Genre:Electro House
    Location:Mumbai, India
233 official dj-rankings.com




a.sen is a world famous DJ who has global recognition

a.sen is performing within the field of Electro House music and is ranked 233 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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CYBERPUNKERS 1 week ago:
"Time Traveler EP" by KenKode finally out on all the stores: https://t.co/noERxcREdf Remixed by: Fukkk Offf , BELZE… https://t.co/6blVXCTpwN
CYBERPUNKERS 2 weeks ago:
"TIME TRAVELER EP" By KenKode. Out Now! https://t.co/fJWuLuKBCZ
CYBERPUNKERS 3 weeks ago:
Hey Punkers, listen the new KenKode single "L I T T Y S T U F F" on YouTube, creepy AF! https://t.co/fmIMDeZ57d
CYBERPUNKERS 2 months ago:
Venerdì Prossimo! https://t.co/xfavcHxAZ6
CYBERPUNKERS 2 months ago:
Primo show di KenKode a Milano @ SMASHING WEDNESDAY. Free entry! 🔥Non mancate 🔥 https://t.co/jojIJQxmNq
CYBERPUNKERS 3 months ago:
HOT NEWS! https://t.co/36RHxBubuf
CYBERPUNKERS 4 months ago:
NAH MISS!!! https://t.co/S5EMjk9N1Z
CYBERPUNKERS 4 months ago:
Hey Punkers, check out “KenKode - Mine” videoclip by Turbogamma Pixel Art. Kinphonic Rec 2k18 🧠🦇🔮 #iTunes... https://t.co/nAXwyuTBwH
CYBERPUNKERS 5 months ago:
Today it's out " KENKODE - Klublast EP” on Mähtrasher Rec. Available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Soundcloud... https://t.co/DWHOAL64uY
CYBERPUNKERS 5 months ago:
CYBERPUNKERS 6 months ago:
Appena atterrati ad Olbia, questa sera saremo al Drop Out Festival, padiglione fieristico (Calangianus, Olbia,... https://t.co/MTl9oO7z1X
CYBERPUNKERS 6 months ago:
"KENKODE + Rancore - Specchio" è uscita su tutti gli stores, qui trovate tutto:... https://t.co/978Jqvc4a5
CYBERPUNKERS 8 months ago:
Hey Buddies, check out this fresh mixtape from KENKODE "RAVEORIUMIX I" Listen on Soundcloud:... https://t.co/ovt5eU3dXE
CYBERPUNKERS 8 months ago:
Hey Dudes, check out KENKODE, the new project from Cyberpunkers. Fresh music is coming! 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/zP5K3tq7jS
CYBERPUNKERS 9 months ago:
Saturday October 7, KENKODE will play his bombs @ BABAU CLUB (Sforzacosta - Marche - IT) with Boston Bun from Ed... https://t.co/0oTJebm2rL
CYBERPUNKERS 10 months ago:
Il primo show di KENKODE sta arrivando! Il 2 di Settembre @ La Birroteca - Festival Crema con il nostro bro The... https://t.co/EVxYkn24qE
CYBERPUNKERS 10 months ago:
Hey Punkers. check out a window of the KENKODE's live show tests. First gig the 2 of September La Birroteca -... https://t.co/4kzbr3sBA8
CYBERPUNKERS 11 months ago:
Hey, check out the first KENKODE's interview for ELECTRO WOW! 🔮🦇 #synthwave #darkwave #idmmusic #musicblog https://t.co/icMIQH2fnV
CYBERPUNKERS 11 months ago:
We are glad to announce the first KENKODE live show! He'll spin his tunes the 2th of september @ La Birroteca -... https://t.co/ygOErLJzEz
CYBERPUNKERS 11 months ago:
"MK ULTRA" by KENKODE is out! 🦇🔮📀 Download for free here: https://t.co/Ho1dVIH3Zi This is a bizarre track with a... https://t.co/FseDBQvwGA

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