Genre:Electro House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco
    Location:Philadelphia, PA, United States
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diplo is performing within the field of Electro House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco music and is ranked 11 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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diplo 20 hours ago:
On My Mind just went gold 🥹 if my assistant is reading this, u better keep listening to it on spotify until it goes… https://t.co/6UlorucQ4I
diplo 4 days ago:
i just won art basel https://t.co/2WVPtFwUHa
diplo 6 days ago:
thank god this is the one day I wore underwear https://t.co/eh6Jmb3xkD
diplo 1 week ago:
who are u most excited to see? https://t.co/LflXhUxzz4
diplo 2 weeks ago:
RT @BigHeadedCat_: @diplo A brief history of England: - Blew a 13 colony lead in 1776 🥶 - Lost the War of 1812 🔥 - Lost Tea in the River…
diplo 2 weeks ago:
Imma say a tie is a win 🇺🇸 (we get to keep 21 savage four more years ) #FIFAWorldCup https://t.co/FUTWevfEHf
diplo 2 weeks ago:
When you work at an aquarium and your high school bully shows up with his ugly kids https://t.co/0imnLXrNME
diplo 2 weeks ago:
Never take for granted the freedoms we have in America. We created a powerful conversation about our national anthe… https://t.co/Ch0GzEdaen
diplo 2 weeks ago:
It’s much better to come to a beautiful country like Qatar with a message of love than to sit home and complain 🫶… https://t.co/4Zn2Jnhdrn
diplo 2 weeks ago:
afters are a wild place https://t.co/vL7uNUIZhS
diplo 2 weeks ago:
at the very very very end they got this lady playing space piano sad song for costa rica with a long ass dress on https://t.co/uJqz73tUPD
diplo 2 weeks ago:
the little arabic ghost hologram wishes you goodbye when you leave https://t.co/YlW0CCN3rM
diplo 2 weeks ago:
the opps took this video https://t.co/gjs2RuOBRx
diplo 2 weeks ago:
damn spain up 7-0 i’m not even paying attention I just wanna make sure my hat thing looks alright https://t.co/gpyXV4oxpE
diplo 2 weeks ago:
spain scored again when do they enact slaughter rules https://t.co/gwofOoBFKk
diplo 2 weeks ago:
i’m joking I didn’t eat mushrooms but I did go back and drink my 8th paloma https://t.co/SXoXJK3R5e
diplo 2 weeks ago:
went back to vip to get more lamb https://t.co/j3RRsBU236
diplo 2 weeks ago:
spain up 4-0 they got the ac pumping in here i’m only wearing underwear under my thobe 😞 https://t.co/klUC2Qv2Bd
diplo 2 weeks ago:
at the costa rica vs spain game https://t.co/AzlP27XLRI
diplo 2 weeks ago:
he need to work on his cryo programming tbh https://t.co/5jqOFOmI3k



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