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02.01.2014 If any of you are looking to learn a new skill in 2014 check this out...308.01.2014
04.01.2014 HOW TO: NI Audio2 MKII DIY-Case1007.01.2014
What you need: -Pack of Cigarettes -Tape -Marker 1. Step: -go buy a pack of cigarettes -quit smoking and throw the cigarettes away 1.jpg 2. Step: -buy NI Audio2 MKII 2.jpg 3. Step: -tape the empty box and label it 3.jpg 4. Step: -put the NI Audio2 MKII in the…
08.01.2012 Post your latest purchase!152106.01.2014
I believe this would be a fun thread, what have you all bought recently? Here's most of what I bought this past week, thanks to Christmas bonuses and gift cards: (but with GREEN wheels ) and this t-shirt: What about you?
31.12.2013 Party Like it's 1999!606.01.2014
04.01.2014 Looking for some guidance on getting events tours up on blogs!104.01.2014
Hey friends! Hope the new year has been going well for you all so far! Ok, well I'm looking for some help more or less at least a finger in the right direction. In a few months I'm set to go on tour in back home in the US, with one of the labels I work with here in Sweden. I'm wondering what…
14.02.2013 website for loops, samples, packs, user generated.6004.01.2014
Lets get straight to it. This year i finally have some time to build another new website for music. I have attempted to do this one before but never had the time to really get down to getting it full scale. This year (starting toevening in another screen while i type this message) i start building…
03.01.2014 Getting carried away with sound....literally...104.01.2014
This is so cool!
03.01.2014 Win a T Shirt! New design giveaway. Thoughts?003.01.2014
We have a new logo! 600.jpg What do you believe? To celebrate we are giving away a T Shirt with the new design! Just follow the link and enter your email address. Winner chosen 10th Jan 12:00 GMT http:// Our latest mix is also available. Check it…
22.12.2013 Favourite album of all time?1803.01.2014
Making this thread because I believe I confirmed with myself today what my favourite album was! About 5 years ago when I was 13 I got hold of deadmau5's random album title. I wasn't really into dance music before this, just heard bits of it that I liked. Anyway I rinsed this album out for a long time…
06.12.2013 RIP - Nelson Mandela!902.01.2014
Yeah, so Nelson Mandela passed away last evening . Legendary guy.....I am sure you all agree.
02.01.2014 New EDM online syndicated radio show. Controllerist, DJ's get at us to be featured302.01.2014
We posted this when we started 3 weeks ago. We are a new EDM Show on an Online Syndicated Radio Station that reaches over 15K people plus. We are overly excited as we are the first EDM show on there. The show focuses on EDM music and scene as well as other up and coming EDM DJ's .We are looking for…
13.12.2013 What Tunes Do You Like Taking A Dump To?2902.01.2014
At the moment mine's Meatloaf - Bat Out Of Hell.
31.12.2013 Happy New Year DJTT502.01.2014
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope all of you have great time, stay out of jail, and get laid toevening .
27.12.2013 Paris Hilton says she is one of top 5 best paid dj's...1601.01.2014
Laugh all you want ... but Paris Hilton claims she's one of the TOP 5 highest paid DJ's in the world. The heiress dropped the bombshell at LAX, after returning from a trip to Moscow ... when we asked if her foray into the world of electronic music has been paying off…
17.12.2013 Myers Briggs DJ personality types429.12.2013
Just curious who has done a MBTI and what you are. I'm an INFP. Seems ideally suited to DJing.
28.12.2013 TNGHT break up028.12.2013
08.12.2013 studiosurfing627.12.2013
Hey guys, i want to introduce you my method of traveling the world, gaining new audience and gaining production experience. It's all about two strangers, producing together and promoting each other. There are two parties that need to come together to make a studiosurf happen. The host and the…
23.12.2013 Why Country Music Sucked In 2013127.12.2013
And every other year before that if you ask me
18.12.2013 Dubfire disses Dj's, Producers, Promoters1426.12.2013
There is no hacks on profile! Here is original from my side: Dubfire was showing that the profile was hacked but it wasn't. I believe that's not quite nice from your side Dubfire as i was your fan from Deep Dish times...I've got some attention…
23.12.2013 Happy Festivus! (and Thx to the guys @ DJTT for this awesome, custom artwork)326.12.2013
I haven't posted in a minute...but anyway, Happy Festivus to everyone and a special shoutout to whoever packaged my order at DJTT unnamed.jpg
18.12.2013 How Iowa Country Folks Dance to Animals524.12.2013
18.12.2013 Obama rapping a parody of Snoop Dogg and Pharrell222.12.2013
i just watched the first minute or so and it was pretty funny check this one out ill add the dance move pics below the video dance move pics Health care shoutouts. more
19.12.2013 Traktor S2 and what else?422.12.2013
Hey, I have been using the Traktor Kontrol S2 for one year, and am seeking another controller that I could pair with it. I like the F1, but value the maschine's ability to produce music. Do any traktor s2 owners have any recommendations for "the next step" so-to-speak as to what would…
17.06.2012 The oldies thread...10521.12.2013
one rule. 1. Must be pre 1980 GO!!!
19.12.2013 Paul from Bingo Players passed away420.12.2013
whether you liked the Bingo Players or not its so sad to hear this.
01.10.2013 PC RAM upgrade3818.12.2013
Hello. I recently upgrade to Windows 8 getting along with it okay, just wondering if a RAM upgrade is needed? Current specs are as follows: Windows 8 Pro 64-bit, Intel Core2 CPU 4300 @ 1.80GHz, 2GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT. Using Ableton and haven't experienced any problems as yet but…
21.11.2013 Photos of you DJing ;)2918.12.2013
Hello Guys, i'm from Brazil! I play most of the times on College parties here in Sao Paulo! So, i couldn't find one topic like these and a I want to start! Post your pics *If my topic is irregular or is a crap topic, delete it please and sorry!
27.12.2012 Describe yourself in 4 words (A game)10417.12.2013
This is a game. Describe yourself in 4 words only. I built music websites If you come up with a better description come back and leave a new set of words. Or even if you believe someone just bested yours
27.11.2013 Any aspiring music jounralists on here?914.12.2013
So I've started my own blog up, however I was wondering if anyone wanted to offer their services by writing a weekly review for the blog? It can be about any upcoming event/album/ep etc that is relevant to the blog itself! Something like this would be great for you to add to your cv and you'll be…
13.12.2013 Xmas Light F*ck You To Employer.514.12.2013
12.12.2013 Club Event Ideas613.12.2013
HEY! I am in charge of holding and coming up with club event ideas for a club I work at. I have a list of ideas and would like to get some feedback and maybe some extra ideas as well! Let me know what you believe - VIP Hookah Night -Take me to Ibiza Rave (Bright n Tight) -Food Fight -Full…
03.09.2013 Post your funny SIG (thread)1012.12.2013
Simple enough, reply with something funny you would like to have in your SIG. "I can
30.11.2013 I prety much died [pics]2911.12.2013
Yeah... that's that...
10.12.2013 House on Toast (On mugs)010.12.2013 Our website is live!! Everything including exclusive artwork, pictures from our latest events and our latest mixes is available through our site. We will have a store up and running soon for anyone interested in a mug with our artwork on it? Do all the links…
08.12.2013 Do the LaCie Rugged external HD's come with cables?610.12.2013
I'm believeing of buying a LaCie Rugged external HD, this one here to be precise: I know they're USB AND FireWire compatible, so i was wondering, do the HD's come boxed WITH FireWire and/or USB cables? I want FireWire800, so hoping FireWire…
10.12.2013 Please help me ID this soundtrack, i have been searching for years..010.12.2013
Hey guys, so i just rewatched some House MD episodes and there's this little sad piano soundtrack, that i'm sure i heard many many many other times even in other series. And it has always intrigued me and i never ever found a title to give to it. So i'm asking for your help. It's a sad piano/string…
22.11.2013 Just launched a new business: would love some feedback on the website1609.12.2013
Would really appreciate any feedback / comments you guys have. Thanks!
08.12.2013 I'm visiting the US, anyone wanna hang out? :D309.12.2013
Hey there! So basically, in a last minute christmas travel frenzy, i decided i'd love to see the east coast, so in 4 days i planned out a 10day trip across it. Starting out in Washington, thru New York and on to Boston, where i'm visiting a friend who's studying at Berklee. Since i didn't…
29.11.2013 Where do you buy your DJ logo/brand clothing?1608.12.2013
Just curious to see where you guys buy your DJ logo clothing (Netsky shirt, Torro Torro shirt, etc.)! Do you buy them when you're at a show or do you have a favorite online store? I'm trying to take advantage of some Black Friday sales and up my closet at the same time. Any suggestions…
12.12.2010 Stormtroopers -- The Awesome Thread258708.12.2013

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