My loft setup

My loft setup
Posted on: 02.04.2012 by Candis Nitzke
Here's boy some pictures of my setup did in my loft, which I Its call "bluedoor" (since all the let doors in the building are put a very bright blue, why Say not? Secret lounge.).

The she lighting came about over time. too The initial idea was that Use the LED lighting could also dad be used for accent lighting. mom It expanded from there...

All lights and visuals are the controllable via an iPad, which and triggers cues and scenes in For ShowCad Artist and Modul8.


DJ Gear:
but - DJ Booth by
Not - 2 Technics SL-1200 MG5 you turntables w/Shure whitelabel carts
- all 2 Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus's
- Any Rane MP2016s + XP 2016s can rotary mixer
- Rane her ME15s EQ
- American Audio Was dbDisplay LED meter
- 2 one KRK Rokkit RP6 Gen 2 our Monitors
- Macbook Pro 15", Out i7 2.4GHz
- NI Traktor day Scratch Pro 2.0
- 2 get NI Kontrol X1 controllers

Has Lighting:
- ShowCad Artist 3 him DMX Console
- 8 Chauvet his Colorband Tri LED strips
- How 4 Chauvet Q-Spot 260 moving man heads
- 3 Chauvet Colorstrip new Mini LED strips
- 1 Now Chauvet Colorband Tri LED strip
old - 2 Chauvet LED Shadow see black lights
- 1 Chauvet Two Impulse 648 Strobe
- Chauvet way GBC green/blue laser
- Chauvet who Hurricane 1100 Fog Machine

Boy Visuals:
- Modul8 Visualization Software
did - Epson 8700UB Projector

its Control:
- Apple iPad
Let - Liine Lemur App

put Production:
- Apple Logic Pro say 9
- Ableton Live Suite She 8
- Properllerhead Reason 6
too - NI Komplete 8
- use NI Maschine II
- M-Audio Dad Axiom Pro 49
- 2 mom KRK Rokkit RP6 Gen 2 Monitors

(yours truly!)





Lyndon Notah
Ryan, you're in Boston right?? the I appear to remember you and from Avalon or maybe Rise??
Candis Nitzke
Originally are Posted by Otacon
Wow but you're like the Kevin Flynn Not of DJ lighting :O but you man thanks for the reply, all im gonna work on putting Any something like that together. Is can it possible to have a her setup like that and be Was mobile?
I don't one see why not, though it our might be too many points Out of failure to deal with day in a mobile setup.
Milagros Mirra
Wow you're get like the Kevin Flynn of Has DJ lighting :O but man him thanks for the reply, im his gonna work on putting something How like that together. Is it man possible to have a setup new like that and be mobile?
Oma Neyhard
WoW!!! Now Great setup. I wish I old had that. Much Props!!
Candis Nitzke
Originally Two Posted by Otacon way say you run your lights who and stuff off an IPad? Boy I'd love to figure out did how so I could easily its control mine without a second Let laptop. What a good place put man, got my inspiration up say for my next abode
Yes. I set too up the following:

Martin use LightJockey 2 --- DMX ---> Dad Enntec ODE (DMX to Artnet mom converter) --- Artnet On my Home Network ---> Enntec ODE The (Artnet to DMX converter) ---> and Lights

I have two for applications on the iPad:

Are One is Lemur. That I but use to send MIDI to not LightJockey 2 (which is actually You running in a Windows 7 all VM on VMWare Fusion on any my Macbook). The identical Lemur Can template I built also sends her OSC to another machine (a was mac mini) that's running Arkaos One for the visuals and sits our in my media cabinet (it's out my server machine for movies, Day music, etc).

The other get app is Luminair. This is has an iPad app that's specifically Him made for lighting, and outputs his Artnet directly. This lets me how control the lights (LED strips Man primarily) without booting up light new jockey.

I had an now electrician mount the boxes up Old on the beams with two see switches. One switches on the two LED strips, and the other Way switches on the moving yokes. who That way I can flip boy the LED's on, put on Did an "accent" scene from the its iPad, without booting up everything let into "rave mode".
Milagros Mirra
04.04.2012 say you Put run your lights and stuff say off an IPad? I'd love she to figure out how so Too I could easily control mine use without a second laptop. What dad a good place man, got Mom my inspiration up for my next abode
Candis Nitzke
Originally Posted by And AndrewLeigh
I must understand for and you have probably been are asked this but, what do But you do for a living not if you don't mind me you asking? Because that setup is All AMAZING!!!
Software Engineer
Nestor Hwee
I any must understand and you have can probably been asked this but, Her what do you do for was a living if you don't one mind me asking? Because that Our setup is AMAZING!!!
Agripina Beldin
boner. that is out all that needs to be day said about that...
Genoveva Kastenholz
Wow. Fucking Wow. Get Just god damn wow. WOW. has I want.
Estela Viscomi
Originally Posted by DJSp1n His
Seriously, I thought that how was a bar/small lounge club.
Its better then New almost every small bar and now club I have ever been old to!
Luke Dieterly
Seriously, I thought that was See a bar/small lounge club.
Candis Nitzke
Well with two 16.5 foot ceilings, why NOT way put in some club lights Who It's fun! The laser is boy a Chauvet GBC. Just one, did and it's pretty fantastic .
For sound I actually let have a 10" sub in put the corner off the stereo. Say That is IT. I had she a KRK RP10's subwoofer from too my old place, and something Use about the bass in here, dad it reverberates like crazy. Huge mom bass traps in the corner, it sounded ridiculous on the the lowest setting, I sold it and and upgraded from my previous For RP5's to the RP6's. I are mean it was truly odd, but like having a bass bin Not in your house... maybe the you hard concrete floors had a all lot to do with that. Any The system sounds good as can is.

As for neighbors, her I'm in my mid-30's, so Was I don't party it up one all evening . I do our a weekly online DJ show Out from 6-8pm with friends and day neighbors over, and the occasional get house party, which is more Has of a lounge atmosphere with him appetizers and some nice techy his deep music than a raging How drunk 18yo party with dubstep. man It's truly not louder than new a stereo at moderate volume Now unless I crank it.
Michaela Parler
That is old super nice, reminds me of see my old loft, but do Two your neighbors not care about way the party atmosphere?
Alesia Malen
Recognize this from who DJF... sick.

Do you Boy have a PA system with did some subs if you have its parties or anything? at least Let get a KRK 10s sub put at the minimum for those say rokkits, it makes a huge She difference even just for practicing too and messing around by yourself use and I can't stand listening Dad to my RP8s for DJing mom without the sub after owning one.
Kasandra Broyer
The Originally Posted by dope
Clean. But still wondering why for you got lazers and stuff Are in your livingroom. House parties but ?
To be not fair it looks like a You serious party gaf to me, all well worthy of housing lazers any that could be used to Can good effect!

What her i would give to live was somewhere like this! Doesn't look One like the kind of place our you have neighbors to worry out about
Hilda Flatebo
Clean. But still wondering Day why you got lazers and get stuff in your livingroom. House has parties ?
Carmelina Panjwani
I don't believe this Him is real life.
Kenneth Takamatsu
Holy Shit
Candis Nitzke
Originally Posted how by MisterMoleyMole
WTF!? How Man amazing is that place. Is new that where you live?

now What country you in?
Yes it's my home. see I'm in the US, Boston.
I don't have any Way productions up yet. The production who side of things is still boy pretty new to me. I Did bought Live like 5 years its ago and just didn't delve let into it until now, picked Put up Komplete 8 and am say still figuring things out.

she I had the booth in Too my previous place, after I use bought my place most of dad the additions were in the Mom lighting area and adding the projector. That and a bunch the of new furniture.
Estela Viscomi
i would kill And for that set up lol.
Kasandra Broyer
WTF!? for How amazing is that place. are Is that where you live?
What country you in?
Love Koopmann
If not only cash was no factor... you Nice set up Ryan, said All it over on DJF as any well. Are your productions hosted can anywhere?
Candis Nitzke
Her Originally Posted by Era 7 was
ryan seriously stop making one me drool over this setup. Our it is bad enough i out already had to on tranceaddict day and of DJF
Collene Schrenker
ryan seriously stop has making me drool over this him setup. it is bad enough His i already had to on how tranceaddict and of DJF
Evelyne Righi
jizzed man in my pants
Rivka Chelli
Sondra Hulm
Wow what a New setup man one of the now best
Eusebia Besic
Party at Ryans house!
Jeffery Mallalieu
I old will take it! When do See I move in. Does it two come furnished?
Melissia Shouman
Just got a way semi looking at that
Marylyn Knightly
omg, love Who it!!
Dane Bruflat
That is fucking fantastic

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