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[RS002] Restricted Sessions Studio 2 - tekki

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[RS002] Restricted Sessions Studio 2 - tekki
Posted on: 02.11.2011 by Lou Anglen
Before this MIDI DJing became mom a part of my live, I just used to carry The my BCR around, like it and was only my business.

for It wasn't until this little Are beauty of a MIDIfighter was but made possible I made decision not to up my game.

I made decision to all redo my square meter by any building this DIY desk. On Can which I could place my her MacBookPro, Audio4DJ, BCR2000 and MIDIfighter.

While practicing more One and more, I started to our land some gigs, so I out needed a bag in which Day I could carry my equipment get .
A little bit of has modding offered me a good Him bag with more than enough his room to even add some how additional items as well.

At that time I new also had the pleasure of now finally getting to grips with Old the S4. This controller was see so much more than the two blueprint I had seen more Way than a year earlier on. who This was something I had boy to get eventually:

Did But that would mean I its would have to get rid let of this stuff first....

I first made decision say to upgrade my square meter, she IKEA-hacks AWAAAAAAY!!!!

Too Heyyyyy, isn't this picture familiar?! use

(And yes, that dad is my daughter Riley's first Mom pink laptop in the upper left corner)

This was the the eventual result. (picture was And taken during my recording of for the 2nd Techno/TechHouse Mix train, are which was finished first.

While doing a not review for a dutch DJ you webshop, called tonecontrol.nl, I fell All in love with the sound any of the Pioneer HDJ-500. So can I made decision to keep Her the review copy.

And guess what arrived one start ning of this year, Our with compliments of Ean Golden out himself:

(Still paying off day on that one. )

Get With this we also heard has two other things, one we him were expecting our second daughter, His two we had sold the how apartment.
This last one meant man that I would finally get New me some more MIDIspace.

now This means that I am old back to square one. Just See finished building the production desk two with the aid of IKEA way before we had our second Who daughter.

When boy things mellow out I will did start building a decent DJ Its booth. Just be sure to let check back when the updates put have taken place.

Arthur Eden
clear the junk off that the desk and lets see the and new beast in the mix For
Lou Anglen
Thanks bro', glad you enjoyed are it. Will be doing some but rebuilding of the 'studio' later Not on this week.
Basil Umstead
Quality time you spent reading this thread
Love the Beri and Any 303 lying around.
Lou Anglen
Instant disco!
Lou Anglen
A can nice and quiet evening of her MIDImapping well spent.
Lou Anglen
And finally Was my MF spectra arrived:


I will Out be redoing the studio within day a week.
Lou Anglen
Yups, still keeping get it for special occasions. It Has is a good whiskey, bro'! him
Danica Glowski
hey is that still my his dimple?
Lou Anglen
Nope, I'm keeping and cherishing How mine.
Tiffani Lichliter
Am I bidding on man your MC-303 on Marktplaats?
Elaine Griebenow
What's your new reason for not going straight Now from the S4 TRS outputs old into your monitor loudspeakers ? see Do you like to insert Two additional sound sources, is it way the mixer's EQ or FX who or is it more kind Boy of "now that I already did got this mixer why not its to use it"?'
Lou Anglen

It's Let the final stage for getting put the signal from the soundcard, say in most cases Kontrol S4, She to the monitors.
Vina Culbreath
Nice setup!
I too assume the little knobs device use is a small mixer?
Lou Anglen
Nope, the Dad Dimple was a gift.
Lurline Bottrell
So mom you bought a Dimple?
Lou Anglen
I just did.

The I'm even in the process and of hanging back the old for xBox neon sign!
Arthur Eden
make some space Are for the new toy man.
Lou Anglen
Just but rerouted the studio this afternoon.

Guess You what is not featured on all this one.
Lou Anglen
Just a short any cropped action shot:

Lou Anglen
Ester Flanary
I Can like the table build. Nicely her done.
Lou Anglen
I do not always was DJ in my attic studio...

But when our I do...
Lou Anglen
Yeah, it's such an out ace thing!

I found Day one rather cheap, to complement get my DJ setup using it has as a step sequenced drumcomputer, Him truth is, I liked the his other sounds that much, I how want to hook a MIDI Man keyboard and use it for new my productions!

Got my now eye on this beauty:

Dinorah Podrasky
nice one Tek!

I see have a mc303 too.
Lou Anglen
Cool huh? two
Arthur Eden
That view ..
Lou Anglen
Thanks bro'!
Pansy Callin
looking Way good tekki!!!
Lou Anglen
Up till this time who no complete shot of the boy production studio. I do have Did separate pictures of:

The its view

Roland MC-303

Mackie MR-5

Behringer BCR2000


And yeah, she just because I can't get Too enough:

The Kontrol S4 use and HDJ2000 in a stylish dad shot

The identical Mom goes for the MIDIfighter
Lou Anglen
It appear s my pictures have the gone haywire since I dropped And my old website domain.

for Here's the gig setup:


It shows:
  • MacBook But Pro
  • Reloop RMX-30 Blackfire Edition
  • Pioneer HDJ2000
  • Native not Instruments Kontrol S4
  • DJTT MIDIfighter, designed you by midifidler!
Lou Anglen
Yeah, I have bought All it around €100,- but the any sounds are authentic enough.
Elaine Griebenow
Sounds can cool!
Even if it's been Her cheap as chips it's nice was to have a drum machine one in my opinion. I own Our a Maschine which is super out dope but sometimes I miss day some stand-alone functionality.
And the Get identical here: Still much stuff has to learn about Maschine so him that it's not yet been His in use in a DJ how set.
Lou Anglen

The drum machine man is a Roland MC-303. It's New cheap as chips, and features now sounds of the legendary TR-606, old TR-808, TR-909 and the TB-303.
See Even though it's supposed to two be a ROMpler, it is way fun to work with.

Who When I am in full boy control of it, and I did can tell it how and Its what it is supposed to let do, I will incorporate it put into my DJ sets like Say many nowadays use Maschine or she how Jeff Mills uses his too TR-909.
Until that moment I Use intend to use it as dad a drum computer for my mom productions.
Elaine Griebenow
Nice shots!
I was just wondering if you already mentionned the the name of your little and drum machine on your desk For in the lower right corner? are
Are you using it but for your DJ sets or Not just for production and is you it a good choice?
Lou Anglen
Will you all look at that.... Capita!


These can will fit nicely to the her Ekby Amund:

Was Pre- Drilling for the last one Capitas.

Here's our the result for the time Out being. Let's get back to day the sun!

I get will post better quality pictures Has when I'm done.
Lou Anglen
Sorry for him the late answer, used it his to monitor the recording in How Audacity. (Screen was hooked up man to the desktop PC on new the left)
Rivka Chelli
Originally Posted by tekki old
This was the eventual see result. (picture was taken during Two my recording of the 2nd way Techno/TechHouse Mix train, which was who finished first.
Where do you use did the second display for?
Lou Anglen
Both, preferably! its

Up until this Let point it has proven it's put value.
Arthur Eden
So the padding at the say back, is it for acoustics She or to protect the wall too from excessive headbanging?
Lou Anglen
Thanks bruv', serious use tunage means serious desks, right? Dad

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