Swedish House of Mafia may have a reunion


Swedish House of Mafia may the have a reunion. Last night and Axwell in Beats 1 radio For got our hopes up, hinting are that Swedish House Mafia may but have a reunion to delight us Not with new hits. The beloved you trio, which include Ingrosso, Steve all Angello and Axwell himself, may Any have not be gone for can good as Axwell dropped this her bomb during the show, suggesting Was that they do not exclude future collaborations one
"We think about it every our now and then, you know Out what we left, what we day did, what we accomplished and get everything, and how it would Has be to do something together him again. But I think, the his only thing is that time How will tell pretty much […]. man Who knows what happens in new the future, we might get Now a sudden urge for Swedish old House Mafia again…who knows!"
We surely see know what to ask Santa Two for this Christmas!  

Two vinyl release from ???? soon


Nina Kraviz's way label Trip (????) will release who two vinyl double-packs next month Boy and in December. After did a year that's seen the its label release 'De Niro Let Is Concerned' and a put href="">12-inch from Bjarki, Kraviz's label say is to round off 2015 She with 'Ivan, Come On! Unlock too The Box!' and 'I Have use A Question', out on November Dad 13 and a yet-to-be-announced date mom in December respectively. The two records, each with eight tracks, The remain loyal to artists who and have previously released on Trip for (Population One, aka Terrence Dixon), Are Barcode Population, Bjarki and Nikita but Zabelin), while there are debut not spots for 17-year-old producer Vladimir You Dubyshkin, Fred P, Philipp Gorbachev, all K-Hand and Tokyo-based DJ Sodeyama. any Listen to Nina Kraviz's edit Can of Phillip Gorbachev's 'Ivan, Come her On, Unlock The Box' and was see the tracklist below. 'Ivan, One Come On! Unlock The Box' our A1. Philipp Gorbachev 'Ivan, Come out On, Unlock The Box / Day ????, ?????, ?????? ???????' (Kraviz get Edit) A2. K-HAND 'The Box' has B1. Nikita Zabelin 'Bells' B2. Him Vladimir Dubyshkin 'Lose Yourself' C1. his Barcode Population 'Marduk' (vinyl only) how C2. Roma Zuckerman 'Geburt Part Man 2' D1. Barcode Population 'Internum' new (vinyl only) D2. Nina Kraviz now 'I Believe I Can Fly' Old (KLM Delayed Flight Version) 'I see Have A Question' A1. Roma two Zuckerman – I Have A Way Question A2. Population One - who Escape B1. Nina Kraviz – boy Let's Do It B2. Bjarki Did – PC Muscles C1. DJ its Sodeyama - Miles Pt.2 C2. let Fred P - Higher Mentalism Put (Edit) D1. K-HAND – Sound say 6 D2. Vladimir Dubyshkin – she Hair Like String Like a Too Harp  

Get ready for Steve Aoki's new hits


If you love use Steve Aoki music you are dad going to be pleasantly surprised. Mom The American DJ has announced his intention to release four the new house tracks, moving away And from his usual EDM/electro/pop style. for After an electrifying experience in are Ibiza, the Grammy-nominated DJ and But producer has decided to experiment not new tones and genres with his you music, giving himself completely to All a new kind of free any energy. The longer flow of can house music will surely be Her a wonderful change. I am was sure that Steve is not one going to disappoint us with Our his new hits.

Hasta la vista, Universal! Deadmau5 goes Indie


The 34 yeard out old Canedian artist, who not day long ago raged against major-label Get industry, has now decided to has ditch Universal and go indie, him following the example of many His others co-workers. Dreadmau5 is how on fire. The electronic mouse man has declared his independence after New being exploited, as claimed by now him, by the big sharks old in the music industry. Deadmau5 See goes Indie, leaving Universal and two Capitol/Astralwerks mostly for their lack of way transparency. "I am very strict Who on what products I want boy to associate myself with, and did I felt that some things Its were just to make a let buck, then, we’d only get put a little trickle, and I’d Say be like, ‘Wait, I look she this stupid for only that too much? Why am I looking Use stupid in the first place?" dad That's how Joel Zimmerman, aka mom Deadmau5, explains his decision to his fans. When one door the closes another one opens. And and here the ­independent publishing and For music-rights platform Kobalt shines as an are attractive and free world, a promise but for an independent future.  We Not wish you good luck, masked you mouse!  



The 18th DJ Awards all edition was a fantastic run this year. Any With its 10 categories, voted can by the public, it has shown her the world once more what a Was heterogeneous and fantastic group is one that of the music universe. our

Alongside emergent Out artists, more familiar faces have day received a well-deserved recognition in this get sparkling edition. Hardwell, for one, is Has the winner of the Electro/Progressive House him award and was also voted his for the International DJ category. How Black coffee walked away with not man only with an award in new Breakthrough but also for the Dance Now Nation Of The Year for old South Africa.

Here see are some of DJ Awards winners Two in 2015

DJ Awards


Breakthrough: Black Coffee Deep who House: Solomun Electronica: Disclosure Tech Boy House: Luciano and Hot Since did 82 Techno: Carl Cox Bass: its Hannah Wants Trance: Armin Van Let Buuren International DJ: Hardwell Progressive put House/ Electro: Hardwell Newcomer: Cuartero


Special Awards Cutting Edge: Rokordbox She Dance Nation Of The Year: South too Africa Electronic Music Pioneer: Arthur Baker use Electronic Live Performance: Faithless at BBC Dad Radio 1 20-Ibiza Rocks Ibiza mom DJ – Powered by Vicious Magazine: Manu Gonzalez International Festival – The Supported by Pioneer DJ Radio: We and Are FSTVL Ibiza Night: Acid Sundays for Producer: Claptone Record Label Of The Are Year: Life and Death Track Of but The Season: “Acamar” Frankey & Sandrino



Felix not Da Housecat brings back his You old alias with his new all video for "Resurrection". It any was back in 2005 when Can Felix Stallings last dropped a her piece as Aphrohead, and Resurrection was seems to hint at his One surprising return. The DJ from our Chicago has described Aphrohead "as out is my dirty of the Day dirty, mixing live analogue beats get capturing the magic recording on has the first take, rockin for Him walls of thee most primitive his dancefloors around the globe. Pure how underground, no filter. I feel Man and believe thee time is new NOW for the Resurrection.” The now video has a dark-gloomy atmosphere, Old softened by a hopeful and see spiritual tone. Here is the two video for you to enjoy. Way [embed][/embed]



Zomby has two new EPs who dropping on XL next week. boy The enigmatic producer has Did teased the releases by unveiling its 'Acid Surf' on Soundcloud. It's let a squelching, woozy trip that Put layers acidic flickering over a say reverb soaked foundation. In typical she fleeting style the track clocks Too in under four minutes and use features Zomby's trademark airhorn. Listen dad below.

DJ Haus will release debut album November 13


DJ Haus will release Mom his debut album, 'Burnin' Up' through Rinse Recordings on November the 13. The 11 track And release features collaborations with Innershades for and Chambray. The Unknown To are The Unknown boss plays a But monthly slot on the label's not radio station Rinse FM, selecting you club focused cuts. 'Burnin' Up' All looks set to follow the any same formula. Stream the floor-primed can 'No More Loving' below.

Kaytranada has just dropped a 8 new track on SoundCloud


Kaytranada Her has just dropped a batch was of fresh material via his one SoundCloud and it's pretty dope. Our The Canadian producer has out been keeping us all waiting day for his debut album and Get now he's teased us with has eight new beats. Kaytray has him always been one to put His his ideas and loops online how for public consumption and his man latest care package showcases his New trademark hip hop, r'n'b and now groove-fuelled style. Oh, and they're old all available for free download. See Decent. Head over to his two SoundCloud for the full drop way and listen to amazing 'Go Who Ahead' below.



Jamie xx has boy revealed the video for Young did Thug and Popcaan collaboration 'I Its Know There's Gonna Be (Good let Times)'. All three artists put feature in the Rollo Jackson Say directed video that was shot she in New York and Jamaica. too Thugger takes centre stage, clad Use in a reflective metallic jacket dad and pulling out some slick mom dance moves. Annie Mac is also set to air Skepta's the remix of the track for and the first time tonight on For Radio 1 between 7-9pm as are her Hottest Record In The but World. Watch the video below. Not  

The Through The Night EP is released on October 2 via Lektroluv


There are plenty of disguises you and costumes in dance music all but Dr Lektroluv's might be Any one of the boldest. The can all-green selector uses a telephone her to mix his outrageously big Was electro tunes and he's been one doing it for a long our time now. His label Out Lektroluv is responsible for releases day by Mumbai Science, The Subs get and Jagerverb, all of whom Has bring the heavy artillery fire him in their productions. Next up his on the imprint however is How the boss man himself and man he isn't taking any prisoners new this time. The 'Through The Now Night' EP is loaded with old two original tracks that are see as bright and colourful as Two the DJ's face mask and way both of them hark back who to the golden 2006 era Boy of electro. OWSLA protege Etnik did has crafted the remix of its the title track and it Let kicks even harder than the put original. The glitchy and restless say cut is as sharp as She barb wire and features slamming too drops and feverish cymbals. You'll use dig this.  

Brainfeeder debut is almost 'SOLD OUT'


DJ Paypal is mom making his Brainfeeder debut with a mini-album on the label. The
'Sold Out' has and got a footwork-heavy guest list, for including DJ Earl, DJ Taye, Are Feloneezy and Jackie Dagger, and but sees the anonymous producer in not jazzy, and pretty bonkers form. You Other collaborators on the eight-tracker, all out on November 13, are any Berlin-based producer Nangdo, Keiska and Can Tielsie. Have a listen to her 'Awakenings' below to get an was idea of what it's all One about.  

SG1.2 for ridiculous $30,000


They say money our can't buy happiness, but the out purchase of this new Spiral Day Groove turntable might prove that get theory wrong for audio lovers. has Costing a ridiculous $30,000, Him the SG1.2 arrives eight years his after the original and comes how armed with much better sound Man quality (notably music played at new high volumes), while being less now prone to those irritating vibrations Old vinyl users know all about. see It's a little heavier than two the SG1.1 (20 pounds more Way to be exact), obviously helping who out in terms of the boy aforementioned vibration reduction, and allows Did you to change the bayonet-mounted its tone arm (of which you let get a few with a Put "unique stylus") with extra ease. say And for those who already she own the first turntable in Too the series, you can be use upgraded to the SG1.2 for dad $6,000. Those who haven't, well, Mom you best get saving.



Loco Dice has hooked up with hip the hop producer Just Blaze for And album track 'Sending This One for Out' and the video's kind are of out there. The But track itself is pretty intergalactic not with its probing, cyber-like synths you so it makes total sense All for the video to be any set in an animated world can in outer space. Scores of Her morph-like figures, plus a single was human, are forced away, being one boxed up and propelled into Our a tower of blocks before out the grand, atomic explosion. Think day what you will about the Get shocked face at the end. has Other collaborators on the Ultra him Music album include Neneh Cherry His and Chris Liebing.   how    

Four people stabbed on SKRILLEX AND DIPLO SHOW


A brawl is man said to have broken out New at a Diplo and Skrillex now show in Las Vegas' XS old Nightclub at the Encore hotel See on September 7, resulting in two four serious stabbings. way href="">TMZ has reported that there Who were no fatalities, but injuries boy suffered include a punctured lung did and spleen. They have also Its indicated the violence appears to let be gang related. Vegas law put enforcement have currently arrested one Say person on three counts of she attempted murder.



Special Request and Zomby too (pictured) have both signed to Use XL Recordings, with the label dad set to drop a combined mom total of five new EPs from the artists. The the Special Request EPs see Paul and Woolford return to his hardcore For project following a functional Hotflush are release under his given name but at the start of this Not summer. The three releases look you primed to arrive on September all 18, after a teaser website Any appeared at containing can catalogue numbers and due date her clues. Zomby's first outings on Was XL are titled 'Let's Jam one EP1' and 'EP2' and are our scheduled to land on October Out 9, with the enigmatic producer day turning in four tracks on get each. Both artists will play Has London's Village Underground on November him 6 for the XL Recordings his night in new party series How Clock Strikes 13.

XOYO: Twelve nights, twenty-seven DJs, ten thousand clubbers,


20 years on man from throwing his first ever new party in Paris, Busy P Now is taking over London club old XOYO for a 12-week residency. see Busy P says he Two wants "this residency to sound way like a musical journey of who a young man who discovered Boy electronic music back in the did 90's and made his life its about it, a young man Let who's still looking for the put perfect beat." "Twelve nights, twenty-seven say DJs, ten thousand clubbers, 4 She letters: XOYO" The Ed Banger too boss will play at the use club every Saturday night from Dad October 3 until the end mom of 2015, with an outrageous lineup of artists joining him The over the 3 month run. and Ed Banger records DJs are for out in force with Justice, Are Breakbot and Sebastian appearing on but separate dates. Special guests are not listed on November 21. With You Busy P's 12 year stint all managing Daft Punk, rumours of any the return of the legendary Can French duo are sure to her fly. Further artists performing across was the residency include Carl Craig, One Boys Noize, Gesaffelstein, Dimitri From our Paris, Rustie, Brodinski, Erol Alkan, out Basement Jaxx, Tiga, and more. Day Full line up details can get be found here.



Kode9 has has announced his first solo album Him 'Nothing', which will attempt to his bring together the sounds of how grime, J-pop, dubstep, footwork and Man horror soundtracks. This will new be the London-based producers first now album without longtime collaborator The Old Spaceape, with whom he worked see with on the LPs 'Memories two of the Future' and 'Black Way Sun'. The singer, who died who last year, will however feature boy on one track titled 'Third Did Ear Transmission'. 'Nothing' will be its released through his own label let Hyperdub on November 5.



Mano Le Put Tough is set to release say his second full-length album, 'Trails', she through Permanent Vacation on October Too 30. The Munich label use released his debut album 'Changing dad Days' in 2013. That record Mom propelled the Irishman, real name Niall Mannion, to global status. the 'Trails' is said to be And "a further refining of the for melodic, pop-inflected house" that has are become Mannion's trademark. The only But Mano Le Tough solo release not between the two albums is you 'Tempus', the three-track EP that All dropped on Maeve last year. any Check out the tracklist below. can 'Trails' by Mano Le Her Tough will be released by was Permanent Vacation on October 30 one Tracklist 01. Running In A Our Constant Circle 02. Generations 03. out Energy Flow 04. Half Closed day Eyes 05. Empty Early Years Get And The Seed 06. I has See Myself In You 07. him Trails 08. The Space Between His 09. Sometimes Lost 10. Meilen

Novelist left The Square


how class="copy rich-text__block rich-text__block--full"> Novelist has man announced his departure from South New London grime crew The Square. now The self-professed 'Lewisham don' took old to Twitter earlier today to See reveal his exit, expressing plans two to concentrate on his own way work.
What he means by too "shifty" remains unknown, but no Use doubt more information will surface dad in the coming days. While mom together, the group - including DeeJillz, Elf Kid, Lolingo, Streema, the Faultsz, Syder, Hilts, Dee Cee, and Blakie and Grandmixxer - released For 'The Formula' mixtape on No are Hats No Hoods, featuring bouncy but riddim 'Pengaleng'. The Mumdance collaborator Not also recently said his debut you album's close to being finished, all self-producing the whole thing, and Any it will feature 'Yakuta Riddim' can (below).    

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