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terence fixmer has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

terence fixmer is performing within the field of Techno music and is ranked 1254 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Oliver Jones 5 hours ago:
Went off! Don’t think I played Cyclo since that famous video of me playing it at Elrow lol https://t.co/eC4MJq0kMC
Oliver Jones 6 hours ago:
RT @katehutchinson: Back from China and hurtling straight into the digital mess that is my life on laptops. Is there anyone out there who d…
Oliver Jones 9 hours ago:
RT @melodysenemy: Our remix of Tech This Out by @Elibrownbeats getting an airing. 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃 https://t.co/mflYKU8kKd
Oliver Jones 10 hours ago:
Huge remix by @melodysenemy coming soon on #ofunsoundmind https://t.co/SpZNk1OjQn
Oliver Jones 11 hours ago:
RT @RFGlasgow: Scorchio weekend ahead of #RF18! Sunday day tickets SOLD OUT! Final Saturday tickets into FINAL release ☀️😎 TIX=> https://t.…
Oliver Jones 14 hours ago:
RT @thisismaniac: I think a good melody is more important than "the perfect mix" in a beat. Sometimes we can sweat the small stuff, like th…
Oliver Jones 14 hours ago:
RT @Archie_Duffy: Well @I_Skream smashed it @Printworks_LDN sat. What a day full of very special moments. loved the mix of genres throughou…
Oliver Jones 14 hours ago:
RT @blackmadonnachi: There are so few things that really irritate me on tour. People entering a hotel room without knocking, when the do no…
Oliver Jones 14 hours ago:
@KrystalKlear https://t.co/J6bMQCTZt9
Oliver Jones 1 day ago:
RT @lukesolomon: Played a new song to my wife and she told me she liked it but would like to hear it faster so i said Why don’t your remix…
Oliver Jones 1 day ago:
RT @Printworks_LDN: Harvey's Discotheque. https://t.co/ahgotWxFnJ
Oliver Jones 2 days ago:
RT @abbawilts: This was just outstanding @Printworks_LDN @I_Skream what a night!!! https://t.co/aVYYlrGSrm
Oliver Jones 2 days ago:
More bad news. Continuing from last night I’m in absolute agony with my prolapsed discs and won’t be able to make @elrow_ today😭
Oliver Jones 2 days ago:
RT @JackLucass: What a venue @Printworks_LDN is 😍 @I_Skream That was pretty special https://t.co/qphycHbpCs
Oliver Jones 2 days ago:
Brighton gang, it’s with deep regret I’m not gonna be able to play the local heroes show w/ @dennisferrer this even… https://t.co/u8qTMNiz5T
Oliver Jones 2 days ago:
Just woke up, @Printworks_LDN I’m in the car and will be with ya in 20!
Oliver Jones 3 days ago:
sitting here listening to 'Mood Dub' with a huge smile on my face that I witnessed the first time it got played in… https://t.co/iV1IR1MT8w
Oliver Jones 3 days ago:
RT @jamieroyuk: Just finished my official remix for Skream just in time for this belter of a Saturday. Printworks then playing Lightbox 4-5…
Oliver Jones 3 days ago:
RT @RFGlasgow: SET TIMES #RF18 SUNDAY (a>z) @realAdamBeyer, Fatima Yamaha (live), @FourTet, @GreenVelvet_, Ida, @jackmaster, Joy Orbison, @…
Oliver Jones 3 days ago:
RT @iDJMag: Objektivity boss @dennisferrer takes up residency at @BlueMarlinIbiza from Sunday, with guests set to include @I_Skream, @djhei…

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