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[RS002] Restricted Sessions Studio 2 - tekki

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[RS002] Restricted Sessions Studio 2 - tekki
Posted on: 02.11.2011 by Lou Anglen
Before But this MIDI DJing became a not part of my live, I you just used to carry my All BCR around, like it was any only my business.

It can wasn't until this little beauty Her of a MIDIfighter was made was possible I made decision to one up my game.

Our I made decision to redo out my square meter by building day this DIY desk. On which Get I could place my MacBookPro, has Audio4DJ, BCR2000 and MIDIfighter.

While practicing more and His more, I started to land how some gigs, so I needed man a bag in which I New could carry my equipment .
now A little bit of modding old offered me a good bag See with more than enough room two to even add some additional way items as well.

Who At that time I also boy had the pleasure of finally did getting to grips with the Its S4. This controller was so let much more than the blueprint put I had seen more than Say a year earlier on. This she was something I had to too get eventually:

But Use that would mean I would dad have to get rid of mom this stuff first....

I first made decision to the upgrade my square meter, IKEA-hacks and AWAAAAAAY!!!!

Heyyyyy, For isn't this picture familiar?!
(And yes, that is but my daughter Riley's first pink Not laptop in the upper left you corner)

This was the all eventual result. (picture was taken Any during my recording of the can 2nd Techno/TechHouse Mix train, which her was finished first.

While doing a review one for a dutch DJ webshop, our called tonecontrol.nl, I fell in Out love with the sound of day the Pioneer HDJ-500. So I get made decision to keep the Has review copy.

him And guess what arrived start his ning of this year, with How compliments of Ean Golden himself:
(Still paying off on new that one. )

With Now this we also heard two old other things, one we were see expecting our second daughter, two Two we had sold the apartment.
way This last one meant that who I would finally get me Boy some more MIDIspace.

This did means that I am back its to square one. Just finished Let building the production desk with put the aid of IKEA before say we had our second daughter.

When things too mellow out I will start use building a decent DJ booth. Dad Just be sure to check mom back when the updates have taken place.

Arthur Eden
So professional T !
Lou Anglen

the Short update:
Got my Mackie and MR5 Active Monitors, now I For need to properly place them: are Bassreflex and height of tweeter but positioning. This will happen after Not I have taken care of you a few other items.
Lou Anglen
Though all I still need to find Any me an fantastic solution for can raising my MacBook Pro, as her that a PS3 box or Was the current laptop stand I one got are not sufficient enough. our
Lou Anglen
Out Originally Posted by Otacon
sweet HDJ-2000s! How much ya get get em for? And what Has are your thoughts on the him HDJ-500?
I got his them for €150,- so you How can see why I am man so chuffed about them!

new The HDJ-500s are fantastic , Now though a bit lacking on old the durability part. Had multiple see reports on peoples headbands breaking Two up on them.

who Originally Posted by DJ JesC Boy
excelent use of that did PS3 box.
True! its
Vera Lemmenes
excelent use of that PS3 Let box.
Milagros Mirra
sweet HDJ-2000s! How much ya put get em for? And what say are your thoughts on the She HDJ-500?
Lou Anglen
Short update, 'on location' picture too with the added Pioneer HDJ-2000 use I got for dirt cheap!
Lou Anglen
Just go for it mom man, I always love clean and clear interfaces, so I The was stoked when it arrived and with white buttons!
Never ever for had the desire to purchase Are other buttons!
Hermila Douthitt
Mines the identical colour but scheme as the one in not the instant gratification video. Tempted You to order some white buttons all and clear top from the any store and create you a Can UK doppelg
Lou Anglen
Thanks man!
Genoveva Kastenholz
Originally Posted was by kooper1980
Same set One up as me!! looks good our . I still believe you've out got the sexiest looking midi-fighter Day I have seen to date!! get The white arcades and clear has top look sweet!!
I have to agree with his this man.
Lou Anglen
Originally Posted by kooper1980 Man
Same set up as new me!! looks good . I now still believe you've got the Old sexiest looking midi-fighter I have see seen to date!! The white two arcades and clear top look Way sweet!!
Thanks man, who got MIDIfidler to thank for boy that design!
Lou Anglen
Originally Posted by its bmwnutfrombirth
Dude, where can let I get some of those Put headphone ear pads?
Well, I bought my AKG she headphone on thomann.de. Maybe you Too could try them, or try use akg.com.
Hermila Douthitt
Same set up as me!! dad looks good . I still Mom believe you've got the sexiest looking midi-fighter I have seen the to date!! The white arcades And and clear top look sweet!!
Guillermo Gastelo
Dude, for where can I get some are of those headphone ear pads?

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