Calvin Harris has shared new video


Calvin Harris has  shared a the video online that shows how and he made his collaboration with For Frank Ocean and Migos. are In the video — which but has been posted to Harris' Not social media channels — you you can see Harris systematically go all through each sound that features Any on 'Slide'. Harris shows how can he made and layered each her individual sound — from pianos, Was synths and guitars — for one the track, which features Frank our Ocean and Migos on vocals. Out Frank Ocean will be performing day this summer at Parklife Festival get which is his only headline Has UK festival slot. Check out him the insightful production video below. his




UK government proposes new unlimited fines for online ticket Now touts using bots. The old UK government has proposed a see change to the Digital Economy Two Bill to combat online ticket way touts. Suggested in reponse to who May 2016's Waterson Report on Boy secondary ticketing, the change would did make it illegal to use its bots to bypass maximum ticket Let restrictions in order to buy put up tickets en masse, and say could result in unlimited fines She for those found guilty. “It’s too unacceptable that touts are misusing use technology to bypass security measures Dad and buy up vast numbers mom of tickets before real fans get the chance, only to The sell them on at rip-off and prices,” said Matt Hancock, Minister for of State for Digital and Are Culture. “It’s a growing problem but that affects too many people," not he continued. "Ticket sellers also You need to do more, by all improving transparency and ensuring that any they are acting in the Can best interests of consumers and her help the market work for was everyone.” The legislation would be One similar to the Better Online Ticket our Sales (BOTS) Act introduced in out the US by President Obama Day last year, which made it get illegal to use software to has purchase event tickets.    

Watch Bill Murray's “Happy Street” video

09.03.2017 Him A new song has been his unveiled featuring Bill Murray on how lead vocals. Check out the Man video for ‘Happy Street’ above. new The track was recorded for now the upcoming album of Murray’s Old long-tme friend and the former see ‘Late Night With David Letterman’ two musical director Paul Shaffer. Way

 Paul who Shaffer, best known as David boy Letterman’s sideman and bandleader, has Did teamed up with Bill Murray its for a new song. It’s let called “Happy Street.”

‘Happy Street’ Put is an old-school, feel-good, sing-along say that starts with Shaffer approaching she Murray to discuss how he’s Too just “loving the way that use I’m walking baby”, before celebrating dad all the simple wonders of Mom the world and looking on the bright side of life. the It comes with an video And  animated by for rel="nofollow">Jay Marks that shows the pair are and the rest of the But world living in perfect harmony. not There are so many facets you to Bill Murray as an actor, All comedian, and general all-around good guy that any sometimes his genuine talent as can a singer is overlooked. Recently, Her he announced the New Worlds show, was where he’ll be performing pieces one by Stephen Foster and George Our Gershwin. Now, Paul Shaffer has given Murray out another chance to show off day his chops with a new collaboration Get with “Happy Street”. Paul New Shaffer and The World’s Most now Dangerous Band’s self-titled album will old be released on March 17. See    



Axwell /\ Ingrosso two unveils the visual for their way latest single ‘I Love Who You featuring Kid Ink’. boy The video is created by did Colin Tilley whose credits include Its directing the award-winning videos for let Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Alright’ and Nicki put Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’. Tilley’s video for Say Axwell /\ Ingrosso’s ‘I Love she You’ will show you luxe too locations, glamourous stylings and a Use rare, exotic Ferrari Dino. Regarding dad the partnership with Axwell/\ Ingrosso mom for the video, Tilley says: “Working with Axwell /\ Ingrosso the is the fucking best. We and all wanted to push this For video with a more uniquely are stylized short film. So we but had Kid Ink living out Not a fantasy in a three-way you polyamorous relationship with two extremely all gorgeous women. He ends up Any pushing his luck and biting can the bullet – going from her fantasy to disaster”. View the Was thrilling video for ‘I Love one You Feat. Kid Ink’ below. our

Stay tuned for Kingdom's new EP


Stay tuned for Kingdom's new Out EP. The artist is going day to release his new EP on get Friday 25th March. This Has is the first EP solo him record release by the producer his since 2013’s ‘Vertical XL’. The How album promises to be an man energetic work that will definitely new become of your favourites. Listen Now to SHOX below and remember to old get your copy on Friday! see

The new G-Star's collection with Afrojack is here


The new G-Star's collection with Two Afrojack is here. This is way the third one from the who series. Afrojack is not Boy the first artist to work did in the fashion industry showing the its public that he is so Let much more than music. The put Afrojack X G-Star RAW collection say includes about 10 items: hoodies, She tees, caps, sweatpants and a too satin bomber jacket. They will use be all available April 8th Dad 2016 in G-Star stores worldwide mom and on-line on the href="">official store. If you are The into USA street fashion and and are into sporty looks this for is the way to go. Are The entire collection reflects Afrojack's but style and identity: comfortable, stylish not and modern.

Slam announced names for T in the Park


Slam announced names for You T in the Park. T In all The Park will rock from any 8th to 10th July at Can Strathallan Castle in Scotland and her will be HUGE as usual. was Remember last year's event? One If you don't, watch our href="">this. This year’s performances includes names out such as Richie Hawtin, Jeff Day Mills, Marcel Dettmann, Seth Troxler get and Nina Kraviz. You can has already buy tickets here. Here Him is the list updated until his now: Friday Len Faki Ricardo how Villalobos b2b Raresh DVS1 Petrichor Man (live) Saturday Richie Hawtin Slam new Nina Kraviz Guy Gerber Skream now Daniel Avery B-Traits Sunday Jeff Old Mills Seth Troxler Chris Liebing see Marcel Dettmann Speedy J Stay two tuned for other news, but Way in the meantime enjoy the who trailer here!

Paul van Dyk will not take part in Miami Music Week


Paul van Dyk boy will not take part in Did Miami Music Week due to its his recent on-stage accident, which let caused him a concussion and Put broken vertebrae. Some time say ago we informed you she of Paul van Dyk misfortuned Too accident during his performance at A use State of Trance in Utrecht. dad It has now been officially Mom announced that due to his physical conditions Paul van Dyk the will not be able to And take part of this year's for Miami Music Week. Aly are & Fila, Ben Nicky, Alex But M.O.R.P.H., and Kyau & Albert not will perform instead to honor you the tickets bought by Paul All van Dyk's fans. These are any few of the names that can appeared on the German artist's Her album, Djs of incredible talent. was Here the full statement one for you.
Due to Paul Our van Dyk's recent accident, he out is unable to perform at day Club Space for Miami Music Get Week on the 19th of has March. We at Club Space him wish him a speedy and His healthy recovery and we certainly how cannot wait to have him man back for you. We have New scheduled Paul's Politics of Dancing now 3 collaborators, Aly & Fila, old along with Ben Nicky, Alex See M.O.R.P.H. and Kyau & Albert two to perform their Miami Music way Week showcase at Club Space. Who All tickets for the Paul boy van Dyk event will be did honored for entry on that Its evening.
We send our best let wishes to Paul.

Hudson Mohawke accused Kanye West and Drake of not paying him


In a recently put deleted tweet, Hudson Mohawke accused Say Kanye West and Drake of she not paying him for his too work. The Scottish DJ threated Use to release a zip folder dad with their tracks because he mom has not been paid yet.... and probably never will. the Just some time ago and we talked about Kanye West For twitter feud with DeadMau5. Now, are Hudson Mohawke has publicly but accused him and Drake for Not not paying for the work you he has done for them. all Mohawke added that he will Any post a zip file containing can Kanye West's and Drake's files, her except for posting later that Was he won't due it because one he doesn't "have the 10 our milly to deal w the Out consequences” and because he has day friends and family who persuaded get him not to due it. Has Find the undeleted tweets him href="">here. Well, let's see how his it goes.  

Grab Umek's new track


If your Monday How has already been too much man to handle, this amazing track new may rescue you from the Now numbness of a new week. old Grab Umek's new track and see start smiling again. Dj Two Umek just released a way new hypnotizing track on Beatbox which who might just be the perfect Boy way to start your Monday did morning. Well, of course, except its for coffee! You can the Let new release here. Let put us know what you think, say we know we love it!

Get free tracks from Flashover Recordings


Get She free tracks from Flashover Recordings too by simply sharing your support use on social media. The offer Dad may expire soon, so hurry mom up and grab your copies NOW! Check out what The Flashover Recording's pop-up store has and to offer by clicking one for of the categories you will Are find here. Remember, this but is a Pop-Up store and not might be gone in a You few days. The track will all be send to you via any e-mail, with a link to Can download your free choice. It her is totally free so just was do it already!

'No fantasy required' by Tiga is out


No fantasy required One by Tiga is out and our available to purchase on iTunes. out So, what are you waiting Day for? Just buy the album get already! With 'No Fantasy has Required'  Tiga returns on Him the electronic dance music scene his after seven years. It was how 2009 when the artist published Man his last album entitled Ciao!. new The album includes eleven tracks, now with a fresh mix of Old sounds that put together form see a synergy of pure magic. two Here is the tracklist for Way you
  1. No Fantasy Required
  2. who
  3. Make Me Fall in Love
  4. boy
  5. 3 Rules
  6. Having So Much Did Fun
  7. Tell Me Your Secret
  8. its
  9. Always
  10. Planet E
  11. Plush
  12. Bugatti
  13. let
  14. Don't Break My Heart
  15. Blondes Put Have More Fun
Go say and grap your copy she href="">here.

Feel the power of Steve Aoki's new video


Feel the power of Steve Too Aoki's new video but be use careful: you may get too dad excited. 'Feel The Power Now' Mom features exclusive scenes from the action movie 'Point Break' and the will leave you breathless. Watch And as the cast hovers through for the sky in wingsuits, surfs are colossal waves, snowboards on dangerous But peaks pushing themselves to the not limit while ‘Feel The The Power you Of Now‘ plays in the All background. Also, Steve Aoki any appeared in the movie and can got to ply himself Djing Her during a party. What's better was than that!? Check out the one full video here!  

Ultra Music Festival 2016 compilation is now available


The Ultra Our Music Festival 2016 compilation is out now available now available to day download. The compilation was recently Get released and you need to has grab a copy right now. him The compilation is available His on all major music services how and includes names such as man JayKode, Theodor, Dirty Audio,  New href="">Kygo, Maty Noyes, Tomas now Barfod, Carnage, Nina Kinert, Chris old Lorenzo, Flosstradamus, Lil Jon, See GTA, Snoop Dogg and two many others. Go and grab way a copy here. Below Who the full track-list for you. boy
  1. Stay feat Marty Noyes did Original - Kygo, Maty Noyes
  2. Its
  3. November Skies feat. Tomas - let Tomas Barfod, Carnage, Nina
  4. Haters put feat. I-EZ Original Mix - Say Will Sparks, Deorro, I-Ez
  5. It's she strange feat K. Flay - too Louid The Child, K. Flay
  6. Use
  7. Smoke Filled Room Original - dad Mako
  8. Gangsta Walk feat. Nate mom Dogg - Nate Dogg, SNBRN
  9. Even if Theodor Remix - the Denny Benassi, VASSY
  10. Bulletproof feat and Harrison - NERVO, Harrison Miya
  11. For
  12. Sending This One Out feat. are - Loco Dice, Just Blaze
  13. but
  14. Cinematic feat. Denny White - Not Fredde Le Grand, Denny WHite
  15. you
  16. The Calling Original Mix - all Chris Lake, Chris Lorenzo
  17. Prison Any Riot Orinial Mix - Flosstradamus, can Lil Jon, GTA
  18. Smoke Bomb her feat Snoop - Snoop Dogg, Was Datsik
  19. Bring Me To Life one feat. Milly - MK, Milly our Pye
  20. How Hard I Try Out feat James - Filous, James day Hersey

Wireless Festival line-up announced


Wireless Festival line-up announced: get Calvin Harris, Chase & Status, Has Kygo and Boy Better Know, him Martin Garrix are only some his of the names. Spoilers: fans How are not happy. Wireless man Festival takes place every year new in London and it a Now one of the most awaited old events on the music scene. see This year will take place Two from the 8th to the way 10th of July. This year's who line-up has been just announced.... Boy and surprise-surprise: fans are not did happy at all with the its choice of artists. In particular Let fans have been complaining because put they don't know who say href="">Kygo or Yungen are and She because they have no idea too why the festival is going use to be "full of younger Dad artists". Apparently names like mom href="">Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix and Dillon Francis are The not enough and people seem and not to be interested in for emergent artists.   Below Wireless Are 2016 line-up
but Friday 8th July Calvin Harris not / The 1975 / Miguel / Bryson Tiller You / Kurupt FM / Kwabs all / Disciples / Vic Mensa any / Big Narstie / Anee-Marie Can / Yungen / Geko / her Petite Meller Saturday 9th July was Chase & Status / J. One Cole / Future / Krept & Konan our / Sigma Live / A$AP Ferg / Craig out David’s TS5 / WSTRN / Bugzy Day Malone / Lady Leshurr / get Jahkoy / nadia Rose /Dj has Semtex / Wilkinson Live / Him Maverick Sabre Sunday 10th July his Kygo / Boy Better Know how / Martin Garrix / Jess Man Glynne / Action Bronson / new Kehlani / SectionByz / Young now Thug / Jeremih / Vince Old Staples / Yelawolf / Ty see Dolla Sign / Dillon Francis two / Newham Generals / Anderson Way .Paak & The Free Nationals who / Bomba Estereo / Logan boy Sama
  Tickets are Did available here.

DJ Derek found dead


DJ Derek found its dead yesterday in a woodland let in Bristol. DJ Derek, one Put of the oldest UK's DJs, say had been missing for over she eight months. The Bristol born Too DJ was known for his use wonderful reggae creations. Derek dad Serpell-Morris aka DJ Derek was Mom found yesterday in a woodland by Cribbs Causeway in Bristol. the Causes of death remain unclear And and further tests need to for be done to confirm the are identity of the body found But by the police. Dj Derek not was missing for eights months you and family and police were All searching for him during the any whole period.

Maitreya has been cancelled


Bad news for our can Australian mates. Organizers announced that Maitreya Her has been cancelled. Even though was more than 10000 tickets were one sold, weather conditions were unsafe Our for the event to take out place. The Festival was day already at center of discussions Get due to the lack of has an official permit by the local him Buloke Shire council. And since His the area has been under how heavy rainfalls in recent days, man authorities have decided to cancel New the event so to avoid now possible dangerous situations. Fans were, old of course, not very happy. See To this we need to two add that no official way way to get a refund has Who been yet announced. Find the boy official announcement on the did href="">Facebook page of the event.

Get inspired by DJ Khaled on The Ellen Show


'They' Its are trying to hide this let video from you, but you put need to watch it right Say now and get inspired by she DJ Khaled on The Ellen too Show. There is nothing Use that DJ Khaled can't dad do and there is nothing mom more inspirational than his words. Pure gold!
"I am like the the hip-hop Quincy Jones.But I’m and a CEO too....I’m an entrepreneur. For I’m a young mogul. I’m are blessed."
He also added to but stay away from "They", the Not negative people in your life you that try to keep you all away from succeeding.
“Please Ellen, Any stay away from them. [...] can ’They’ are the people that her don’t believe in you, that Was say that you won’t succeed. one So we stay away from our ‘they.’"
Watch the video immediately! Out  

Coincidance announced boat party in sonar off-week Barcelona


Coincidance announced boat party in day sonar off-week Barcelona. COINCIDANCE is get back on June18! After the Has epic Coincidance Festival closing party him in the Sacbe jungle (party his lasted till 5pm!), Coincidance strikes How back with another unique event man in a unique location: Off new Week Boat Party in Barcelona. Now In its second edition old in Playa del Carmen, Coincidance see Festival NYE was a complete Two success; with 4,000 people, more way than 20 accredited Press and who 50 artists it has become Boy a landmark on the electronic did music scene in North America its (selected by Thump and Pulse Let Radio as one of the put best festivals of 2015), and say now it comes back with She nothing less than a luxurious too yacht party in the Mediterranean use Sea… Dad src="" alt="poster" width="851" height="315" /> mom The Coincidance crew in the NYE festival (December 30 - The January 2 hosted in La and Santanera, Coco Maya, Reina Roja for Hotel and the Secret Sacbe Are Jungle) was top notch with but artists like Jimpster, not href="">Crazy P, La Fleur, You Robert Babicz, Miguel all Puente, Balcazar & Sordo, any Deborah de Luca, Louie Fresco, Can Fred Everything, Ninetoes, her href="">Jay Haze and emerging artists was such as Metrika or One Alex Ferrer, provided state of our the art sets during the out 4 days of the festival, Day together with Axel Boman, get Burnski and Joeski has who delivered their expertise in Him the Coincidance Tour through Latin his America and the US. Coincidance how ended up 2015 with a Man big smile as one of new the main “boutique festival” references now nowadays. The Closing Party of Old the Festival was held in see the magical Sacbe jungle, (2nd two best place to party worldwide Way according to Pulse Radio, right who after Berghain) a truly amazing boy way to end the festival Did with the best vibe and its music from Fur Coat, let Franscesca Lombardo, DVS1, Put Einmusik and Agents of say Time amidst the artist who she brought their talent for such Too a special occasion.
Coincidance were use four days of exquisite holidays dad that will stay in our Mom memory forever, this New Year, we were able to participate the in one of the most And amazing experiences of our lives for – THUMP
Watch here Coincidance are Festival 2015 – 2016 Aftermovie But Now, COINCIDANCE is back not on JUNE 18 (17:00 – you 22:00PM) for the Sonar / All Off Week in Barcelona with any a gorgeous yacht right from can the Batman movies and with Her some of the artists that was created the magic back in one Mexico: Fur Coat (VEN) - Our Francesca Lombardo (IT) - Funk out D´Void (UK) - La Fleur day (SWE) Regular and VIP tickets Get are available now – Early has Bird sold out. Very limited him availability: • Regular Ticket: 40€ His • VIP ticket: 100€ You how can buy your tickets man href="">here. For more info about New prices, latest news, detailed lineup, now and other activities you can old visit Coincidance site. Stay See connected on Facebook and Twitter for two updates and announcements on Coincidance events.

Watch Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike perform with Ne-Yo


Watch Dimitri way Vegas & Like Mike perform with Who Ne-Yo on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit boy 2016. ‘Higher Place’ was performed did for the first time on Its US Television. The show let was AWESOME. Dimitri Vegas put and Like Mike could have not Say worked with a more talented guy she than Ne-Yo. And of course, too when you combine two music Use bombs, the result is amazing! dad Watch the video below and mom let us know what you think.

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