Genre:Electro House
    Location:Mumbai, India
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a.sen is a well known DJ with a loyal fan base

a.sen is performing within the field of Electro House music and is ranked 235 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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CYBERPUNKERS 13 hours ago:
Working on a Cyberpunkers classic tune, thinking to release it soon, 99% analog🤘🏿🔥 #complextro #electro #midtempo https://t.co/u4S5rEXRcB
CYBERPUNKERS 4 days ago:
Saturday June 1 we’ll bring some darkness in the midst of all these colors @holidancefestival (Ferrara- Italy) Nah… https://t.co/cgTIyX7XT2
CYBERPUNKERS 2 weeks ago:
Experimenting with new sounds and BPM. Crazy tunes are coming 🦇 #tekno #midtempo #darkelectro https://t.co/wsWLZrTVJz
CYBERPUNKERS 2 weeks ago:
Hot news 🤷🏻‍♂️ Shooted by: @AelionProject #fake #wheelerdealers #discoverychannel #jdm #driftcar #mazdarx8 #mazda… https://t.co/Fy3LJDEz1A
CYBERPUNKERS 2 weeks ago:
🌑 Shooted by: @AelionProject https://t.co/OGeGPbzqwW
CYBERPUNKERS 2 weeks ago:
“M O S S” is out! An hybrid dirty tune which contains #acid, #dubstep, #electro and #techno Let's blow up these spe… https://t.co/4R2Fj62o5R
CYBERPUNKERS 3 weeks ago:
What happens if the old school #fidgethouse , #acid, #electro and the #dubstep are mixed in a hybrid dirty track by… https://t.co/G8b2LSVCKc
CYBERPUNKERS 1 month ago:
“RADIATIONS” on FPS Gaming Playlist by @Kinphonic Thank you guys! 🔥🔥🔥https://t.co/CTR40LhPKk
CYBERPUNKERS 1 month ago:
Dirty & Dirtier 🔪⚰️⚰️🔪 Shooted by: Alessandro Stagnani https://t.co/3qjEq4IMHy
CYBERPUNKERS 1 month ago:
🦠R A D I A T I O N S🦠 is out. Listen/Download on Soundcloud: https://t.co/YC71ZYgodc Full videoclip here:… https://t.co/a2eUlbV4cU
CYBERPUNKERS 2 months ago:
🦠T O M O R R O W🦠 Courtesy of #KK62636 Rec https://t.co/CEaZPkYChz
CYBERPUNKERS 2 months ago:
9th April: 🛢🦠“R A D I A T I O N S”🦠🛢The ultraviolence is coming! Track and Videoclip courtesy of: #KK62636 Records.… https://t.co/SM8Vco10RN
CYBERPUNKERS 2 months ago:
Check out “CYBERPUNK//DYSTOPIA” playlist on Spotify, a epic trip into the Sci-FI vibes 👽 Our new one “We Want To Be… https://t.co/BMxrHv9yvA
CYBERPUNKERS 2 months ago:
"We Want To Believe" on YouTube! Courtesy of: Tasty 👽🖖🏿 https://t.co/8CoAYHcpQ5
CYBERPUNKERS 2 months ago:
@TastyNetwork 👽🖖🏿
CYBERPUNKERS 2 months ago:
RT @TastyNetwork: The @CYBERPUNKERS are back, and they're ready to abduct all of your senses, with "We Want To Believe", an insane #Electro…
CYBERPUNKERS 2 months ago:
APEX Legends Theme (CYBERPUNKERS Remix) on YouTube! 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/8Y3yUcVIfn
CYBERPUNKERS 2 months ago:
Monday! 👽🖖🏿 Courtesy of @TastyNetwork Graphic by: @kvacm https://t.co/Fc1fJ8zIs6
CYBERPUNKERS 2 months ago:
APEX Legends Theme (Cyberpunkers Remix) is out! Listen/Download: https://t.co/RFwIv2UH4u https://t.co/KQl7zaV8Nu
CYBERPUNKERS 4 months ago:
Last gig at VOX club was epic! 🤘🏿🌚🌚🤘🏿 @ VOX club — at VOX club https://t.co/MPDntM9XwW

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