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05.01.2014 Bitcoin payment?205.01.2014
What are the Dj Tech tools staff thoughts on accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment? My s4 mk1's faders started messing up and I would rather buy a new S4 MK2 with bitcoin.
02.01.2014 Anyone else not seeing avatar images on DJTT?802.01.2014
Im using FF and a lot of addons, need to know if anyone else is having trouble with this so I can troubleshoot it
15.10.2013 why do mods have to approve FS/ FT,1321.12.2013
I am a member of multiple Forums, and this is the only one where a mod has to approve my FS/FT post. a bit redundant if you believe about it.
06.12.2013 MIDIMAPS - download issue207.12.2013
Hey there, I've noticed an issue with my last mapping for BASE controller. The upload went fine without any problems but issue appears when you click the download button - getting the page does not exist massage. Already tried re-upoading the file few times with no luck. This is the one:…
02.12.2013 Problems viewing forums on mobile103.12.2013
Hey guys, just recently I've been having issues viewing the community from my android device. Seems the page will almost fully load and then everything goes black. I've tried a few different browsers and was finally able to view the community via Opera Mini to write this message.
01.12.2013 Newsletter related questions001.12.2013
Hello, I believe that I have a problem with the DJTT newsletter, so just two questions to be sure : Which is the last sound pack that was released ? By the way, does a newsletter's email was sent relating to Black Friday sales ? Thanks for your answers. iiPLD.
30.11.2013 Mappings link midi fighter 3d is broken?030.11.2013
I just ordered a midi fighter 3d and eagerly await it, however I have taken notice that the mappings link linked in the setup guide is broken. https://store.djranking s.com/produc...jranking s.com Is this being addressed? been down for a couple days now.
20.10.2013 Creating a Wanted thread in the For Sale section not possible?622.11.2013
No button is displayed for creating a new thread. Do you need a certain amount of posts in order to do this?
21.11.2013 Forum Criticisms & A Suggestion of a Segment121.11.2013
Hi everyone, First of all, let me just say that I'm new on here, but I've been following DJTT on various media sites (i.e Youtube among others) for some time. I don't profess to be an excellent DJ, or even a DJ on par with professionals; of course, I plan on advancing my skills in this field,…
15.11.2013 DJTT Screen Capture Software115.11.2013
I'm curious what software you guys use to make the DJTT tutorial videos, paticularly what do you use to capture video of your computer screen. Sorry if this has been discussed previously, and/or beat to death - I did try to search...
24.10.2013 Typo on the about page125.10.2013
Happened to be perusing DJTT site pages I have never visited and found a typo on http://www.djranking s.com/about/ "In 2007, the DJTT blog was the very first blog to sharing exciting developments in the then-emerging field of "
08.10.2013 Mapping descriptions formatting wacky?213.10.2013
Hi! Just posted my first mappings the weekend that was, and today when I updated one of them to a newer version and updated the description I noticed that the formatting seems to get really messed up... Is this something already on the radar, or a new issue showing up? I'm using the…
11.09.2013 NEW my.djtechtools.com profile page design3012.10.2013
Hey everyone, we've been working on a new profile page design for your my.djranking s.com account! Just head over to https://my.djranking s.com and take a look. If you have and problems or find any bugs then please reply to this thread - thanks Over the next few months we are rolling out a…
05.10.2013 Mapping Forum Spammer?307.10.2013
https://maps.djranking s.com/mappings/1658 don't know what the tsi file is, but the mapping page is just self promotion.
01.10.2013 Can we share <iframe> elements on our signature302.10.2013
If it is possible then it would be awesome!
28.09.2013 What is happening with my posts?028.09.2013
So I know that there is a 5 limit post count, but my post was there.. I edited it for html code to make the images viewable and all of a sudden it disappears. So I deleted the post and redid it with the html code in it and my post does not appear. Thanks in advance for any help! -Chris
21.09.2013 My. TSI in the mapping section is an XML323.09.2013
Here is the mapping. https://maps.djranking s.com/mappings/842 My mapping downloads as a XML now. I tried re-uploading a new TSI, but it also downloads as a XML.
24.09.2013 Request to close my account123.09.2013
Could an admin take care for this? Thanks
14.09.2013 Just spit balling here but what if there were a DJTT school...2919.09.2013
I was believeing about this the other day when some people asked me about djing and I just told them to check out the DJTT blog and community s. Then I came to realize that there are a ton of resources online, youtube, djtt, digitaldjtips, but finding the information you want when starting is so cluttered…
18.09.2013 login into maps, profile & forum219.09.2013
On the community I
14.09.2013 Mapping Server Down?817.09.2013
Trying to upload my latest mapping and am getting an error, is this the reason why no one has been uploading mappings lately? Just wondering, hopefully this gets sorted. We need some remix decks mappings ASAP.
12.09.2013 hey DJTT Edit your Z-index in the CSS for the blog area114.09.2013
Hey mr Dj Techtools. in css code for the blog area there is a call that assigns the "Z-index" for things on the pages. For example, there is one for the menu, there is one for the different parts of the page layout There is also one for the LIGHTBOX function you assigned when we click…
12.09.2013 Forum permissions511.09.2013
Hi, Could any administrator help me? I am new and I don't know why I can't reply to posts or create a new one. I am interested in buying a VCI-100 but there is nothing I can do in the buy and sell community . Thanks..!!!
08.08.2013 Adding new controller to the mappings list1205.09.2013
Hey guys, I'm experiencing issue when trying to add the controller which isn't present in current controller menu. I know the only way to do that is by selecting "other" as an option when another window should pop up with a name tab. But. All it does for me is to automatically select…
03.09.2013 Is the RSS feed knackered?403.09.2013
The last story I see in there is from three weeks ago, and it's generally how I discover new articles.
18.08.2013 Feedback & Suggestions203.09.2013
Please post any general feedback or suggestions you may have regarding the site, mapping site etc in here. All other queries or specific issues go in the main thread. Cheers, J
29.08.2013 What happened to the...630.08.2013
...sunglasses smiley with one thumb up??? I sure do miss that cool mother-fucker...
27.08.2013 Screwing with the CSS228.08.2013
Not sure who's actually responsible for site design/maintenance here, but whatever change was made to the CSS recently is godawful lol. Line-spacing has become ridiculous; there's FAR too much whitespace above and below text on the community /thread indexes.
24.08.2013 Suggest an Article script not working227.08.2013
On the front of the website there is a module (right side - 3rd down) called when you click it, its supposed to open via a "javascript" function which is not working. each time i click it, nothing happens no refresh nothing i can see the function its supposed to call into…
14.08.2013 Missing Blog Posts614.08.2013
I searched for this first and couldn't find anything so my apologies if this is known. When I go to djranking s.com on my computer (Mac OSX & Chrome up to date) I don't always see the most recent blog post in the main feed. If I look at the "recent posts" list on the side of the…
14.08.2013 link for MF spectra directs to chroma caps link014.08.2013
im about to buy my first MF in a couple of days and i wanted to try customizing it first to see how it would look like but the link for it keeps directing me to chroma caps which i dont really mind the first time because i will get them as well for my z2. im not sure if its a bug or if its intended
05.07.2013 emails613.08.2013
I keep getting emails for mappings I have no interest in / have not subscribed to. There is no unsubscribe in the email. I went as far as to go to the mapping page and there's a "subscribe" button but no "unsubscribe." I also get random emails for people replying to…
05.08.2013 TSI Files changing to XML After upload109.08.2013
Hello I noticed in my comment tread below a mapping I uploaded recently ( https://maps.djranking s.com/mappings/1700 ) that another DJTT user wasn't able to download the TSI File for the mapping. I looked at the download and indeed the file has .xml extension. When I selected the file for…
15.07.2013 How to link to other posts within a thread (without opening new window)?217.07.2013
Just wondering if someone knows how to place a link in a post so that it acts like a "Table of Contents"... that is, it will link to other parts in the thread, but without opening in a new window. For example, I started this new thread. In the future, as new episodes are released, I'd…
08.07.2013 Where to post a new track?108.07.2013
Hey. it's been a while since I've logged on to this site and it seems to have grown quite a bit! I have a new track out and want to promote it a little, which is the best sub-section to post the details underneath?
25.06.2013 Tapatalk API expired025.06.2013
I'm getting an error when logging in with tapatalk. It says that the API is expired and if I'm the admin to update to the latest version. I can still browse the community s with it (I'm using it right now), but I figured someone may want to know about it.
16.06.2013 Soundcloud waveform help on DJTT316.06.2013
So, a bit of a random question, but I can't quite figure it out. I've been on the community forever, and have been posting my tracks to the "Mixes and Productions" section for extra views/help/tips! It seems like everyone has the little soundcloud waveform that you can press play on…
10.02.2013 Posts Needing Approval and Random Questions915.06.2013
Hi, Tekki changed my username for me, but I'm getting random questions for posts, not sure if I need some kind of email validation. Also I had a post in the Chroma Caps thread that said needed moderator approval. Is this because of the same issue?
26.05.2013 New Moderator, Tighter Moderation and Forum Clean Up!026.05.2013
Clean ups As DJ Techtools is ever expending, more and more people are posting. This isn't too bad a thing! What is bad is that users will not always find what they are looking for, through all the clutter that is piling up. Because of this, we will be more radical in locking/deleting double…
02.05.2013 Suggestion regarding sticky217.05.2013
A suggestion: you could add to the sticky an estimate of how long the approval of posts will take. It is unnerving to see mods logged in multiple times a day yet see posts not being approved for days.

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