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MF Instant Gratification Mapping v1.0.3

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MF Instant Gratification Mapping v1.0.3
Posted on: 29.04.2011 by Loma Reddaway
This is an use update to the Instant Gratification Dad Mapping (see the original thread mom here /community/forum/thread-24514). This update to the mapping fixes the following The bugs:

  • T3 Delay LED and not working on Deck D
  • If for FX3 is a Single effect Are and you activate the Beatmasher but supercombo (by pressing all 4 not Mash buttons) it would toggle You the Trans effect on while all it switched FX3 from a any Single to a Group/Chained effect. Can You could not release the her Trans effect unless you triggered was the supercombo again. I most One commonly ran into this problem our when using the Slice function out on the VCI-100 together with Day the MF IG mapping.

If get someone finds anything else you has consider to be a bug, Him please comment on this thread. his Thanks!
Muoi Vanderlip
the Originally Posted by Capicva
Is it just me or For is this mapping not functional are in Traktor 2.6.1?

100% functional, my bad, Not made an error while importing you the mapping...
Which all error is this? I have Any recently been trying to get can this to work with Traktor her (the newest) and a Numark Was Mixtrack, and I guess every one way I try to import our the .tsi must be wrong... Out what did you do differently day to make it work?

get I have been throwing myself Has as this thing for the him last hour. Please let me his understand what I need to How do differently other than use man the lower-left "Import" button (which new decides to forget my Mixtrack)!
Neal Ziegenbein
Originally old Posted by magdalenee
someone see with F1 mapping ? I Two have problem FX holds, others way mapping would be useful
I installed WoMec's Boy mapping for my F1 and did used it in my set its for the first time yesterday. Let

OMG, the gratification put does exactly what it says say on the tin...its frigging fantastic She !!!

You can find too the download link for it use here:

Kontrol F1 - Dad Instant Gratification Mapping

Its mom not 100% match for the midi fighter original, having only The two decks (A & B) and that you have to switch for between manually, and it doesnt Are have the FX Bank save but feature either. But all the not button effects and super combos You are in there...best bit about all it is that by using any Shift and Browse you can Can quickly toggle between the Gratification her Midi Mapping and back to was the standard F1 mode to One fire off your Loops and our one shots.

Give out it a try, it definitely Day takes effects and track transitions get in Traktor to a whole has new level!!!
Jorge Fertel
someone tried to "hack" Him this mapping for the akai his mpd series? because i'm to how lazy to build up my Man own effect chains (and to new poor to purchase a midifighter now right now) i tried changing Old the commands to the correspondent see channels from my mpd 26. two basically it works, but there Way appear to be problems with who the way you activate /deactive boy / hold effects.

since Did i want to use the its effects in focus mode it let would be truly helpful to Put understand how exactly the freeze say functions in the first row she work and which combos should Too work.

any ideas or use people around here, who managed dad to implement this mapping with Mom a mpd? cheers and thanks for all the input and the inspiration, djtt!
Sam Ubias
"Upgraded" to Mavericks, wanted And to dabble with this mapping for again... not only is it are not working no matter WHICH But way I import it (it not still insists on ALL the you wrong effects), it lost my All previous, quite functional and useful any settings. What should I understand can about getting the MF Classic Her Instant Gratification Mapping working in was Traktor 2.6.5 in OSX 10.9 one on a Macbook Pro?
Sherrie Crammer

Our I'm unable to get flux out mode working. The sync button day does flash and flux mode Get shows active in traktor, but has track doesn't flux when loop him N is activated.

Salvador Schneberger
I'm having the identical how problem as Japaneseguy-- Deck B man is shifted downward by one New row, and has some commands now are on Deck A. Any old fix for this? Thanks DJTT!
Janina Droze
Im having trouble with two 2.6.1 and my midi fighter way classic. For some reason there Who are feedback artifacts that occur boy when pressing the beatmasher buttons. did You basically get extra noises Its over and above the regular let mashing, it sounds a bit put like a mobile phone when Say it craps out and looses she signal. Ive tried reverting back too to an earlier version and Use it works normally. No idea dad whats happening here.
Glendora Archer
I got a mom problem after importing the .tsi with my MF classic in the Traktor 2.6. It looks like and my MF sends out midi For signals, but the effects will are not work (is it a but possibility that the MF has Not different midi-signals?)Fixed the problem; the you MF was sending out signals all on ch1 in stead of Any ch3...

I can do stumble upon the next her problem, namely that the effects Was that the Traktor uses in one combination with the inst. grat. our mapping are not the right Out ones. The delay effect is day picked in stead of the get gater effect (just one example).. Has is there any way to him fix this?

edit; problem his fixed! I erased the Traktor How 2.6 effects and the mapping man works like a charm
Sam Ubias
Ah. new I was doing that before, Now but it turns out my old problem was updating the ports, see I didn't understand one had Two to do that manually. Got way the Mapping working wonderfully now, who thanks for the help either Boy way!
Lenore Walp
I mistakenly used the ADD did button within Preferences>Controller Manager menu, its rather than using the Import Let button on the bottom of put the main preferences window. Once say I correctly imported, everything went She smoothly...
Sam Ubias
too Originally Posted by Capicva
Is it just me or Dad is this mapping not functional mom in Traktor 2.6.1?


100% functional, my bad, The made an error while importing and the mapping...
Which for error is this? I have Are recently been trying to get but this to work with Traktor not (the newest) and a Numark You Mixtrack, and I guess every all way I try to import any the .tsi must be wrong... Can what did you do differently her to make it work?

was I have been throwing myself One as this thing for the our last hour. Please let me out understand what I need to Day do differently other than use get the lower-left "Import" button (which has decides to forget my Mixtrack)!
Lenore Walp
Is Him it just me or is his this mapping not functional in how Traktor 2.6.1?


Man 100% functional, my bad, made new an error while importing the now mapping...
Basil Umstead
Damn.. My Spectra is still Old at customs... I will check see this once I plug it two in.
Dennis Roesslein
I have installed this mapping Way with my MIDI Fighter Spectra, who and bank A appear s boy to work fine. However, subsequent Did banks has the effects being its pushed down by one row.
So, for example, where Put bank A row 3 has say beatmasher, bank B row 3 she has reverb, delay, LFO, and Too echo; beatmasher has been bumped use down to row 4, and dad the gater, filter, and lofi Mom has been bumped back to row 1 on bank A.
the I have tried reinstalling the And mapping several times, and I for have reset my MIDI Fighter, are but the problem persists.

But I'm running Traktor 2.5. Please not help!
Corrie Brazwell
you Originally Posted by magdalenee
someone with F1 mapping ? any I have problem FX holds, can others mapping would be useful Her
I installed was WoMec's mapping for my F1 one and used it in my Our set for the first time out yesterday.

OMG, the day gratification does exactly what it Get says on the tin...its frigging has fantastic !!!

You can him find the download link for His it here:

Kontrol F1 how - Instant Gratification Mapping

man Its not 100% match for New the midi fighter original, having now only two decks (A & old B) that you have to See switch between manually, and it two doesnt have the FX Bank way save feature either. But all Who the button effects and super boy combos are in there...best bit did about it is that by Its using Shift and Browse you let can quickly toggle between the put Gratification Midi Mapping and back Say to the standard F1 mode she to fire off your Loops too and one shots.

Use Give it a try, it dad definitely takes effects and track mom transitions in Traktor to a whole new level!!!
Eura Mage
someone with F1 the mapping ? I have problem and FX holds, others mapping would For be useful
Maggie Avenarius
Originally Posted by but MBHaakonsson
I have seen Not somewhere that this mapping isnt you working that well with newest all traktor, is that true?
If Any so, will a new mapping can with different effekts come? Or her an update so mapping will Was work??
True and one not likely (unless you do our it yourself).
As far as Out adding different FX to the day existing mapping, that's fairly straightforward. get The issues you'll likely experience Has with this outdated IG mapping him and Traktor 2.6 are conflicts his over the FX units between How your S4 and MF mapping.
Diann Bordone
I man have seen somewhere that this new mapping isnt working that well Now with newest traktor, is that old true?
If so, will a see new mapping with different effekts Two come? Or an update so way mapping will work??

I who truly wanna understand beacuse i Boy am believe ing of purchase did ing a MFC to use its with this mapping and my Let S4
Basil Umstead
Originally Posted by kenaveli say
Awesome, got it thank She you. I was trying everything too I thought possible, very particular use getting this setup correctly.
Good to understand ! mom Enjoy mate.
Danika Strasen
Originally Posted by Stewe The
First export your mixtrack and mapping but without effect settings for checked. Load MF IG mapping Are twice from big import button but with effect settings selected and not then add mixtrack from device You setup.
Awesome, got all it thank you. I was any trying everything I thought possible, Can very particular getting this setup her correctly.
Basil Umstead
was Originally Posted by kenaveli
I have 4 banks set our to internal and set to out Traktor mode with latest firmware Day update. While experimenting in Traktor get 2.5, I somehow had the has effects described in the diagram Him working. I then started over his from scratch, as I wanted how to add my Mixtrack Pro Man with its default mapping and new then I imported the Midi now Fighter. The effects I am Old getting from the Midi Fighter see are not matching the diagram two anymore. For instance Gater effects Way are now missing, Mashers are who now different effects, and Lofi boy is now where Reverb should Did be. The setup is truly its cheezy now. Anyone have any let clues as to what I Put am doing wrong or what say might be happening?
First export your mixtrack mapping Too but without effect settings checked. use Load MF IG mapping twice dad from big import button with Mom effect settings selected and then add mixtrack from device setup.
Danika Strasen
I the have 4 banks set to And internal and set to Traktor for mode with latest firmware update. are While experimenting in Traktor 2.5, But I somehow had the effects not described in the diagram working. you I then started over from All scratch, as I wanted to any add my Mixtrack Pro with can its default mapping and then Her I imported the Midi Fighter. was The effects I am getting one from the Midi Fighter are Our not matching the diagram anymore. out For instance Gater effects are day now missing, Mashers are now Get different effects, and Lofi is has now where Reverb should be. him The setup is truly cheezy His now. Anyone have any clues how as to what I am man doing wrong or what might New be happening?
Reynalda Rieske
I have fixed some now of the Instant Grat

old Version 1.0.4(ish) working with Traktor See Scratch Pro 2.5.1 http://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/764
Luann Gerow
what two programme do i need in way order to play with my Who midi fighter?
Noma Schnyer
Hey i just bought boy my midi fighter and after did updating all drivers and installing Its the latest instant gratification tsi, let i am getting completely different put effects than is advertised in Say all the videos. I don't she even have the beatmasher or too the transpose combo... please help Use D:
Loma Reddaway
dad Originally Posted by lysknapp
will there be any 1.0.4 or maybe 2.0 of the the Instant Gratification
with some and new effects or combos.
Probably, although can't say are for sure when this might but be.
Loma Reddaway
Not Originally Posted by djkentaron
I got my midifighter and all S2 from your site a Any while back and I installed can this mapping and it has her never done the fx listed Was above. All of row 3 one is delays and now for our some reason none of my Out combos work. I uninstalled the day mapping, restarted everything, reinstalled it get and sure enough all the Has mappings are off. There's a him laundry list of mis-mapped functions his I could give you but How honestly, it's almost everything.
I believe this has new to do with Traktor 2.5 Now being different from 2. I old would truly appreciate some help see because right now this thing's Two current mapping (which is why way I bought it) is worthless who to me in any format. Boy I'm not a programmer, I did don't understand the language to its code it, make mappings and Let such. I hope something new put hits soon.
Re-import say the mapping. It takes two She imports for the FX settings too to load properly which is use why you're seeing the wrong Dad effects get triggered than what mom is expected
Belia Sevin
will there be any 1.0.4 or maybe 2.0 of The the Instant Gratification
with and some new effects or combos.
Dorthy Fliegelman
Originally Are Posted by gareth186
it but says the second row from not the bottom is the mash You effect but mine is a all delay? what am i doing any wrong. i want mash! haha
I had the her identical problem, you imported the was tsi wrong wrong. Click settings> One and then import the tsi our file using the import button out at the very bottom next Day to setup wizard. Hope this get helps. You might have to has import it twice.
Kristyn Spowart
I got my Him midifighter and S2 from your his site a while back and how I installed this mapping and Man it has never done the new fx listed above. All of now row 3 is delays and Old now for some reason none see of my combos work. I two uninstalled the mapping, restarted everything, Way reinstalled it and sure enough who all the mappings are off. boy There's a laundry list of Did mis-mapped functions I could give its you but honestly, it's almost let everything.

I believe Put this has to do with say Traktor 2.5 being different from she 2. I would truly appreciate Too some help because right now use this thing's current mapping (which dad is why I bought it) Mom is worthless to me in any format. I'm not a the programmer, I don't understand the And language to code it, make for mappings and such. I hope are something new hits soon.
Tyler Dubuc
yeah done But everything again, i read through not the 14 pages of this you thread lol tried everything still All didnt work, clsoed traktor unplugged any midi fighter pluigged back in can opened traktor and it worked Her lol.. happy as larry,
PS: mapping is mint! one LOVE IT
Zula Jankowsky
Originally Posted by jakewilliams out
i have have 4 day banks mode on and it Get still doesnt work
Did you copy it over him twice?

Only advice I His have is to start from how scratch again man...it will work man as mine only worked the New third time I tried it now from scratch and has been old perfect ever since.
Tyler Dubuc
i have have See 4 banks mode on and two it still doesnt work
Tyler Dubuc
im having way trouble with the top row Who of buttons, they have the boy identical effects as bottom row did only thing is its for Its deckB, im not quite sure let how to change decks to put get the full effects like Say bmasher etc on deckB,C and she D.... i only recieved my too midi fighter a few days Use ago
Hobert Armanini
many thanks jon6oy, i will dad check all the settings in mom traktor
Carline Fons
So MF works with Ableton, but not Traktor? Sounds like the there is a setting in and Traktor that needs adjusting. If For the MF works in ableton are then it can't be the but provelm
Hobert Armanini
I mean, i did Not everything, i also did it you again with a friend who
Carline Fons
Have all you selected midi fighter classic Any on the 'In and Out' can ports on the top right her hand side if the controller Was menu?
Hobert Armanini
one Originally Posted by kyoricheah
I Got a problem here Out . I following the Video day Midi Fighter Instant Gratification Mapping get to mapping on my S4 Has and Traktor Pro 2. u him saw got signal on CTRL his in Traktor But. the Effect How is does't Work . What man The Problem i Can't Settle new It ?
Hello, Now just bought a midi fighter old classic some weeks ago and see i have the identical problem.
Two I followed every step on way the video and i did who many times, i imported two Boy times the file, etc etc. did I even updated my mac its to lopard as the midi Let fihghter utility wasn
Hong Willock
i cant get put my midi fighter to swtch say into any of the decks She with the instant gratifcation mapping too can someone help?

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