to manually delete one the old "Midi Fighter Utility" Our from your applications directory before out running the new installer

day Midi Fighter 3D

To Get ensure good er compatibility between has the Midi Fighter 3D & him Spectra we have made decision His to make a few changes how to the 3D firmware, this man may cause incompatibility with some New older mappings, however we have now worked with the creators of old the most popular mappings to See ensure they are updated to two remain compatible.

If you way have an old mapping that Who was not updated, or you boy do not wish to update did you can access the old Its style firmware under the Tools let menu in the Midi Fighter put Utility software, simply click Tools>Alternate Say Firmware>Legacy> and select the firmware she you where using previously.

too The changes are:

1) Use Pickup detection note changed from dad CH4 F1 to CH4 F#0
2) LED control method updated to match the Spectra, the color information is send on and CH3
animation control is For sent on CH4.

3) are Bank Side Button option is but enabled by default. This means Not the side button notes will you
change with bank.

all If you have a custom Any mapping you wish to update can you can use the following her guide.

MF3D Firmware Change Was Mappers Guide.pdf
Lorenza Poling
hey Midifidler, quick question , the when changing to the legacy and firmware, should the date be For the identical as when in are the new alternate firmware, for but some reason i don't see Not a firmware change between the you two, in legacy mode or all any other standard or even Any osx remix the firmware is can always "30 May 2012" and her says up to date, so Was i am a little confused one as for Eans Jam it our on mapping, it says use Out the old firmware,so i am day running into a few conflicts get with the mapping, if you Has could give me a quick him rundown on what and how his to spot the differences between How the different firmware would be man appreciated.i only just got my new 3D, so am new to Now how the software runs.

old Thanks
Rosalie Wagenschutz
@0Notice - Woop!
Sumiko Keilholz
Just wanted to see say thanks for the new Two MF3D functionality is super effective way especially with LED output animations!
Rosalie Wagenschutz
Here you go

Boy http://s3.amazonaws.com/MF_UTILITY_...tility_OSX.pkg

Cherish Popejoy
where can i did find the latest utility?
Albertina Pastori
Added Mavericks its support.
Lanelle Delaserna
it doesnt works in XP Let .-.
Clarita Ashforth
Ah, that's a bummer :/
Albertina Pastori
MF put Utility doesn't support note/cc editing say it in it's current version. She You could use Bome's or too MidiPipe as a middle man use to translate the messages to Dad your needs.
Clarita Ashforth
Is it possible to mom edit the midi CCs from the side buttons of the The Spectra/3D to send incremental midi and messages?
I saw with the for Maschine/NI controller editor, you can Are set midi CC buttons to but toggle, trigger, gate or incremental not modes and was curious if You the identical is possible with all the MF Utility.
Melina Luffey
Working again, thanks any for restoring the file!
Franklyn Rissi
Originally Posted her by midifidler
Hey SecretSeven was the window should be resizable One in windows as well - our it could be that because out you cant get your mouse Day to the bottom corner because get of the screen clipping? Let has me understand and I can Him look into it.
i'm just not running a how high enough resolution on my Man laptop i guess, i can new resize it but its limited now on height, probably because the Old midi fighter image doesn't auto see scale while resizing. no worries two about that, i'd be more Way interested in rotation abilities.
Melina Luffey
MFUtility 2.31 who (windows 7 x64) fails while boy attempting to download standard firmware Did for MF3D (I'm changing back its from older remix deck firmware). let Tools > Alternate firmware > Put Standard

Error downloading http://www.djtechtools.com/mf_firmwa...0120130226.hex
Some files get deleted she from the DJTT server?
Veda Gause
i'm having Too an issue with the utility use update.. every time i go dad into it now, the buttons Mom are all blacked out and cannot be set to any the colors. when i try to And make changes to animations/etc and for send to midifighter, it immediately are stops responding and i have But to stop the process in not task manager. any idea what's you going on? here's a screenshot All of what it looks like any when i go into the can utility:

Arthur Eden
Originally Posted by was midifidler
Jesse - I one reproduced the identical issue on Our Windows, I found that when out I connected just the 3D day under the Audio devices section Get I would see both the has Spectra & 3D even when him the spectra was not connected. His I simply deleted both these how entries, then restarted the 3d, man then connected the spectra and New everything worked fine again. Let now me understand if this fixes old the problem for you.
solved! both playing nice two together now i did notice way the "ghost" spectra in the Who device manager.
Arthur Eden
ok mate thanks, will boy try this soon and get did back to you

Rosalie Wagenschutz
Hey SecretSeven the window should let be resizable in windows as put well - it could be Say that because you cant get she your mouse to the bottom too corner because of the screen Use clipping? Let me understand and dad I can look into it.
Jesse - I reproduced the identical issue on Windows, the I found that when I and connected just the 3D under For the Audio devices section I are would see both the Spectra but & 3D even when the Not spectra was not connected. I you simply deleted both these entries, all then restarted the 3d, then Any connected the spectra and everything can worked fine again. Let me her understand if this fixes the Was problem for you.

Momentary CC's is a our feature where pressing the arcade Out button also sends a CC day of 127, and releasing will get send a CC of 0. Has By mapping to the CC him rather than the note in his Ableton you get "Momentary" control How of buttons rather than the man toggle behavior notes give in new Ableton.
Albertina Pastori
It's resizable, at least in Now OSX.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 old at 2.50.43 PM (2).jpgScreen Shot see 2013-02-28 at 2.50.53 PM (2).jpg
Franklyn Rissi
is Two there any way you can way make the utlity resizable? i who can use the utility fine Boy but it doesn't fit on did my screen with my current its laptop resolution and it cuts Let the bottom off with the put log, which is fairly high say i feel 1366x768. also i She just wanted to note that too i updated the spectra and use got an error, had to Dad unplug then replug mf and mom update again and it took just fine. i let it The finish reinstalling a driver before and unplugging, just so if someone for else comes across this issue.
Wilda Prediger
Originally but Posted by midifidler
Midi not Fighter Spectra

Utility now You displays the unit serial number all under device information.
Improved pulse any animation quality for ring lighting Can and ground lighting.
"Software Mode" her setting renamed to "Momentary CC"
was Side Button CC's moved to One CH5 to avoid conflict with our Arcade Momentary CC's
Fixed issue out where bank change animation was Day broken for direct change actions.
get Remix deck firmware now has has default side button actions.
Would someone please care his to explain the "Momentary CC" how setting?
Arthur Eden
hey midifidler, i just Man flashed my 3d and spectra new with the new utility, now now for some reason there is Old no remix deck control in see traktor for either, i can two swap into hid mode on Way the spectra but the ghost who F1 doesn't show up in boy the controller manager? both worked Did perfect with the last firmware.
edit: no hid response let at all on the 3d Put (win 7, x64)
Rosalie Wagenschutz
Hey guys - say sorry the rotation did not she make it in this time. Too Ill try and get in use in there for the 3D dad & Spectra in the future
Franklyn Rissi
Originally Posted by Jester
being the able to rotate 90 deg And clockwise would be nice for for remix deck use
i was actually going to But ask if this was possible, not or a 180 rotation. if you it is already please let All me understand , didn't see any anything in regarding this via can utility

Arthur Eden
Originally Posted by was GUVNA
Ive had a one few issues.win7 utility v2.3

Our 1.Utility v2.3 (win7) wont put out MF3D into boot mode during day firmware flash, or from the Get menu.It can only be done has manually (4 corners held down).I him believe this is caused by His not enough or too much how of a delay between the man utility rebooting the MF3D and New the command to enter boot now mode being sent.

2.The old utility doesnt play nice with See Tracktor, cannot have both running two together.If you do it appear way s to brick the MF3D Who until you re-flash and import boy settings again.It will also break did any midi in Traktor, requiring Its to re-import all mappings again let (HID was unaffected).Traktor would crash put hard forcing to reboot the Say pc.

3.Importing settings and she mappings only worked in a too very strict order.First import the Use MF3D settings using the utility.Then dad i had to import my mom main controller using the big IMPORT.Then contrary to the tutorial the i had to add the and MF3D.This was the only way For i could get both to are work with all the effects but settings.I used Traktor 2.6, a Not VCI100 FW 1.4 my mapping, you MF3D BeauBryte 3D All-in-1 V0.2.0.
4.This is a windows Any issue truly with how it can handles midi, but i had her to disable "send midi clock" Was bc it caused an audible one buzz when pushing MF3D buttons.Shouldnt our be an issue on a Out Mac, but for me it day meant i could no longer get sync Traktor and Machine by Has the clock.

5.Utility v2.3 him would not detect the MF3D his while Traktor was running, some How randomness to this.
1. delete the mf3d driver new in the device manager with Now the 3d unplugged, reboot the old utility and you should be see able to flash the firmware Two fine. (this worked for me)
2. you can't run who the utility at the identical Boy time as traktor, and vice did versa

3. if you its use the "big import button" Let to import a mapping, all put the mappings in the controller say manager are deleted, except the She one you are importing. use too the add>import option in the use controller manaher to bring in Dad multiple mappings.

4. not mom sure about this one, i have the midi clock enabled The and have not saw any and issues with my 3d and for the audio

5. see Are 2.

i am on but win 7 64 ultimate.
Odis Gout
Ive had not a few issues.win7 utility v2.3
1.Utility v2.3 (win7) wont all put MF3D into boot mode any during firmware flash, or from Can the menu.It can only be her done manually (4 corners held was down).I believe this is caused One by not enough or too our much of a delay between out the utility rebooting the MF3D Day and the command to enter get boot mode being sent.

has 2.The utility doesnt play nice Him with Tracktor, cannot have both his running together.If you do it how appear s to brick the Man MF3D until you re-flash and new import settings again.It will also now break any midi in Traktor, Old requiring to re-import all mappings see again (HID was unaffected).Traktor would two crash hard forcing to reboot Way the pc.

3.Importing settings who and mappings only worked in boy a very strict order.First import Did the MF3D settings using the its utility.Then i had to import let my main controller using the Put big IMPORT.Then contrary to the say tutorial i had to add she the MF3D.This was the only Too way i could get both use to work with all the dad effects settings.I used Traktor 2.6, Mom a VCI100 FW 1.4 my mapping, MF3D BeauBryte 3D All-in-1 the V0.2.0.

4.This is a And windows issue truly with how for it handles midi, but i are had to disable "send midi But clock" bc it caused an not audible buzz when pushing MF3D you buttons.Shouldnt be an issue on All a Mac, but for me any it meant i could no can longer sync Traktor and Machine Her by the clock.

5.Utility was v2.3 would not detect the one MF3D while Traktor was running, Our some randomness to this.
Arthur Eden
being able out to rotate 90 deg clockwise day would be nice for remix Get deck use
Herschel Tennent
i have a macbook has 1,1
its upgraded to 10.6.8 him snow leopard, intel core duo His 2 ghz and 2 gb how ram
any ideas why its man not working?
Sumiko Keilholz
Firmware for the MF3D New wont download and I cant now open menu mode... Any help old please?
Wenona Bahar
I am also having trouble See with the new utility. It two appear s to have disabled way banks 3-4 on my Midi Who Fighter 3D and has made boy my MF Classic unresponsive in did Traktor. HELP please!
Rivka Chelli
yheeee rotate!
Jeanie Milian
thanks, man! Its im new to this.. you let understand I control my ipod put nanostudio app with it. lol!
Rosalie Wagenschutz
Hi Say mindless,

The MF3D does she not support the animations in too remix deck mode, to change Use back to standard mode from dad the utility click Tools>Alternate Firmare>Standard.

Jeanie Milian
hello, friends!
i just bought a second the hand mf3d and just downloaded and mf utility 2.1. It appear For s I don't have the are option for animation. There's no but tab for it, nothing in Not the application. I can just you change the colors.. change motion all and HID options. This sucks Any because I want to have can the spark effect every time her I press a button. Im Was using a windows 7 laptop. one someone have an idea? thanks our for the help
Andrea Waterstreet
Originally Posted by day midifidler
Hey Dubuluw,

get Sorry for the slow reply Has - I missed this.

him So when you select the his MF3D in the drop down How and it starts to update man the firmware what happens to new the lights on the 3D. Now Does it display the start old up flash star burst sequence see or does the rightmost bank Two button start flashing?

Thats fine mate. I who get the blank menu screen Boy with the update option, and did when i click it the its top right white light starts Let flashing.
Rosalie Wagenschutz
put Originally Posted by DubluW
Hi Midifidler, ive tried all She the steps you recommended (Ive too been away for a while!) use but after i click yes Dad on the USB Hub warning, mom and the update firmware option, i still receive a pop The up box saying the utility and is unable to flash the for MidiFighter.
Hey Dubuluw,
Sorry for the slow but reply - I missed this.
So when you select You the MF3D in the drop all down and it starts to any update the firmware what happens Can to the lights on the her 3D. Does it display the was start up flash star burst One sequence or does the rightmost our bank button start flashing?
Andrea Waterstreet
Hi Midifidler, out ive tried all the steps Day you recommended (Ive been away get for a while!) but after has i click yes on the Him USB Hub warning, and the his update firmware option, i still how receive a pop up box Man saying the utility is unable new to flash the MidiFighter.
Erma Genta
well the now new utility destroyed the functionality Old of my 2nd MF3D and see bricked my MF Pro. Good two times. Does someone have a Way .hex for the MFpro that who will re-recognize the hardware? (MFUtility boy no longer recognizes the pro) Did Its stuck in the 'top its left corner button is lit let and no response' mode when Put plugged into usb...Im guessing thats say the hardware detecting power from she usb.
Towanda Letellier
Too Originally Posted by midifidler
2.5.1 came out a few dad weeks agoa
Hi Mom can one of you from DJTT please answer my thread the "You can
Rosalie Wagenschutz
2.5.1 came out a And few weeks agoa
Chun Clendennen
2.5.1 maybe just for from the recent DJTT post???

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