My loft setup

My loft setup
Posted on: 02.04.2012 by Candis Nitzke
Here's who some pictures of my setup boy in my loft, which I Did call "bluedoor" (since all the its doors in the building are let a very bright blue, why Put not? Secret lounge.).

The say lighting came about over time. she The initial idea was that Too the LED lighting could also use be used for accent lighting. dad It expanded from there...

Mom All lights and visuals are controllable via an iPad, which the triggers cues and scenes in And ShowCad Artist and Modul8.


DJ Gear:
are - DJ Booth by
But - 2 Technics SL-1200 MG5 not turntables w/Shure whitelabel carts
- you 2 Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus's
- All Rane MP2016s + XP 2016s any rotary mixer
- Rane can ME15s EQ
- American Audio Her dbDisplay LED meter
- 2 was KRK Rokkit RP6 Gen 2 one Monitors
- Macbook Pro 15", Our i7 2.4GHz
- NI Traktor out Scratch Pro 2.0
- 2 day NI Kontrol X1 controllers

Get Lighting:
- ShowCad Artist 3 has DMX Console
- 8 Chauvet him Colorband Tri LED strips
- His 4 Chauvet Q-Spot 260 moving how heads
- 3 Chauvet Colorstrip man Mini LED strips
- 1 New Chauvet Colorband Tri LED strip
now - 2 Chauvet LED Shadow old black lights
- 1 Chauvet See Impulse 648 Strobe
- Chauvet two GBC green/blue laser
- Chauvet way Hurricane 1100 Fog Machine

Who Visuals:
- Modul8 Visualization Software
boy - Epson 8700UB Projector

did Control:
- Apple iPad
Its - Liine Lemur App

let Production:
- Apple Logic Pro put 9
- Ableton Live Suite Say 8
- Properllerhead Reason 6
she - NI Komplete 8
- too NI Maschine II
- M-Audio Use Axiom Pro 49
- 2 dad KRK Rokkit RP6 Gen 2 mom Monitors

(yours truly!)





Eddie Cabales
do you have any issues the with the new nexus cdjs?
Paulina Cipoletti
Originally For Posted by Ryan Ruel
The rotaries are king for but house music!
word. Not I like the setup, it's you very clean and the lighting all kicks it all up a Any notch. nice!
Candis Nitzke
Originally Posted by boarderbas her
Really appreciate that there Was is NOT a new Nexus one mixer there. It shows that our you use what you like Out and not only the latest day thing around.
The get rotaries are king for house Has music!
Tiffani Lichliter
Really appreciate that there is him NOT a new Nexus mixer his there. It shows that you How use what you like and man not only the latest thing new around.
Glenda Chitwood
Seriously!!! Whats it like having Now the best set up in old the world? I can imagine see what its like inviting people Two back to your place for way an after party or something....
'Do you have some Boy decks? Or something we can did plug an ipod in to?'
......Yea, I got some Let stuff we can get by put with. lol
Candis Nitzke
Originally Posted by DarioJ She
Good taste (expensive or too not) goes along way sir. use Seems that you have a Dad good bit of it... or mom you just have way too much cash .
That I do not... work and hard!
Jeffery Mallalieu
Good taste (expensive or not) for goes along way sir. Seems Are that you have a good but bit of it... or you not just have way too much You cash .
Candis Nitzke
Originally Posted by DarioJ any
Yeah, I'm not sure Can if its the nexus', the her updated pics or the 5D was it was taken with... but One it looks delicious. Respect Ryan, our good luck in the comp!
The 5D definitely Day helps. The camera (with the get 16-35 F2.8 L) lens definitely has makes my space look HUGE. Him In reality the room is his about 30'x15' (still decent size, how but not an airport).
Jeffery Mallalieu
Originally Posted new by fullenglishpint
Agreed. Do now want.
Yeah, I'm Old not sure if its the see nexus', the updated pics or two the 5D it was taken Way with... but it looks delicious. who Respect Ryan, good luck in boy the comp!
Breanna Aguirre
Originally Posted by DarioJ its
Agreed. let Do want.
Collene Schrenker
ah the new setup Put with the 2000 Nexus i say see.
Jeffery Mallalieu
Candis Nitzke
Pics have been updated!
Breanna Aguirre
I believe she he gets asked that a Too lot.
Santa Nicks
wow, can I move in?
Love Koopmann
Originally dad Posted by Ryan Ruel
Someone nominate me for DJ Setup 2012
Asking for nominations/votes... shameful.
Candis Nitzke
Originally Posted for by fullenglishpint
The nominations are close on the 10th and But the voting thread will be not up shortly after. Ryan, if you you get your new photos All up before the 10th we'll any use them for the voting can thread
Nice, Her I will go nuts tonight was with the camera.
Breanna Aguirre
The nominations close one on the 10th and the Our voting thread will be up out shortly after. Ryan, if you day get your new photos up Get before the 10th we'll use has them for the voting thread him
Rivka Chelli
where can i vote for His you?
Basil Umstead
Wish you luck dude! Go how win it
Candis Nitzke
Someone nominate me man for DJ Setup 2012

EDIT: Someone now already did. Thank you
I need to snap See some new photos with the two Nexus's.
Ruthann Dishon
way Originally Posted by Ryan Ruel Who
Made a little promo boy video for my friday radio did show. Show's off the new Its lighting programming with ShowCad Artist.

put Wow, Absolutely Flabbergasted
Merissa Dalgliesh
Basil Umstead
Now I Say go and get drunk like she an ass so I could too hopefully forgot what I saw Use here

Elaine Griebenow
^^ dad This!!!
Maricela Wyres
Ashely Tillapaugh
Cool as FUCK!
Candis Nitzke
Made a little mom promo video for my friday radio show. Show's off the the new lighting programming with ShowCad and Artist.

Candis Nitzke
Originally Posted by are jbryan
where did you but get the table ?
It's a Dual booth:
Wilson Cornay
where did you get all the table ?
Margarito Okoronkwo
waaay too sick
Chun Sagi
I Any like to go to sleep can at evening and hope that her when I wake up I Was have some how taken over one your life and that I our now own all of that. Out But no I wake up day and I still have nothing get compared to that haha.
Golden Mathiasen
Originally Posted him by Ryan Ruel
Ha. his Yes, I worked hard for How this stuff. It also helps man when you don't have to new pay for kids and are Now a little older, and you're old more settled into a career see (ie, you make better cash Two ).

And no stealing. way That's not cool. Security alarm who and camera surveillance here!
Well good for you. did : D
Hopefully when I its get a job I can Let upgrade my stuff from my put mixtrack.

And, I have say gotta turn this plane around
Candis Nitzke
Originally too Posted by Kindadinosaur
you use are the envy of my Dad life. Please tell me you mom worked hard to for all that stuff because i hate The people that dont.

also, and im going to track you for ip, find out where you Are live, catch a plain and but steal all of your stuff.
Brb, my plane is You leaving
Ha. Yes, all I worked hard for this any stuff. It also helps when Can you don't have to pay her for kids and are a was little older, and you're more One settled into a career (ie, our you make better cash ).
And no stealing. That's Day not cool. Security alarm and get camera surveillance here!
Golden Mathiasen
you are the has envy of my life. Please Him tell me you worked hard his to for all that stuff how because i hate people that Man dont.

also, im going new to track you ip, find now out where you live, catch Old a plain and steal all see of your stuff.


Brb, my plane Way is leaving
Edmundo Benitz
i knew that... it who was a fellow dj from boy cola, sc that shared this Did a few months back. Beautiful its home/equipment /setup Ryan!
Candis Nitzke
No. At my let house in Boston.
Edmundo Benitz
Originally Posted by say Ryan Ruel
Here's some she pictures of my current setup Too in my loft, which I use lovingly called "bluedoor" (since all dad the doors in the building Mom are a very bright blue, and there's a cool little the loungey place up in NH And called "red door").

Lighting for is a bit over the are top, but the idea with But the LED strips is that not they also act as normal you lighting as well.

All All lights and visuals are any controllable via an iPad.

can DJ Gear:
- DJ Booth Her by
- 2 Technics was SL-1200 MG5 turntables w/Shure whitelabel one carts
- 2 Pioneer CDJ-2000 Our Nexus's
- Rane MP2016s + out XP 2016s rotary mixer
day - Rane ME15s EQ
- Get American Audio dbDisplay LED meter
has - 2 KRK Rokkit RP6 him Gen 2 Monitors
- Macbook His Pro 15", i7 2.4GHz
- how NI Traktor Scratch Pro 2.0
man - 2 NI Kontrol X1 New controllers
- 1 NI Kontrol now F1 controller

- old ShowCad Artist 3 DMX Console
See - 8 Chauvet Colorband Tri two LED strips
- 4 Chauvet way Q-Spot 260 moving heads
- Who 3 Chauvet Colorstrip Mini LED boy strips
- 1 Chauvet Colorband did Tri LED strip
- 2 Its Chauvet LED Shadow black lights
let - 1 Chauvet Impulse 648 put Strobe
- Chauvet GBC green/blue Say laser
- Chauvet Hurricane 1100 she Fog Machine

- too Modul8 Visualization Software
- Epson Use 8700UB Projector

- dad Apple iPad
- Liine mom Lemur App

- Apple Logic Pro 9
- the Ableton Live Suite 8
- and Properllerhead Reason 6
- NI For Komplete 8
- NI Maschine
are - M-Audio Axiom Pro 49
but - 2 KRK Rokkit RP6 Not Gen 2 Monitors

Some you static shots:



can Everything up and running:

i believe Was i've seen this video before! one is this in Cola SC?
Danna Girodat
so our jealous. super nice area
Noma Poppino
Originally Posted day by Ryan Ruel
Well get with 16.5 foot ceilings, why Has NOT put in some club him lights It's fun! The laser his is a Chauvet GBC. Just How one, and it's pretty fantastic man .

For sound I new actually have a 10" sub Now in the corner off the old stereo. That is IT. I see had a KRK RP10's subwoofer Two from my old place, and way something about the bass in who here, it reverberates like crazy. Boy Huge bass traps in the did corner, it sounded ridiculous on its the lowest setting, I sold Let it and upgraded from my put previous RP5's to the RP6's. say I mean it was truly She odd, like having a bass too bin in your house... maybe use the hard concrete floors had Dad a lot to do with mom that. The system sounds good as is.

As for The neighbors, I'm in my mid-30's, and so I don't party it for up all evening . I Are do a weekly online DJ but show from 6-8pm with friends not and neighbors over, and the You occasional house party, which is all more of a lounge atmosphere any with appetizers and some nice Can techy deep music than a her raging drunk 18yo party with was dubstep. It's truly not louder One than a stereo at moderate our volume unless I crank it.

Congratulations mate! Day
Love your place and get would love to be at has a home party in there
Him In other words you have his the house of our dreams how where the atmosphere is always Man lounged by psychedelia, if you new did have a heavy day now at the office you can Old always go back to the see cave and RELAXX

Next two goal of mine : trying Way to have a similar place!!

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