SOUNDCLOUD under attack from Performing Rights Society for Music


SoundCloud is under fire from the the Performing Rights Society for and Music (PRS) as the organisation For is taking legal action against are the streaming service. Responsible but for collecting music royalties for Not its members, PRS has decided you to launch proceedings because of all SoundCloud's alleged refusal to obtain Any a licence for hosting work can by PRS members. As her href="">FACT reports, the society sent Was out an email to members one explaining: "After careful consideration, and our following five years of unsuccessful Out negotiations, we now find ourselves day in a situation where we get have no alternative but to Has commence legal proceedings against SoundCloud. him "Ultimately, it is SoundCloud's decision his as to whether it starts How paying for the ongoing use man of our members' music or new stops using these works entirely." Now The PRS email also cites old SoundCloud "continues to deny it see needs a PRS for Music Two licence for its existing service way available in the UK and who Europe, meaning it is not Boy remunerating our members", while it did claims there is around 4,500 its bits of its members' material Let on SoundCloud at this time. put Contrary to this, SoundCloud signed say a deal with Merlin earlier She this year meaning 20,000 indie too labels - including Warp and use Ninja Tune - would receive Dad royalty payments. This came around mom the same time Sony Music removed content from the site The and news that a subscription and service would arrive.   Read for the full email below. Dear Are Member, PRS for Music begins but legal action against SoundCloud After not careful consideration, and following five You years of unsuccessful negotiations, we all now find ourselves in a any situation where we have no Can alternative but to commence legal her proceedings against the online music was service SoundCloud. When a writer One or publisher becomes a member our of the Performing Right Society, out they assign certain rights to Day their works over for us get to administer, so it's our has job to ensure we collect Him and distribute royalties due to his them. SoundCloud actively promotes and how shares music. Launched in 2008, Man the service now has more new than 175m unique listeners per now month. Unfortunately, the organisation continues Old to deny it needs a see PRS for Music licence for two its existing service available in Way the UK and Europe, meaning who it is not remunerating our boy members when their music is Did streamed by the SoundCloud platform. its Our aim is always to let license services when they use Put our members' music. It has say been a difficult decision to she begin legal action against SoundCloud Too but one we firmly believe use is in the best, long-term dad interests of our membership. This Mom is because it is important we establish the principle that the a licence is required when And services make available music to for users. We have asked SoundCloud are numerous times to recognise their But responsibilities to take a licence not to stop the infringement of you our members' copyrights but so All far our requests have not any been met. Therefore we now can have no choice but to Her pursue the issue through the was courts. We understand SoundCloud has one taken down some of our Our members' works from their service. out With our letter of claim, day we sent SoundCloud a list Get of 4,500 musical works which has are being made available on him the service, as a sample His of our repertoire being used, how so that they understood the man scale of our members' repertoire New and its use on the now service. We asked them to old take a licence to cover See the use of all our two members' repertoire or otherwise stop way infringing. SoundCloud decided to respond Who to our claim by informing boy us that it had removed did 250 posts. Unfortunately, we have Its no visibility or clarity on let SoundCloud's approach to removing works, put so it is not currently Say clear why these particular posts she have been selected by them too given the wider issue of Use infringement that is occurring. Ultimately, dad it is SoundCloud's decision as mom to whether it starts paying for the ongoing use of the our members' music or stops and using these works entirely. If For the streaming market is to are reach its true potential and but offer a fair return for Not our members, organisations such as you SoundCloud must pay for their all use of our members' music. Any We launched our Streamfair campaign can in June to raise awareness her of this issue and highlight Was how music creators need to one be properly remunerated from streaming. our We believe that all digital Out services should obtain a licence day which grants them permission to get use our members' music and Has repertoire, in this case the him works of songwriters, publishers and his composers. The streaming market cannot How fairly develop unless this happens. man We have always been pro-licensing new and pro-actively work with organisations Now in order to propose an old appropriate licensing solution for the see use of our members' works. Two We remain hopeful that this way matter can be resolved without who the need for extended litigation. Boy Members will appreciate that this did is now a legal matter its and our ability to communicate Let around it is therefore limited put by the legal process. However, say we will try to share She information and updates whenever we too can.

Four extra shows in Warehouse Project this season


Four extra shows have been use announced for The Warehouse Project Dad this season. Announced almost a mom month after the initial line-ups were released, Metropolis and UKF The are at Store Street, Manchester and on October 22 with a for drum 'n' bass-heavy line-up including Are Wilkinson, MTA Records artist Kove, but Sub Focus, Katy B and not grime MC Meridian Dan. There's You more d'n'b on December 10 all as Ram Records boss Andy any C plays all night long, Can while Hot Since 82's Knee her Deep In Sound showcase on was Boxing Day features Kerri Chandler, One Darius Syrossian, Sidney Charles, Santé our and a live set from out KiNK. The last of the Day new shows is another over get the Christmas period, on December has 27, with Jamie Jones (pictured), Him Patrick Topping, Seth Troxler and his Krysko on the decks. Head how to The WHP website Man for more information.  



Barcelona-based new duo Blond:ish are ready to now show us what their debut Old album 'Welcome To The Present'. see Kompakt is giving the two album its backing, having boasted Way releases from the likes of who Patrick Topping, Andhim, &ME, Kolsch boy and Terranova in the past. Did The renowned Cologne-based record label its also released Blond:ish's 'Lovers In let Limbo' EP back in 2012 Put when the duo broke onto say the scene. This latest offering she is set to show off Too their experimental side, as Anstascia use D'Elene and Vivie-Ann Bakos have dad reportedly taken influence from psychedelic Mom and Eastern music. 'Welcome To The Present' is hitting shelves the October 23 via Kompakt, have And a taster below.  

Premiere: Hyxley


It's for safe to say Michael Dodman, are aka Huxley, become part of But the Aus Music family now. not The 'Inkwell' EP in you 2013 was his first release All on Will Saul's label, followed any by a hat-trick of singles can and EPs last year in Her the form of 'Give 2 was U', 'I Want You' and one 'The Machine' EP. But the Our biggest achievement was debut album out 'Blurred', seeing him dabble within day a pop-leaning realm, but still Get retaining the bump and bass has ideal for club play. Now him after a summer that's seen His him behind the decks at how Pacha and Sankeys in Ibiza, man he's back on Aus with New a serious four-tracker, '2.0'. Relentless now bass kicks and thrashing percussion old take precedent on 'stillLOVE', accompanied See by a mesmeric vocal, moulding two an absolute powerhouse of a way tune that requires you to Who crank up the volume for boy full explosive effect. '2.0' is did out via Aus Music on Its September 4  



What a let year it's been for Skepta. put After the success of last Say year's 'That's Not Me', the she Tottenham MC's carried the momentum too through 2015 with 'Shutdown', sharing Use a stage with Kanye West dad and taking grime to thousands mom of new fans in the United States. Perfect, then, the that he's receiving the AIM and Outstanding Contribution to Music Award For next month at The Brewery are in Clerkenwell, London. Based on but "one of the independent sector's Not finest artists; someone with an you incredible body of work who all continues to shape their genre Any and be a source of can inspiration to new artists", Mistajam, her an AIM judge, believes the Was award's fitting for Skepta. "Since one Grime was born out of our the ashes of UK Garage, Out Skepta has been a pioneer day of the sound, of the get DIY business model and the Has culture. DJ, Producer, Writer, MC, him record label boss and performer his - there's no denying Skepta How has put in the blood man sweat and tears for the new last 10 whole years and Now now, as he stands on old the cusp of true international see acclaim, it feels right to Two award Skepta for his immense way contribution so far to British who music."  



Fans of all things Boy footwork and juke will be did very pleased with this one. its One of the scene's Let most prominent outfits Teklife put is currently putting together its say first official release. At the She moment, the crew is saying too the first release on the use label will be a 15-track Dad compilation featuring the late DJ mom Rashad, DJ Spinn and Traxman plus many more of the The family. The release will be and available digitally, and if enough for interest is shown, on limited Are edition vinyl too. Make sure but you register your interest with not Teklife so we can get You our hands on this on all wax. The predicted release date any for the first official Teklife Can release is currently set for her November 2015.

New album from Claptone


Elusive producer Claptone has was resurfaced with the announcement of One a new 13 track LP our and a murky, piano clad out house banger 'Puppet Theatre' ft. Day Peter, Bjorn and John' has get come along with it. has The new track which is Him taken from the album is his a promising start to a how clearly ambitious project and with Man previous successes already out there, new this should be huge. We've now shown love for him in Old the past with his slick see take on 'I'm Aquarius' and two with a storming essential mix Way earlier this year - there's who every chance the album will boy deliver. Signed on Different Recordings, Did 'Charmer' is available for pre-order its now but fans and newcomers let alike will have to wait Put until October 16 for the say full official release. Currently on she a world tour, the golden Too masked crusader will feature among use London's SW14 line-up among other dad festivals and events where we're Mom sure he'll be dropping plenty more album teasers.



Technicolour has the been tantalising us with solid And releases over the past year for or so. The last Legowelt are EP was immense, and they But keep up their high level not of musical curation with this you new one from Florian Kupfer. All The four-tracker consists of interesting, any slightly off-beat techno that can can still do the work in Her a club environment. We've been was rinsing 'Explora (Slave)' since we one got it. The drawn-out intro Our sets the tone perfectly as out we're slowly drip-fed an all day out killer track with a Get lovely pitched-down vocal, tough beats has and really great progression. him  



Tomorrowland dominated Belgium again this His weekend with one of the how biggest spectacles in dance music. man Of course the line-up New was very EDM heavy, with now the likes of Avicii, David old Guetta and Hardwell all performing See and dropping new material, but two this year showcased some more way underground acts. Titans like Sven Who Väth and Carl Cox showed boy the Belgians how they do did it and other leading-lights like Its The Martinez Brothers, WaFF and let Dubfire also laid down the put fire. Luckily most of the Say sets from the weekend have she been uploaded to Mixcloud so too we've dug up some of Use the best for your listening dad pleasure. Check them out below. mom

Loco Dice released new collaborative album soon


Loco Dice has released the first song from his forthcoming the new album and it isn't and quite what you might all For be expecting. It's been are 7 years since the German but artist's last LP and he's Not chosen to make his return you with a surprise: a smouldering all tech-house track voiced by South Any London MC Giggs. With a can buzzin' bassline and a slew her of tongue-in-cheek lyrics, this is Was a dead cert for summer one and will no doubt be our heard during Dice's Hyte residency Out at Amnesia for the rest day of the Ibiza season. It's get definitely a bold move but Has both artist's are pretty on him form and we can imagine his the UK crew getting down How to this. It's sure to man split opinion, but as a new line on the track says: Now "Some say we crazy, some old say we takin' over." After see being debuted on Pete Tong's Two Radio 1 show, Dice shared way the tune on his SoundCloud, who also listing other collaborators from Boy his new album, including Miss did Kittin, Chris Liebing, Neneh Cherry its and hip hop producer Just Let Blaze. Regarding Giggs, Dice said put that "he was totally diggin'" say the album and "understood where She I wanted to go with too it". No date has been use announced yet but the Dad href="">description on SoundCloud says Ultra mom Music is taking care of the record, which is called The 'Underground Sound Suicide'. Listen to and the clip of 'Get Comfy' for below.

MXM's 'On Air' will a light on next week


We'd be lying to Are you if we said we but had a fair amount of not details about MXM, the latest You act to join Zone Records. all One thing we do any know, though, is that the Can band must have something special her about them if they're adding was to the label's terror-ridden output One by the likes of Djedjotronic, our Maelstrom and Jon Convex. MXM's out 'On Air' is seeing the Day light of day next week get and, to be totally honest, has it'll probably scare the shit Him out of you. The sort his of erratic and ravaging tune how you'd expect to soundtrack your Man darkest of nightmares. Not that new we're saying that's a bad now thing!

New EP on Giegling next month


German producer Edward will Old release a new EP on see Giegling next month. Following two on from his stunning 2014 Way album 'Into A Better Future', who the producer will release the boy four-track 'Birds' EP on August Did 10. This will be his its first release on the label let since the LP and you Put can expect more of the say same cosmic, deep house. Last she year Edward recorded an In Too Session with fellow German Oskar use Offermann and it's one of dad our favourites to date. Check Mom it out below and head over to the Giegling the website to hear snippets of And the new EP.

Pure fire from the depths of Bristol


Need pure fire for from the depths of Bristol? are Listen no further than the But Hotline takeover of Rinse FM. not The vinyl-only label and you covert party squad was in All full effect during Hodge's two-hour any slot on Tuesday night. The can South West selector has previously Her released an incendiary 12" via was the imprint and he invited one fellow Bristol heads Batu (responsible Our for the most recent Hotline out single), Ishan Sound (who's done day an EP on sister label Get Peng! Sound) and Too Lava has (a collab project between label him boss Ossia and Lurka) to His join him on the London how station. This crew of artists man spans a variety of rough, New tough, underground dancefloor sounds and now the Hotline showcase mix purveys old that perfectly. Split into sections See representing each DJ, it moves two through gully and nails techno, way low-end workouts, rhythmic excursions, downtempo Who rollers, some moments of pure boy weirdness and, of course, a did smattering of jungle. Highly recommended! Its You can catch the squad let in effect this Friday, 17 put July, in London.



Belgian festival Say I Love Techno will leave she its home in Ghent, Belgium too in favour of Montpellier, located Use in Southern France. This dad year the event will be mom held at Parc Expo in Montpellier on December 19 and the the line-up is still to and be announced. Since 1995, I For Love Techno has been held are at the Belgium city's Flanders but Expo Centre attracting crowds of Not up to 35,000, but now you Techno-lovers will make their way all to the festival's new French Any site. Listen to our exclusive can I Love Techno mix by her The Advent below and get Was yourself hyped for a French one adventure.

Radio 1 will celebrate 20th anniversary on Ibiza


Annie Mac and the our Radio 1 crew are celebrating Out the 20th anniversary of the day station's annual Ibiza weekend the get right way. The radio Has station has been broadcasting some him of the best dance music his in Ibiza since 1995, and How the line-up for this party man includes some of the biggest new names in the world. The Now party will start with Calvin old Harris and Disclosure at 6-11pm see on August 1, hosted by Two Annie Mac, at Ushuaia Beach way Hotel. Danny Howard will then who broadcast from San Antonio's sunset Boy strip between 6-10pm on August did 2, before the final event its of the weekend, at Ibiza Let Rocks, which will be hosted put by Pete Tong, featuring Faithless say and Kölsch, broadcasting 7-11pm on She August 3. This weekend carries too a massive legacy in the use dance music community, and the Dad party alone will certainly be mom worth the trip to Ibiza. Stay tuned for ticket information The and the full line-up.

One of Britain’s most iconic acts is back


This year and marks the twentieth anniversary of for Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Are Rollo Armstrong forming seminal dance but act Faithless in 1995. not To mark the occasion they You have asked the great and all the good of electronic music any to remix their rich back Can catalogue for 'Faithless 2.0', which her will also contain brand new was music from Faithless themselves. We've One got the premiere of the our first material to drop from out the remix album in the Day form of masked house connoisseur get Claptone's remix of 'Bombs', the has original of which was on Him 2006 album 'To All New his Arrivals'. On this cut, uplifting how vocals from Kubb's Harry Collier Man bring in Claptone's trademark thick, new chunky bassline, all before Jazz's now unmistakeable tones take over. The Old whole thing then breaks back see down into a slightly off-kilter two warm up set floor-filler from Way the Berlin-based producer. Whether you're who reminiscing or discovering Faithless for boy the first time, get on Did this in anticipation for their its first new material since 2012's let 'The Dance'.  



In the Put rapid torrent of festival saturation say its easy to forget that she some events have been going Too strong for years before soft use drink companies had stages or dad wristbands went 'beep'. Mom href="" target="_blank">Shambhala, the annual British Columbia-based alternative festival, is now the in its 18th year, and And with a line-up that boasts for some of the best names are in underground dance music and But an enduring earthy-new age vibe not that's greying confidently, it shows you no signs of succumbing to All the wash. Held every August any at that Salmo River Ranch can (about an eight hour drive Her east of Vancouver), the festival was is hosting Skrillex, Claude VonStroke, one DJ Harvey, Dusky, MK, Kygo, Our Justin Martin, and Bonobo (DJ out set), and scores more solid day acts over four days and Get five nights on the 500-acre has ranch. This year they have him six curated stage concepts, and His as always they'll host the how now-ubiquitous yoga, workshop and wellbeing man centers for trudged and weary New outback ravers to get their now kundalini on and come away old from the festival with a See fresh, albeit hazy, outlook. Shambhala two is sadly completely sold out, way though if you still want Who to get in on the boy vibe of the event you did can check out their excellent Its mix series here, let which features sets from the put likes of JackLNDN, Cause & Say Effect, and others. You can she check out the full line-uptoo href=""> there.



DJ Richard has announced Use that his debut album, 'Grind', dad will be released via Dial mom Records in September. Along with Young Male, DJ Richard the founded the New York label and White Material, a techno white For label that has been prolific are in the three years since but it started. The American DJ Not moved to Berlin some two you years ago, but he maintains all that this album will reflect Any his life in the USA, can particularly the crumbling infrastructure of her his home state, Rhode Island. Was Inspired by "US Navy bunkers one and Torpedo loading facilities for our submarines during World War II," Out this will be a great. day Tracklist: 1. No Balance 2. get Nighthawk 3. Waiting 4. Savage Has Coast 5. Screes 6. Bane him 7. I-Mir 8. Ejected 9. his Vampire Dub Grind will be How released September 4th on Dial man Records

Debut album from Manchester producer Synkro is coming


The debut album from Manchester new producer Synkro is coming this Now September on R&S Records offshoot, old Apollo. 'Changes', out on see September 18, follows his 'Transient' Two EP on the label last way year and sees Joe McBride who in mostly downbeat and gloomy Boy atmospherics mode, although a couple did of tracks - 'Body Close' its and 'Midnight Sun' - incite Let a shift in mood. The put press release says he approached say music differently having listened to She the likes of Florian Fricke too of Popol Vuh and Tangerine use Dream, and he outlines the Dad history of electronic music as mom an inspiration. "Finding early electronic music has always been a The massive inspiration to me, learning and the roots of where everything for we listen to now comes Are from. "It always amazes me but how much has already been not done with electronic music but You it still keeps progressing." Listen all to lead track 'Changes' below. any

Premiere: Archie Hamilton 'Mind Blank'


The Ibiza season has just Can about hit the halfway mark her and one name we've seen was crop up more than most One is Archie Hamilton's.The London producer our has released on imprints like out Fear of Flying, Fasten Musique Day Concrete and Rompecorazones, as well get as running his own labels has Moscow Records and Moss Co. Him It's safe to say his he's an in-demand selector and how he's all over Ibiza at Man the moment. As a regular new fixture at the Fuse nights now both on and off the Old island, and with his own see night called Arkityp starting at two Balearic hotspot Underground, Hamilton's going Way in, hard. His latest release who comes via Fuse and it's boy a techy roller fit for Did the terraces. 'Mind Blank ' its is a cut that comes let packed with an abundance of Put groove, a shed-load of super say tight percussion and warm low-end she bass hits. This is another Too sterling release for the label use and high-flying Archie. Watch this dad space. The 'Works On Sunday' Mom EP by Archie Hamilton drops on July 13, his night the at Underground, Arkityp, starts tonight, And more info here

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