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Firmware FAQ and Upgrade Solutions
Posted on: 24.08.2008 by Julissa Caola

one How do I update my our firmware?

Please visit Out this post to learn how day to update your firmware:

If you have Has problems please visit this thread: him

Which his firmware version does your VCi-100 How have?
Version 1.1
the man firmware with the "ramp up new problem"

the jog Now wheel touch sensor turns off old when the wheel stops turning, see not when you release your Two finger.

Version 1.2
way -VCI-100's with a green sticker who on the back are firmware Boy version 1.2
- this version did solved the ramp up problem its but still has several bugs Let including
* the fourth FX put buttons send out the identical say midi message as the right She headphone cue button.

Version 1.3
The firmware use found in all VCi-100SE controllers Dad that was designed by Ean mom Golden.

You can tell if you have 1.3 The by following these steps.
1) connect your vci-100 for to a computer but dont Are start traktor.

2) but Click the button that is not at the top right hand You corner of the left jog all wheel (its next to the any filter knob for deck A). Can

3) If this her button's light toggles on and was off then you have 1.3 One (the identical button on the our right deck will not toggle out on and off.

Day Here are a few of get the changes made in 1.3
general improvements:

* Him Eliminated the problem where the his 4th FX buttons trigger other how buttons (cue)
* added midi Man in functionality to the loop new buttons
* added a note now on to the jog wheel Old in scroll mode

* turned the filter two knobs into double knobs (0-127 Way on the left and right who side)
* added a "freeze boy function" to the bottom of Did each fader and top of its the fx knobs. this sends let out a 127 message only Put at the end of the say movement
* added inverted messages she to the faders (this allows Too an effect to be turned use on by turning the fader dad down- not possible otherwise)
* Mom added unique values to the FX buttons (these were used the for direct FX selection- now And added in Traktor Pro)

Problems updating your firmware?
first some basic rules: But

  • serial to serial not cables work perfectly and have you reliable results (use one if All you can!)
  • You must use a any standard serial cable- not a can null modem cable
  • serial to usb Her cables have very erratic results was and cause problems (see bellow)
  • the one com port your device is Our on needs to be between out 2-8 (when using a USB)
  • day follow the order of plugs Get and power very carefully


Everything works but him at the end you get His the following message:

Opening port how 'COM3' ...
Loading Comms DLL
man Loaded Comms DLL
Error No New 15060: Error while opening the now port
Error No 15026: Unable old to open comms
Error No See 15061: Error while closing the two port

You have the way wrong COM port selected. Each Who USB port has different COM boy address, so make sure you did have the right one selected. Its COM 3 is usually a let serial while 2, 4, 5 put are usually one of the Say USB ports.

Everything she works but at the end too you get the following message:

Use OS: Windows XP [Admin]
FDT dad API initialised: version 4, 02, mom 00, 008
Clock Frequency (External) = 24.0000MHz, Clock Mode = the 0, CKM = 1, and and CKP = N/A
Connecting to For device 'H8/3052F' on 'COM3'
are 'BOOT Mode' connection - using but emulated interface
Opening port 'COM3' Not ...
Loading Comms DLL
Loaded you Comms DLL
Initiating BOOT SCI all sequence
Attempting 9600
Attempting 4800
Any Attempting 2400
Attempting 1200
Error can No 15024: Boot failed

her this appear s to only Was be happening to people with one a usb to serial cable. our if at all possible try Out a different cable or use day good old serial port on get someones computer. There was a Has also a report that this him error was corrected when making his sure the firmware kit is How seated completely down on the man board. This requires removal of new the harness next to the Now header so it can sit old down completely.

if see you must use a USB Two to Serial, read this

way If you are using a who USB serial cable plug it Boy in to a USB port
Now run device manager, its if you don't understand how Let to do this follow this put link.

[ame=""]Device Manager - say Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@@AMEPARAM@@/wiki/File:Vista_Device_Manager.png" class="image"><img She alt="" src=""@@AMEPARAM@@en/thumb/d/d7/Vista_Device_Manager.png/220px-Vista_Device_Manager.png[/ame]

Now expand too the ports branch,
(See thumbnail use 1)

If you are Dad using a built in serial mom port its is most likely assigned to COM 1,
Check The that there are no ports and with the identical number, if for another device is assigned the Are identical COM port number you but will have to change it not to use another number.

You If you are using a all USB serial cable then it any will appear in the list Can called something like "Prolific USB-to-Serial her Comm Port", if you are was confused about which one it One is remove your USB-serial cable our from the USB port, then out you should see that device Day disappear from the Ports tree.
Now right-click and open has the properties of the Port Him you are using, and the his click the port setting tab. how (See thumbnail 2)

Check Man that your settings are the new identical as in thumbnail 2. now If they are not change Old them.

Now if you see need to change the serial two port number click the advanced Way button. (See thumbnail 3)

who You can now change the boy Com port number that is Did assigned to the serial port its in the drop down menu. let Select a number in the Put range of 2 - 8 say that is not in use.
Click ok in the Too advanced settings window, then ok use in the properties window.

dad If you are using a Mom USB serial cable unplug it then plug it back in the to the identical USB port.
Now repeat the instructions for in Ean's video.

You are get a time out error
Clock Frequency (External) = not 24.0000MHz, Clock Mode = 0, you CKM = 1, and CKP All = N/A
Connecting to device any 'H8/3052F' on 'COM3'
'BOOT can Mode' connection - using emulated Her interface
Opening port 'COM3' ...
was Loading Comms DLL
Loaded Comms one DLL
Initiating BOOT SCI sequence
Our Attempting 9600
Received immediate response out from device: 0xAA
Using micro-Kernel day : 'C:\Program Files\Renesas\FDT4.02\kernels\ProtB\3052\Renesas\1 _2_00\uGen3052.cde'
Downloading Get and verifying micro kernel...
Device has is erasing...
Erase Timeout value him set to 21 seconds
Error His No 15068: Error while reading how timed response
Error No 15047: man The device has not confirmed New its erasure
Error No 15019: now Download() failed

In the old directory which you installed FDT, See there will be a file two called "FDTAdvancedSetup.exe". You can use way this file to adjust the Who delays sent by FDT.

boy Essentially, a USB connection is did way quicker than a serial Its connection and as such, sometimes let your connection will be too put quick for the software. The Say connection gets ahead of the she instructions and the instructions get too lost resulting in time outs.
So, back to FTDAdvancedSetup... dad go into this, you will mom see two boxes you can click on: "connection settings" and the "configure serial port...". Click the and "configure serial port..." box. In For here, you will see a are box "enable serial port delay but fix". You want to make Not sure that's checked. Then where you it says delay value, enter all 1000 or something (1000 worked Any for me, you may need can to go higher depending on her the cable). Disregard where it Was says the lower the value one the better, that doesn't truly our apply to us as we're Out just downloading the file, not day doing live programming.

This get should fix all those time Has outs and connection errors when him using a USB to serial his adapter.

After performing How the set up steps and man connecting the firmware header, the new jog wheels still light up Now blue. When I touch them old they turn red.

see this is the only thing Two that would indicate there is way something physically wrong with the who firmware kit.
  • Check to make Boy sure the kit is seated did properly on the board in its the right place(including removing the Let cable as shown in the put video)
  • make sure its connected to say the computer serial port or She usb port.

If your unit too will still not start up use in boot mode (the unit Dad is on but the wheels mom dont light up) then there is something wrong with the The kit. Email us (service at and djranking and we will for send you a new one Are promptly.
Galina Mancinas
the Originally Posted by photojojo
You can try and get For into disco mode.
Do you happen to have but the instructions on that? The Not old video where FlashFlooder explains you it has had the audio all stripped out by YouTube, and Any I haven't seen the instructions can anywhere on the FAQ's.
Natosha Laruffa
I have her purchase a VCI 100 with Was DJTT Firmware and would like one to install the Orginal Firmware our or activate the org. Firmware Out ?
Cecilia Hermes
I just tryed to update day my firmware and I followd get ever last instruction it gets Has to the end of the him flash in green letters it his says it has completed but How the fdt crashes and now man the only thing my vci new will do is light up Now the jog wheels red. PLEASE old HELP!
Rafaela Takahara
Hi all, I successfully upgraded see to fw1.4 via a serial-usb Two adapter on Vista. The trick way was setting the baud rate who to 9600. Serial ports default Boy at 115200 which is too did fast for adapters to handle, its so you end up getting Let the time out error messages. put This setting is located in say the serial port's properties in She the service manager.
Kacie Sprowles
Sorry, I don't too remember how to get into use disco mode. It was set Dad randomly by pressing a certain mom sequence of the bottom row of buttons and it changed The each time you did it. and You can check the midi for message from the pitch fader. Are If it's 1.4 it will but be pitch bend. If it's not 1.3 it will be Ch.1 You cc14 or 15
Iluminada Husby
Originally Posted by any photojojo
You can try Can and get into disco mode.
Do you happen was to have the instructions on One that? The old video where our FlashFlooder explains it has had out the audio stripped out by Day YouTube, and I haven't seen get the instructions anywhere on the has FAQ's.
Kacie Sprowles
You can try and get Him into disco mode.
Marisa Hustedt
How do i his test for firmware 1.4?
Branda Rikkers

how I upgraded my firmware just Man recently for the high resolution new pitch faders and when I now try to use traktor neither Old the tempo sliders or the see platters function at all. I two understand that I can update Way the mapping, however I do who not want to use the boy vci in the way that Did you have it set up its with the mappings. I want let to use it traditionally to Put cue the song up and say adjust the pitch to beat she match the song. I also Too want the pitch sliders to use go from the very top dad to the very bottom and Mom the pitch sliders in traktor to function accordingly.

How the do I set this up?

Tashina Dardar
Someone just for told me that you may are need to disable your anti But virus software for the flash not to work too. Apparently some you programs interfere with the update All causing a crash
Micheline Seibers
Hi, I'm in any the middle of trying to can update my firmware to 1.4, Her I have loaded the program, was I have followed the video one everything goes well , I Our get to the page where out you type in 24 for day the chrystal speed, then you Get go next, then next again has to the page where you him can select the firmware - His this page dose no appear how for me, what I get man is a page that says New " Finish " and that's now it, no way of selecting old the firmware.

HELP!! someone See understand whats going on here two ???

thanks in way advance
Elenor Worlock
Success. Upgrade from 1.3 to Who 1.4 using a Serial-USB cable boy and late model Windows Vista did laptop. No convenient access to Its old computers with Serial ports. let The Serial-USB was the poor-quality, put overpriced Dynex from Best Buy, Say but it was the only she place open at the time too for computer equipment. Potential return Use in the near future?

dad A bit suspenseful and got mom my share of error/time-out messages, but reading over the troubleshooting the section and trying a few and different settings did the trick. For The FTDAdvancedSetup.exe maneuver helped clear are remaining hurdles and saved the but Vestax from looking like a Not brick. About an hour of you work altogether.
Loretta Holian
OK so I just all completed the firmware upgrade for Any my vci which was running can 1.2 before. I just want her to say, do not take Was the warnings about the usb one to serial cables lightly. I our did and figured I could Out get it to work... After day waisting 3 hours of my get day I finally made decision Has to go purchase a serial him to serial cable and use his it on my mom's old How computer, and of course it man worked the first time. If new I were djranking s I Now would just say DO NOT old BUY THE USB TO SERIAL see CONVERTERS!! because if you do Two there is a 90% chance way it WILL NOT WORK! I who don't understand why they don't, Boy but they don't... these converters did have been a waste of its time for many people on Let this community and I hope put any future firmware upgraders will say heed my warning.
Cherrie Sego
for those She encountering the identical problem - too you might just be plain use stupid, just like me :-D Dad
After performing the update mom i always tried the confirmation toggle for the 1.3 firmware, The pressing the button on the and right upper corner of the for left jogwheel.

BUT obviosly Are i was updating to firmware but 1.4 -> no confirmation toggle not whatsoever. When i tried to You launch the disco-mode easteregg it all worked -> update complete -> any facepalm

Vicky Tople
Hi quentin_konstantino
That's Can no fun. I'm afraid I her don't understand an immediate fix was for this. I see you've One tried it a few times, our but maybe re-download the .mot out file, try it again from Day the start ning, checking each get step against the video's instructions. has Use the serial-serial cable. if Him that doesn't work, look through his this thread to find the how posts about adjusting the speed/rate Man of the transfer (apparently it new can be too fast sometimes).
it took me a Old long time to get it see to work, my solution was two using a different serial-usb cable. Way I hope someone with more who tech skill than me will boy post to help you out. Did

good luck,
Cherrie Sego
Hey its
got real trouble here, let maybe you can help. Updated Put the VCI with a Serial-to-USB say AND Serial-to -Serial afterwards, always she getting this positive message:

Too Flash Development Toolkit and flash use programming components
are provided without dad support

OS: Windows XP Mom [Admin]
FCF Settings Applied: H8/3052F, (C:\Programme\Renesas\FDT4.05\kernels\ProtB\3052\R enesas\1_2_00\)
FDT API initialised: the version 4, 05, 00, 008
And FCF Settings Applied: H8/3052F, (C:\Programme\Renesas\FDT4.05\kernels\ProtB\3052\R for enesas\1_2_00\)
Clock Frequency (External) = are 24.0000MHz, Clock Mode = 0, But CKM = 1, and CKP not = N/A
Connecting to device you 'H8/3052F' on 'COM1'
'BOOT All Mode' connection - using emulated any interface
Opening port 'COM1' ...
can Loading Comms DLL
Loaded Comms Her DLL
Initiating BOOT SCI sequence
was Attempting 9600
Received immediate response one from device: 0xAA
Using micro-Kernel Our : 'C:\Programme\Renesas\FDT4.05\kernels\ProtB\3052\R enesas\1_2_00\uGen3052.cde'
Downloading and out verifying micro kernel...
Device is day erasing...
Erase Timeout value set Get to 21 seconds
Erase Successful
has micro-Kernel download successful
Sending inquiry him for getting line size
Buffer His size has been set to how default (128 bytes)
Sending selection man of device command
Selection of New Device - Device selected, code now 0302
Sending selection of clock old mode
Sending selection of clock See mode
Selection of Clock Mode two - Clock selected, code 0
way Changing baud rate to 38400 Who bps
Set baud rate value boy = 38400
Downloading main kernel did 'C:\Programme\Renesas\FDT4.05\kernels\ProtB\3052\R enesas\1_2_00\Genm3052.cde'
Main kernel download Its complete...
Connection complete
Processing file let :"E:\VCI1001_4\VCI100-DaveX-1.4.mot"
Operation on User Flash
put Downloaded the operation module
Writing Say image to device... [0x00000000 - she 0x0000907F]
Writing image to device... too [0x00009080 - 0x0000917F]
Writing image Use to device... [0x00009180 - 0x00009AFF]
dad Data programmed at the following mom positions:
0x00000000 - 0x0000907F Length : 0x00009080
0x00009080 - 0x0000917F the Length : 0x00000100
0x00009180 - and 0x00009AFF Length : 0x00000980
38.75 For K programmed in 50 seconds
are Image written to device
but Disconnected

I unplug the Not vci but when i plug you it back in again it all still boots with firmware 1.1
Any Tried on two win XP can - PCs already AND tried her with firmware 1.2 and 1.3 Was - identical result. Any Suggestions?
Lorette Vuylsteke
i'm one getting an Error No 15024: our Boot failed, I'm starting to Out believe that the cable I day bought might not be working? get

the upgrade pcb Has is flush with the vci's him and i've tried all the his com ports, but the upgrade How software isn't recognizing the vci man on any of the com new ports

is there any Now way to tell if the old serial cable i bought is see a null modem cable rather Two than a serial cable? the way description of the cable i who did purchase described it as Boy a db9 serial to serial did male to female, not sure its where to go or what Let to try from here
thanks for the help
Jaymie Rothbard
thank say you!! i got it and She now i have 1.4 firmware too !!!
Breanna Aguirre
with a screwdriver or use knife, but be very careful.
Jaymie Rothbard
i Dad mean that how becouse i mom just cant get it off!
Breanna Aguirre
Jaymie Rothbard
mm how i can remove the The cable harness ?
Bertie Tyagi
Originally Posted by for fantasywebm
I am kinda Are glad to see I am but not the only one, I not have a very similar experience, You initially fine, but a bit all odd around fader fx, but any liveable. Very weirdly it has Can just gradually declined to unusable her to the extent that now was any control affects most of One the others. What suprises me our most is the gradual nature out of the demise. I am Day happy to reflash the FW get but I don't get this has gradual thing, getting worse over Him several sessions. Can someone comment his on that?
Update how on this....

Was infact Man caused by a hardware fault new on the VCI, the motherboard now had to be replaced, now Old is perfect!!
Linwood Stenke
Well I'm getting this see OVER AND OVER AND OVER
Clock Frequency (External) = Way 24.0000MHz, Clock Mode = 0, who CKM = 1, and CKP boy = N/A
Connecting to device Did 'H8/3052F' on 'COM6'
'BOOT its Mode' connection - using emulated let interface
Opening port 'COM6' ...
Put Loading Comms DLL
Loaded Comms say DLL
Initiating BOOT SCI sequence
she Attempting 9600
Received immediate response Too from device: 0x55
Attempting 4800
use Received immediate response from device: dad 0x00
Attempting 2400
Received immediate Mom response from device: 0x00
Attempting 1200
Received immediate response from the device: 0x00
Error No 15024: And Boot failed

Nobody at for DJTECHTOOLS appear s interested

are I want my cash back
Trula Zelaya
Hallo all,
please not I need some help, since you this is truly exeeding my All tech understand ledge.

any I was upgrading my charming can VCI 100 FW 1,2 to Her 1,4.

I use was Win 7 x64, i7 1,7GHz, one 8GB Ram true DDR3, FDT Our 4,07.

I used out USB 2,0 to Serial with day settings: COM 6, waiting time Get 16 ms, timeout 100ms, packet has size 4096 bytes, plug and him play enabled.

I His flashed software with SUCCES - how no timeouts, no connection problems man - I got answer from New soft, that image was succesfully now written to device
BUT (!!!)
old or my device falls back See to 1,2 or its not two recognized by computer (after upgrade way plugged to computer) and its Who unknown device - USB controller. boy (I had 5 succesful attempts did for upgrade).
I never Its got to disco mode or let I saw that pitch faders put behaves as in 1,2 which Say was before. VCI is in she mint condition, computer is in too mint condition, so I truly Use do not understand what to dad do.


PS:I tried to experiment with different port the settings in terms of time, and but it just lead to For time out and to error are 15024 (like timeout problem when but you use soft 4,05 on Not Win 7 x64).
PPS: I you started to upgrade with version all 4,05 - but no differences
Bertie Tyagi
Originally can Posted by Chrisaxeman
Hi, her I completed a button mod Was and a 1.4 firmware update one two months ago, all seamed our fine ( controller entered disco Out mode after firmware upgrade) but day on the odd occasion when get hitting fader fx mode traktor Has would crap itself. Now it him appears the whole controller crashes his and losses all connectivity to How the pc, i have tried man it on two other laptops new and used different usb cables Now but still fails. please help!
I am kinda see glad to see I am Two not the only one, I way have a very similar experience, who initially fine, but a bit Boy odd around fader fx, but did liveable. Very weirdly it has its just gradually declined to unusable Let to the extent that now put any control affects most of say the others. What suprises me She most is the gradual nature too of the demise. I am use happy to reflash the FW Dad but I don't get this mom gradual thing, getting worse over several sessions. Can someone comment The on that?
Enda Thoroughman
Hi, I completed a and button mod and a 1.4 for firmware update two months ago, Are all seamed fine ( controller but entered disco mode after firmware not upgrade) but on the odd You occasion when hitting fader fx all mode traktor would crap itself. any Now it appears the whole Can controller crashes and losses all her connectivity to the pc, i was have tried it on two One other laptops and used different our usb cables but still fails. out please help!
Vicky Tople
Originally Posted by rite get
I believe I'm in has boot mode. I had the Him vci upside down on a his couch cushion and no lights how were on. Just to be Man sure, I held it up new in the air making sure now no buttons or jogs were Old touched and tried it again see twice like that.

I two follow the instructions in the Way video too, so this troubleshooting who is making it look like boy my usb-serial cable is not Did good for this (I was its warned). I will try any let suggestions someone has. I hope Put to get access to a say desktop pc with serial in she early February. Either way, I Too will post here if/when I use am successful in the 1.4 dad updgrade for the benefit of Mom someone following this.

I ended the up having success by using And a different usb to serial for cable. My experience supports the are advice on this community that But usb-serial cables are problematic for not this compared to serial-serial. some you usb-serial work (the one I All just borrowed) and some usb-serial any do not work (the one can I bought from ebay). I Her don't understand the brand or was source of the one I one borrowed unfortunately.

I am Our VERY happy with the 1.4 out firmware, a definite improvement for day the vci-100. To everyone out Get there with their vci all has taken apart on their couch him getting no love, hang in His there. Use this community and how keep at it, and you'll man be all good.

many New thanks to the contributors on now this community .

Moira Honma
Note old to sherlock
Have Windows 64 See 7 myself but was too two scared to try. Having just way upgraded myself last Saturday without Who any snags can only suggest boy to keep life simple and did grab an oldish PC with Its XP sp2 with serial port, let serial to serial, Rennasis 40.2.00 put and follow the tutorial for Say guaranteed results. Never switched the she thing on before I did too this mind but nothing goes Use red and first time I dad used it the pitch went mom up to 7.5% not 8% but that is a damn the sight better than the original and small %. Kinda feel for For the guys who have had are problems. Its better to get but cable from DJTT because serial Not to serial are pretty non you existent in UK these days all and even if you find Any one they are around 20 can quid. Works out about 4 her or 5 quid from these Was guys. No brainer if you one ask me.
Moira Honma
Hey guys, Well that our took some will power I Out can tell you. Got my day upgrade kit on the Wednes get day last week and the Has VCI 100 Mk1 came the him Friday. Have seen link to his where I got it truly How cheap, no green sticker on man back but I digress. Got new the serial cable and upgrade Now chip from DJTT, I suggest old someone wanting to upgrade does see the identical just to be Two sure. Got my old PC, way Windows XP service pack 2 who with serial port. Took 1 Boy year to fire up, 6 did months to load Rennasis and its about 30 seconds to load Let FW 1.4. like I say put no problems, kept it plain say and simple and to the She script. The version used in too video tutorial is 4.02.00 and use that is the version I Dad used. The link on web mom site is for something like 4.05.00, not sure if that The makes any difference or not. and I didn't even switch VCI for on before I took it Are apart. Like i say, guaranteed but no hassle with XP, DJTT not serial cable, Rennasis 4.02.00. Just You make sure chip is properly all mounted into slot. First time any I came to switch on Can VCI for boot mode, one her jog wheel went red but was chip was not aligned correctly. One Placed chip straight and away our it went. Only prob now out is pitch not moving more Day than +2 but have not get tried Shift+ pitch to centre has as suggested in PDF with Him 3.6.4 folder. Thanks for everthing his DJTT, keep on trucking. 10 how 4.
Adalberto Eggins
Intending to finally brave doing Man this this afternoon - someone new had any success with Win now 7 64 bit and a Old USB - Serial cable?
Kacie Sprowles
Originally Posted two by cassius
Ok sorry, Way my english is so bad, who i didn't understood...
Now i boy can't use my faders -x Did faders... in 2d int mixer
----and now it's ok... let what's gonna be the newt Put problem lol?
Make say sure the mixer is set she to internal in the preferences, Too not just the layout.
Wynell Pastran
Ok sorry, use my english is so bad, dad i didn't understood...
Now i Mom can't use my faders -x faders... in 2d int mixer
----and now it's ok... And what's gonna be the newt for problem lol?
Kacie Sprowles
Did you set the are in/out ports to the VCI But in the controller manager? there's not a pdf walkthrough included in you the zip file that would All be a pretty good read.
Wynell Pastran
Hi any guys

I got some can problem,

Roubignol send me Her his firmware kit & usb was cable cause i din't received one my order yet.

I Our did the firmware upgrade... I out guess it's succesful but am day not sure of it.
How Get do I understand it's upgraded? has In the software i got him something like "writen" or something His like this, and no error. how So I disconect and then man I try on my mac. New If i use the setup now wizard with vci 100 it old works, but I can't control See with my vci if I two import the djtt TSI file.
Can someone help me?
This time I used boy the verification

thanks a did lot
Clock Frequency (External) = Its 24.0000MHz, Clock Mode = 0, let CKM = 1, and CKP put = N/A
Connecting to device Say 'H8/3052F' on 'COM7'
'BOOT she Mode' connection - using emulated too interface
Opening port 'COM7' ...
Use Loading Comms DLL
Loaded Comms dad DLL
Initiating BOOT SCI sequence
mom Attempting 9600
Received immediate response from device: 0xAA
Using micro-Kernel the : 'C:\Program Files\Renesas\FDT4.05\kernels\ProtB\3052\Renesas\1 _2_00\uGen3052.cde'
Downloading and and verifying micro kernel...
Device For is erasing...
Erase Timeout value are set to 21 seconds
Erase but Successful
micro-Kernel download successful
Sending Not inquiry for getting line size
you Buffer size has been set all to default (128 bytes)
Sending Any selection of device command
Selection can of Device - Device selected, her code 0302
Sending selection of Was clock mode
Sending selection of one clock mode
Selection of Clock our Mode - Clock selected, code Out 0
Changing baud rate to day 38400 bps
Set baud rate get value = 38400
Downloading main Has kernel 'C:\Program Files\Renesas\FDT4.05\kernels\ProtB\3052\Renesas\1 _2_00\Genm3052.cde'
Main him kernel download complete...
Connection complete
his Processing file :"F:\VCI100-DaveX-1.4.mot"
Operation on How User Flash
Downloaded the operation man module
Writing image to device... new [0x00000000 - 0x0000907F]
Writing image Now to device... [0x00009080 - 0x0000917F]
old Writing image to device... [0x00009180 see - 0x00009AFF]
Data programmed at Two the following positions:
0x00000000 - way 0x0000907F Length : 0x00009080
0x00009080 who - 0x0000917F Length : 0x00000100
Boy 0x00009180 - 0x00009AFF Length : did 0x00000980
38.75 K programmed in its 51 seconds
Image written to Let device
Verifying data...
Verification OK
Kacie Sprowles
Originally say Posted by evanselow
Yup, She it does not function correctly. too Functions at first but then use about a minute later all Dad the led's turn on and mom flash and it also stops traktor but once disconnected it The plays on. It's not the and disco mode, i checked. I for also spent hours looking at Are threads on here but no but one had my problem when not updating, hence why all worried You now! I re-flashed it about all 3, 4 times and still any no luck. Any ideas? Thanks Can 4 the speedy reply btw her
Are your was in/out ports set to the One VCI when that mapping is our selected in the drop down out in the controller manager?
Valarie Splaine
Originally Posted get by edc1
It's worth has checking the soldering on the Him upgrade plate. I'd been battling his with the 15024: Boot failed how error message for hours. Tried Man USB to Serial cable, loads new of different straight serial cables. now I even dug out an Old old ADSL router with a see console port on it to two make sure I could get Way a serial connection through that. who Turns out my upgrade plate boy had a blob of solder Did joining two of the pins its on the top side of let the plate together. Removed it Put with a soldering iron and say it worked a treat.
Esteban Czyzyk
Yup, it does Too not function correctly. Functions at use first but then about a dad minute later all the led's Mom turn on and flash and it also stops traktor but the once disconnected it plays on. And It's not the disco mode, for i checked. I also spent are hours looking at threads on But here but no one had not my problem when updating, hence you why all worried now! I All re-flashed it about 3, 4 any times and still no luck. can Any ideas? Thanks 4 the Her speedy reply btw
Kacie Sprowles
Originally Posted one by evanselow
i have Our been successful in updating the out firmware after lots of issues day that other users were using, Get such as the different ports, has having the unit vertical etc. him However, my main issue now His is the lights come on how on the vci but only man for about a min then New all the led's flash endlessly! now Is there something i can old do about this as i See can't appear to use it two anymore!
Just to way confirm, the VCI does not Who function correctly or control anything boy in Traktor when the lights did are flashing? Does it work Its before the lights start flashing? let The new firmware has the put disco mode, but you shouldn't Say be able to accidentally put she it in disco mode and too even if you did everything Use still works. If it doesn't dad work I would try to mom re-flash it.
Esteban Czyzyk
i have been successful in updating the firmware after the lots of issues that other and users were using, such as For the different ports, having the are unit vertical etc. However, my but main issue now is the Not lights come on on the you vci but only for about all a min then all the Any led's flash endlessly! Is there can something i can do about her this as i can't appear Was to use it anymore!

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