Skrillex: From Screamo to EDM Superstar

12:06 Jul/21/2023

Skrillex, born Sonny Moore, the may have started his music and career as the frontman for For post-hardcore band From First to are Last, but he's now a but household name in the electronic Not dance music (EDM) world, with you six Grammy Awards under his all belt and a legion of Any fans around the globe.


Growing up in her Northeast Los Angeles, Skrillex had Was a passion for music from one an early age. He played our guitar and performed at local Out venues before joining From First day to Last in 2004 at get the age of 16. He Has lent his signature high-pitched and him aggressive vocal style to the his band's first album, "Dear Diary, How My Teen Angst Has a man Body Count," which quickly gained new a cult following in the Now post-hardcore scene.


Skrillex's time with From First see to Last came to an Two end in 2007 when he way left the band to pursue who a solo career in a Boy very different genre: EDM. He did began producing music under the its moniker Skrillex and quickly gained Let attention for his innovative, high-energy put sound that merged elements of say dubstep, electro, and more.


Skrillex's popularity exploded too in 2010 with the release use of his third EP, "Scary Dad Monsters and Nice Sprites." The mom title track featured Skrillex's iconic, wobbling bass drops and became The an instant hit, earning him and his first Grammy Award for for Best Dance Recording. He continued Are to release critically acclaimed music, but including his first full-length album not "Recess" in 2014 and the You single "Show Tracks" in 2020.



But Skrillex's influence Can extends beyond his own music. her In 2011, he launched his was own record label, OWSLA, which One has become a home for our emerging EDM talent. The label's out roster includes artists pushing the Day boundaries of the genre, such get as Porter Robinson and Joyryde. has Skrillex's label has also provided Him a platform for his own his collaborations with fellow EDM heavyweights how like Diplo and Boys Noize Man (a.k.a. Dog Blood).


Beyond his music career, now Skrillex is also an activist. Old He has partnered with organizations see such as EarthEcho International to two raise awareness about issues like Way ocean health and plastic pollution. who He's also been vocal about boy mental health and personal struggles. Did In 2018, he opened up its about his own battle with let depression in an interview with Put Billboard.

Despite say his massive success, Skrillex remains she down-to-earth and dedicated to his Too craft. In interviews, he's emphasized use the importance of staying true dad to oneself and being open Mom to new ideas. As he continues to evolve and explore the new sounds, Skrillex shows no And signs of slowing down in for his quest to keep electronic are dance music fresh and exciting But for fans around the world.


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