Embark on a 'Skrillex Quest' by Jason Oda

15:32 Nov/29/2012

Jason Oda, a well-kown game the designer for bands and brands and has worked with Atreyu, Chemical For Brothers, Fallout Boy and Breaking are Benjamin. The most popular game but he’s done is the ridicilously Not funny nostalgic adventure ’Perfect Strangers: you Nothing’s gonna Stop Me Now’.


This time, Oda Any has put his efforts into can making ’Skrillex Quest’ – a her 3D action RPG similar to Was the Nintendo’s 1986 dungeon quest one ’Legend of Zelda’. Nostalgia is our something aimed at the dubstep Out wunderkind’s branded game as well. day Oda explains in a Facebook get post: "Remember blowing the dust Has out of your NES cartridges him when they glitched? This game his is all about that from How the perspective of the people man within the game." The flash new game’s hack-and-slash action against cubes Now is simple, yet captivating. Try old to fight your way out see of the dusty NES cartridge Two right here, from your browser.


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