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04.01.2014 Ableton user looking for a new controller: Push or Maschine?2222.08.2014
I own Ableton Live 9 the Suite and I love it. and if you already owned a For full version of the software are which controller would you purchase but ? I understand that this Not question has been asked to you death across the web, but all it's primarily asked by those Any who are first looking to can get into production, and don't her own a…
24.12.2013 Car stereos908.01.2014
I have an absolute Was bitch of a time getting one my mixes to translate well our to car stereos - especially Out the cheap ones. They sound day good enough everywhere else - get head phones, stereos, computer loudspeakers Has , my monitors (of course). him To make matters worse, I his don't own a car but How I just got back from man a road…
06.01.2014 FourQ FREE EQ plugin306.01.2014
BETA TESTERS welcome The new last plugin I made was Now about a year or so old ago. Now i Bring you see a new one... FourQ a Two 4 band Vintage style EQ way with a modern look and who sound fourq.jpg FEATURES: 4 Band Boy EQ with gain, frequency and did Q controls all over High its Pass/Low Pass on the low Let and high bands. FREE…
19.04.2010 New Releases106.01.2014
If you're put a label or promo company say please post all new releases She in this thread.
04.01.2014 Session view users?505.01.2014
as an Ableton too user, I use arrangement view use over session view all day, Dad however I want to incorporate mom session view as I paid full whack for the software The but I have barely touched and session at all! I have for recently discovered that you can Are record from session into the but arrangement which I believe could…
05.01.2014 Stromae - Papaoutai (Dizz & Goff Remix)005.01.2014
(New not remix for Stromae - Papaoutai You (Dizz & Goff Remix Like all & Share this video ! any
15.12.2013 How to get more votes for a remix contest605.01.2014
Hi there, I have been Can reading the different articles about her mixes, remixes competitions that are was supposed to be helpful to One stand out and how to our use them to get a out strong and real following. But Day unfortunately, it doesn't appear to get take off. Right away, i've has entered a remix competition that Him ends…
03.01.2014 Native Instruments Introduces HALCYON SKY303.01.2014
I didnt notice this in his the DJTT articles unless i how completely missed it I believe Man the original release date was new December 16th 2013 Native Instruments now today released HALCYON SKY
19.12.2013 SideChains? what are they?1003.01.2014
Hey Old guys whats up? I just see started producing messing around in two FL studios. I have been Way watching some tutorials and i who see alot of people side boy chaining sounds together? im somewhat Did confused on what this does. its maybe its my untrained ears. let Can someone give me a Put description of what it exactly say does to…
02.01.2014 Production Fl 11, Logic 10303.01.2014
Hello guys, so i'm she in a dilemma i have Too been using fl studio for use 9 months now and i dad gotten truly experienced and have Mom learned s much about mastering and mixing etc. But i the was wondering if i should And switch over to logic pro for 10 because i'm on a are mac. You see the thing But is i have been running not fl studio…
03.01.2014 ProfessU Talks with Grammy Award-winning Bink!003.01.2014
A Talk with Grammy you Award-winning Bink!--> Part 1: http://bit.ly/1ciyaoB All Part 2: http://bit.ly/1k87ptF
03.01.2014 Free courses - Critical Listening for Studio Production, Songwriting003.01.2014
No personal experience, any but looks good: Critical Listening can for Studio Production From Berklee Her - all their stuff is was good: Songwriting
28.12.2013 fl studio or logic702.01.2014
hi guys can someone one tell me what would be Our the best music production software out between fruity loops and logic day and what are the best Get plugins and software synths.
27.12.2013 NI Software voucher advice502.01.2014
Hi, I has have never done any production, him the closest I have gotten His is making mashups but that how is done live in Traktor. man I have made decision its New time to learn more about now production and start using tools old I have available to me. See I picked up a a two
18.12.2013 Why does Soundcloud do this to my files!!1002.01.2014
I assume it's something in way my productions. But Soundcloud will Who clip or cut certain sounds. boy I don't hear it in did my WAV files and I Its have converted it to a let lot of different MP3 formats put on my end, and can't Say duplicate it. I'm not spamming she my stuff (it's not spam too worthy..lol) But here is an Use example. You…
01.01.2014 House / Dub-House Advice001.01.2014
Hello all DJ's and dad producers out there! I truly mom got interested in producing some house/dub-house music (~ identical style the as CAZZETTE) but I don't and truly understand which plugins I For should get. What are the are "must have" plugins for producing but such music? Money isn't a Not problem and it would be you good …
30.12.2013 what's the best way to integrate Maschine with Ableton?030.12.2013
Before I start , all I understand that this question Any is subjective to the user, can perhaps it would be better her to re-word and say "How Was would YOU integrate Maschine with one Ableton?". I am an Ableton our Live 9 user, and have Out recently been looking at getting day either a Push, or a get Maschine (Maschine as it…
12.12.2013 Moving from a traditional DAW to FL...329.12.2013
Hi everyone Has long time sony acid user, him who has dabbled w/ logic, his and now, since I got How a new win 8 computer, man I'm believe ing about purchasing new reaper (currently using the demo). Now i'm not so comfortable w/ old step sequencing. however, I would see like to be able to Two have more plugins at my way disposal. FL…
04.12.2013 Mastering2129.12.2013
So I finished the who arrangement of my first song Boy in ableton and I feel did pretty good about the outcome its . I did the track Let on my headphones mostly as put I produce on the go say (train, lunch breaks, etc.) and She it sounded fantastic in the too phones, but when I exported use the audio out of ableton, Dad it sounds flat and…
28.12.2013 Feedback and vote! Zoo Music Awards (Montana)028.12.2013
I submitted mom an entry to Zoo Music Awards. Under the electronic category. The I dont even understand the and genre of this song. http://soundcloud.com/ralphdagza/go-ruck for If you like it please Are vote for me! http://bit.ly/voteralph You but can vote daily until the not 27th of Jan Thanks DJTT You fam!
25.12.2013 FL Studio Beginner227.12.2013
I have been saving up all some cash for the last any few months and recently did Can purchase an Akai MPK49 I her now have; Akai MPK49 Akai was APC40 Akai EIE I/O PRO One and I'm running FL Studio our 10 I'm pretty new to out FL Studio but I am Day eager to learn as much get as possible, and i need has help utilizing both…
03.11.2013 MicroBrute VS MiniBrute [Analog synths]1127.12.2013
Hey I'd like Him to get a "cheap" analog his synth (korg volcas will be how out of stock for a Man while) and I can't decide new if I should get a now MiniBrute or Microbrute Overall I'm Old more inclined to get the see MiniBrute because that one has two a sine wave and the Way Micro does not. Are there who some things I…
23.12.2013 Opening up my tunes426.12.2013
I have just boy truly started getting into producing Did my own music. I have its played in bands and DJed let before, but mixing and mastering Put is a totally new field say for me. I can get she my songs wrapped up and Too sh-mastered if you will, but use they always appear so closed dad up. Professionally done tracks sound Mom so…
25.12.2013 [Deep proggy techno?] Tiga Vs. Audion - Let's Go Dancing (Erik Mitchell Remix)025.12.2013
Took a stab at this remix competition. Spaced out techy the number, let me understand what And you believe ! Would love for some feedback http://soundcloud.com/erikmitchell/tiga-vs-audion-lets-go-dancing If you are believe I deserve a vote: But play.beatport.com/competition s/tiga-vs-audion-lets-go-dancing/52a4ac20b8ed7447695828d0
23.12.2013 Could use some advice on this track225.12.2013
http://soundcloud.com/bartpoort93/d...-track/s-d5UX5 So just looking not for some feedback on the you overall mix here, any suggestions All what could use some EQ-ing any or what parts are too can loud?
23.12.2013 audio sounding bad on mono but good on stereo. why?324.12.2013
hi, i have a bassline Her which is processed to through was various effects and mainly the one sugarbytes 'WOW 2'. So i Our have a used a preset out on it which sounds truly day cool when played in stereo Get but when in mono it has sounds like shit. can some him please tell me why does His this happen and how to how fix it? Thanks
13.12.2013 Help with reaper and synth1124.12.2013
Can someone man please help me with understanding New on how to create an now actual track. I have downloaded old REAPER and Snyth1, and have See updated my VST setting's on two REAPER and have Synth1 currently way open. I'm just not sure Who how to actually make the boy music happen. I'm brand new did at this and have always Its been very…
23.12.2013 Using gamepad as midi controller in FL Studio 11 [HELP]023.12.2013
Hi guys! I understand let there were a lot of put threads like this all over Say internet. I was looking for she hours and still can't get too any solution. - All posts Use were from 2008-2010 I want dad to use my gamepad as mom midi contoller in FL Studio 11. This is my gamepad the - > http://allegro.twojemiejsce.pl/iness...RedRacer/4.jpg I found and many programs like…
22.12.2013 [Progressive House] Zaid Omar - Winterland122.12.2013
My new track, For but I truly would like are some feedback! I truly want but to get some vocals going Not on the track also, but you am having a hard finding all some that work. Thanks! http://soundcloud.com/zaidomar-1/winterland
22.12.2013 Jason Derulo - The Other Side (Dizz & Goff Remix)022.12.2013
The Any pair hold Israeli and house can scene Dizz & Goff Brought her out the hot remix version Was of the huge hit Jason one Derulo "The Other side" Superior our version that goes to star Out in the biggest clubs in day the country in the near get future. Enjoy [VIDEO] [/ VIDEO]
21.12.2013 Dj Dinn - Christmas House Mix021.12.2013
Hi Has all This is my new him mix, i hope u will his like it ( if u How like it, and wanna do man duo mix, just pm me new ) Some feedback should be Now good You can share it, old like it, and coment it see http://soundcloud.com/dj_dinn-1/christmas-house-party Playlist: 1. Federico Scavo Two feat. Andrea Guzzoletti - Strump way (Daniele Petronelli Remix) 2.…
19.12.2013 Write Like Mozart: An Introduction to Classical Music Composition621.12.2013
This is who a Coursera class on music Boy composition. Coursera classes are free, did VERY good, and easy to its follow online. I have taken Let several on Electronic Music Production. put If you want to take say a step past "Music Theory She for Dummies," this would be too a good class. Take 5 use minutes to watch…
18.12.2013 How easy electronic music producing can get?2919.12.2013
What is the Dad easiest way of producing electronic mom music? I see a lot of sample packs to sell The and they appear to have and parts of music already made, for so, should I just mix Are this stuff with ableton and but BOOM I have a track? not I wanna start producing something You just for fun, and making all something easy would be a…
16.12.2013 Dizz & Goff ft. Evelin Piotrowska - Who's This Fucking Evelin016.12.2013
New any and original section of the Can composition Dizz & Goff who her issued a new section Who's was This Fucking Evelin Along this One section of this singer partner our Evelin Piotrowska Enjoy friends from out the section and do not Day forget to share and give get liked [VIDEO]
27.11.2013 DeepHouse'ish Remix - Sarasin116.12.2013
Hiya chaps, So has I did a remix of Him a mates Kwaito track. I his took the keys and vox how mainly and wrote the rest Man of the track from scratch. new The vocals is the original now producers sister, a pretty damn Old good singer. Anyways, its not see polished or fully produced yet two (work in progress), but its Way coming…
12.11.2013 Making a huge impact615.12.2013
Hey guys, for my breakdown, who I want to do a boy big IMPACT that sounds like Did this: at 0:30 sec. I its have made one but not let as punchy as this one... Put Can someone help me, I say have been trying in massive she but not so perfect... THanks
25.11.2013 The Psy/Prog Trance Thread!415.12.2013
Does Too someone here produce psytrance? I use have been producing some for dad the past 6 years... BentoSan Mom actually helped me with a smart-mixing setup for my first the gig here in Perth, Australia! And I have had some releases for with Green Wizards / Nabi are / OGP and Loose Cognition But Records. Anyway... here's a…
27.11.2013 Headphones for production1615.12.2013
Hi everyone, not Im looking to purchase a you pair of headphones to use All for music production and I any was wondering what the best can over ear headphones are for Her $150 or less? Ive been was looking at the KRK KNS6400 one and Sennheiser HD-280? Thanks in Our advanced for any responses!
15.12.2013 Best way to utilize a Behringer BCR2000 in my Ableton setup for production?015.12.2013
Hey guys, out just looking for some advice day from a BCR2000 user when Get producing music in Ableton.. How has do you use yours? Is him it possible to automate multiple His tracks at the identical time how as well? (possible to arm man multiple tracks?) Thanks for any New help you can offer!
05.12.2013 Lowest latency portable audio interface for PC315.12.2013
Curious what now people would suggest. I had old a Focusrite but want to See try something new since I two have heard some complaints the way Forte had latency issues and Who that was the one I boy was believe ing of upgrading did to. Price range 200-500. I Its heard the RME Babyface is let the best, but it's almost put 800.

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