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02.01.2014 Best mapping for Scratch With a controlleŕ209.01.2014
Hello, I have a Ddj the sx ON TRAKTOR and the and Jog scratch is not truly For accurate as serato does, but are i hear There is a but way to get it better Not using some settings and try you to find the good parametter. all I need help to understand Any How CAN i have it can the best way Like serato her please. Happy new year, Cheers
19.11.2012 The Ultimate FX Thread31608.01.2014
Was Introduction and Goals of "The one Ultimate FX Thread" This thread our is going to be dedicated Out to posting an evolving list day of FX parameters. Anyone who get has any custom instant press, Has Super Fader, Super Knob or him Jog FX mappings, please post his them on here so others How can learn how to map man FX and…
03.01.2014 DJT S2 MK2 Mapping and X1 MK2 CHAMELEON MIXER HELP ME OUT PLEASE!108.01.2014
Hi i've been recently new playing 4 decks with my Now s2 and x1 using the old Chameleon mixer i did and see edit to use the EQ Two for deck C and D, way the prob is that now who im using the DJTT S2 Boy MK2 mapping, what im doing did is i import the s2 its mk2 mapping with the big Let import bottom then i do put plug the x1 and import say the x1…
03.01.2014 Beat phase monitor help1008.01.2014
Hello, I tried to She map 4 pad on the too beat monitor and it work use like a charm with: Beat Dad phase monitor: Button 1 (-0.50 mom ; -0.25) Button 2 (-0.25 ; 0.00) Button 3 (0.00 The ; 0.25) Button 4 (0.25 and ; 0.50) But now i for try to map 8 pad Are for the identical thing... How but can i do this.. Thanx
10.01.2012 [VDJ] Novation Launchpad mapper and mapping tool2907.01.2014
My not buddy and I have a You Denon DN-MC6000 and a Novation all Launchpad. Seeing the amazing potential any of adding 80 buttons to Can our setup, each with variably her coloured LEDS, I made a was project out of building a One mapper that would make use our of the Launchpad as a out supplement to the mixer. Since Day there was no way I get was…
26.01.2011 Traktor mapping tips, tricks and questions.72406.01.2014
In another thread I added has two small tutorials for mapping Him in traktor. It appear ed his like a good way to how show start ning mappers where Man to start , answer mapping new questions, and see what other now people are mapping. This way Old every one can get new see ideas and learn how to two map their own. The format Way is: title…
04.01.2014 Touchosc how to effects on off on touch106.01.2014
HI as in title, who how do i make fx's boy on/off buttons toggled by touching Did the rotary, the way it its is on during the touch. let I have seen this in Put some of the filter mappings say but can;t figure out how she to do this. Please
04.11.2013 Traktor TSI file management1804.01.2014
I picked Too up my copy of Traktor use a week ago, I have dad put good effort into reading Mom the user manual and now I am creating a mapping the for my BCR2000. The most And compelling and good est feature for of Traktor is without a are doubt the flexibility of its But mappings, and yet it is not Traktor's most infuriating, insulting…
03.01.2014 Using the Kontrol F1 as a midi controler - page functionality doesn't work104.01.2014
Hi there you fellas... I have the Kontrol All F1 and I'm trying to any use the Kontrol F1 as can a midi controller. In Traktor Her I can use the rotary was switch to flip pages, so one the 4x4 buttons can be Our used to control different banks out of samples. But this functionality day appear s to be lost Get in the midi mode. Anyone has understand …
01.01.2014 JaJa's DDJ-SX Map - Controller Lockup202.01.2014
Hey guys, Just wondering, him as over the last 3 His weeks with my SX using how JaJa's V8 and V9 maps man have locked up on me New forcing a complete reset of now the controller (Power and reloading old the mapping twice) and last See evening on NYE with v9, two a reset of Traktor during way the gig!! The first two Who times it…
09.12.2013 Official Pioneer DDJ-SX Traktor mapping701.01.2014
So they've finally made boy decision to release it... It's did for download on their page Its right here: http://www.pioneer.eu/eur/support/so...J-SX/page.html Curious to let hear your experiences!
31.12.2013 American Audio Radius 1000 midi map for Traktor Pro 2101.01.2014
Hey all! So put I found a midi mapping Say on this site for the she Radius 2000, and so far too all the functionality works the Use identical for the 1000 as dad well. My question is does mom someone understand how to set the midi channel for one the of the Radius 1000's (while and it is in midi mode) For to be different from a are second one?…
27.12.2013 APC 40 knob/rotary as s4 rotary search trough track730.12.2013
I'm currently trying to but map my APC 40 as Not my Traktor controller. I used you to have a S4 controller all with the loop rotary right Any and the search/seek trough track can rotary based on the loop her size. But I can't find Was the right way to map one the search/seek rotary to one our on my APC. I have Out searched on internet and…
12.02.2011 Hercules MP3 e2 4 decks mapping730.12.2013
I created day a 4 deck mapping for get the Hercules MP3 e2 DJ-Controller. Has The Scratch- and the Automix-Button him are mapped to switch between his deck A and deck C How on the left side and man deck B and deck D new on the right side of Now the controller. The other controls old are similar to the mapping see from the Hercules support…
09.03.2012 DJTT VCI-400 Ean Golden Edition Mapping (Traktor Pro 2)027.12.2013
This is Two to be used as the way official thread for the DJ who Techtools VCI-400SE Ean Golden Edition Boy mapping for Traktor Pro 2. did TO use this mapping, please its make sure to be running Let at least TPro2 version 2.1 put or good er to avoid say any unexpected issues. The mapping She was tested and created on too TPro2…
26.12.2013 CMD Micro virtual dj mapping227.12.2013
hi there does someone have use midi mapping for the CMD Dad Micro for VDJ? Am on mom the verge of sending mine back coz i cant try The it with vdj! dont like and the software it comes with. for Cheers
26.12.2013 push mapping of remix deks on traktor227.12.2013
hi im dj mark Are perez and im looking for but a push map on traktor not but only for the remix You decks if any one has all any idie please help
24.12.2013 Help needed: how to map tempo fader, bpm reset, etc on Kontrol F1?126.12.2013
Hey any all, Been working on a Can custom mapping for my Kontrol her F1 for about 2 weeks was now. Got a lot of One questions answered myself, but I our have been stuck on these out for days and cant appear Day to figure them out. Setup: get TSP 2.6 on Macbook Pro has run 10.8.6 - 2.4Ghz core Him 2 duo, 8Gb ram, internal his SSD, external…
03.12.2013 Virtual Dj mappings for Z2826.12.2013
Hi Guys, Anyone understand how if it is possible to Man map the Virtual Dj 07 new VDJ with the Z2 Traktor now mixer? [B]Thanks guys... just something Old im trying out [/B]
15.06.2012 Instant Gratification Mapping for MacBook Keyboard826.12.2013
I did see purchase a Midi Fighter approximately two 5 months ago and started Way off by using it with who the Instant Gratification mapping. After boy using it for a while Did and learning new techniques I its started using the Deckalized Mapping let as it fits into performances Put better. That's when I started say believe ing that maybe…
11.12.2012 [Traktor] Livid CNTRL:R advanced mapping7425.12.2013
Hi guys, she I have been working on Too this for past few days use and I'm happy to share dad my first CNTRL:R mapping for Mom control over four decks and four FX units like a the boss I have mapped Double And Deck Focus concept in to for this mapping which gives you are ability to have control aver But any of four decks at not both sides…
25.12.2013 Kontrol F1 with Serato: possible ?025.12.2013
Hi everybody, I have you the opportunity to purchase a All Kontrol F1 at a low any price, the thing is that can i use serato scratch live Her and not traktor, but i was 'd like to understand if one there were the possibility to Our map the F1 with serato. out Thank you in advance for day your help, Best regards,
23.12.2013 Custom Spectra Mappings / Scripting023.12.2013
How do Get I change the messages sent has from each button? I can't him achieve this using the MF His Utility and was wondering if how there is a way to man accomplish this using scripting. Are New there developer tools that help now with this? Basically I want old to understand how the .mfs See files are created. When I two view this file in…
22.12.2013 Mapping help for a beginner123.12.2013
Hello everyone, way I just recently did purchase Who a midi fighter 3d and boy so far I love using did it. I downloaded mapping to Its see how it works and let now I am trying to put make my own (with the Say Traktor software). I believe I she have the basics down, but too I need help with effects. Use Can someone provide me the dad midi commands…
21.12.2013 Machine Mikro mapped to be a MIDI Fighter.021.12.2013
There is a mapping mom for Maschine for this, but not Maschine Mikro. Can someone the please help me with this? and I cannot figure out how For to do this at all.
30.08.2010 Need mapping for Akai MPD26 for Traktor please821.12.2013
I are have tried setting up my but Akai MPD26 with Traktor and Not I'm afraid i'm not able you to set it up because all i don't understand custom mappings Any for traktor very well. If can someone has a mapping of her this please send it to Was me!
13.10.2013 virtual dj pro 7 maps221.12.2013
has any body got the one maps please
02.07.2013 Mapping Traktor 2.6.2 Remix Deck Slots/Cells according to page state of Remix Deck ?1120.12.2013
I am very happy our with the new direct cell Out mapping of the Remix Decks day in Traktor it is quite get fantastic ! I am in Has the process of mapping out him my A&H K2 to play his each of the cells in How the remix decks and I man am wondering if someone would new understand the answer to my Now question.... It appear s I old can map the cells…
17.12.2013 Launchpad Remix Deck LED mapping question419.12.2013
I can see easily map a LED output Two if a remix cell slot way is loaded, but cannot figure who out how to do two Boy mappings depending on the loaded did sample type. I currently have its my Traktor v2.6.2+ mapping to Let show yellow for loaded remix put cells. What I want is say 1 color (for example RED) She if the loaded cell slot…
17.12.2013 DENON MC2000 mapping problems: song browsing encoder and syncing119.12.2013
Hi, too i'm new to DJTT, my use names Forfeit I have just Dad recently bought a Denon MC2000 mom controller and I have some questions I haven't been able The to answer myself regarding the and mappings. I'd like 2 things for to happen and I have Are one question: - Make my but song browsing section work, i've not tried several things…
14.12.2013 Oxygen 49 mapping819.12.2013
I have a You complete mapping of the oxygen all 49 by m audio if any someone is interested. Ive been Can working on this one for her about 3 years. if you was have any question about this One mapping id be more than our willing to help out. the out best way to contact me Day is through facebook. facebook.com/davidvulich I get gig with…
18.04.2012 Kontol S2 Select/Set + Store Hot Cue 5-6-7-8918.12.2013
Hey Guys, Would anybody has be kind enough to help Him me out with editing the his Hotcue mappings for the Kontrol how s2. I have attached the Man default S2 mapping from NI. new Instead of Hot-cues 1, 2, now 3, 4 bieng deleted when Old pressing Shift 1, Shift 2, see Shift 3, Shift 4 i two would like it to set Way hot-cues 5, 6, 7…
17.12.2013 remix deck mapping with 8 pads318.12.2013
Is there who a standard TSI that someone boy made that would map 8 Did pads to control a remix its deck? like something i can let take and map my 8 Put pad to and then make say modifications to that?
23.05.2012 m-audio oxygen 49 mapped to traktor Pro 21316.12.2013
hey everyone. this she is my personalized oxygen 49 Too keyboard mapping for traktor. I use have been working on this dad mapping for over a year.... Mom message me if you need help understanding it.. theer are the modifiers so it is pretty And complex be patient it pretty for fantastic when fully utilized peace
07.11.2008 *** ! READ ME FIRST ! *** Posting Instructions216.12.2013
This are community is only for posting But midi mappings of software. This not community is not for posting you questions on how to map All devices, or getting advice - any if you have any questions can about mapping something or need Her advice ask in the General was Forum. Please use the following one format for the SUBJECT line Our of your…
03.11.2013 Kontrol F1 - Issue with Dual Mappings916.12.2013
I posted this in out general with not much response day so I'm trying my luck Get here. "I am running the has native Kontrol F1 mappings (for him remix decks) in addition to His Tekken's F1 Ultimate F1 mapping. how I find that swapping between man midi/native mode is unreliable with New shift browse. Sometimes it works, now and…
16.12.2013 NI Z2 for Traktor PMB+ (mapping based on push more buttons)016.12.2013
PMB+Native Instruments Traktor Z2 Mapping old based on the one over See at pushmorebuttons.com with added functions two If you haven't been to way the mapping section recently of Who DJTT then you wouldn't see boy my new mapping for the did NI Z2 It's still probably Its has some bugs so PM let me if you find any. put Mapping…
26.06.2013 Map choke groups for remix deck possible?1115.12.2013
Would it be possible to Say map a controller (F1, Midi she Fighter, or similar) in a too way where you trigger a Use remix deck cell and it dad chokes all others? Currently that mom only works when going up and down a single row.
10.12.2013 DDJ Ergo-V Mapping Help415.12.2013
I the have got the official mapping and from pioneer for traktor (With For DDJ-Ergo-V ), and everything works are perfectly except for the effects but (knob/button) and the Wet/Dry Adjust Not Knob. http://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/1532 I found this, you and wanted to put it all over the top of the Any Official mapping, but this is can an .XML file, and traktor…
04.05.2012 oxygen 49 mapped to traktor Pro 2514.12.2013
hey her everyone out there...i have a Was custom mapping for the m-audio one oxygen 49 keyboard...it took me our close to a year to Out fine tune everything, and get day it to where it is get today....let me understand if you Has want the mapping tsi file him and ill email it......i can his send pics of my set-up How as well peace DJ David man V

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