Location:Lille, France
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terence fixmer is an acclaimed DJ from France

terence fixmer is performing within the field of Techno music and is ranked 1253 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Oliver Jones 34 minutes ago:
RT @allysbaird: @PhantomsAreLame @I_Skream FUCKIN YAS! I still play The Phantom's Revenge tunes religiously
Oliver Jones 35 minutes ago:
RT @NdoSlvrClbMbr: @PhantomsAreLame @I_Skream Criminally underrated! You are one of my favorite artists. Been a fan for a long time!
Oliver Jones 5 hours ago:
More releases coming soon https://t.co/h9qw4RaUJO
Oliver Jones 6 hours ago:
RT @PhantomsAreLame: huge thanks to @I_Skream, not only for releasing my tracks but also for the push he gave me, i had 0 tracks when we st…
Oliver Jones 12 hours ago:
Completely out of my hands l https://t.co/T7sH68uYKJ
Oliver Jones 2 days ago:
@angusbrash @lostbeachclub 1-4 :)
Oliver Jones 3 days ago:
RT @attackmag1: After an impressive 15 years in the industry, @I_Skream has earned a reputation as a constant innovator. Attack called him…
Oliver Jones 3 days ago:
Coloumbia, thank you the vibes were nice! Next stop another debut for me @lostbeachclub
Oliver Jones 3 days ago:
HWFG. https://t.co/uXyFxAz3sa
Oliver Jones 3 days ago:
RT @is_it_dom: @I_Skream has done a lot of things to warrant being my hero but this article is king https://t.co/LXTBIbEKYl
Oliver Jones 3 days ago:
RT @dj_jamesburton: Feeling back at home on @I_Skream’s Of Unsound Mind label for my next EP. ‘Summer disco track’ has been hammered by @I_…
Oliver Jones 3 days ago:
Quite possibly one of my proudest interviews reading that back.....I Try to be as honest as possible and I'm really… https://t.co/4QhjE83MGd
Oliver Jones 3 days ago:
RT @_elderbrook: @I_Skream remix of Capricorn is out now! https://t.co/cGmFB2jb3y https://t.co/rROHRJmkyo
Oliver Jones 4 days ago:
RT @GlennTemp: A tune I’ll never forget is Scott Brown - Now is the time. Making a random guy who came in are room down straight vodka to t…
Oliver Jones 4 days ago:
Shouts to @BLive having it right off! follow @problem_central SALUTE!
Oliver Jones 4 days ago:
Some belters here: https://t.co/ugTYcVt7f3
Oliver Jones 4 days ago:
Do The Education: Skream Shared His Influences and Favorite Tunes on Twitter Last Night https://t.co/JSAzZZO3wJ via @ComplexMusic
Oliver Jones 4 days ago:
My mates who dig holes for a living deal with probably 98 percent stress most days......... https://t.co/0417ZKRLGH
Oliver Jones 4 days ago:
Wanting a tune that much that isn't available, even on YouTube lol that you find out who mastered it and contact them and get it.....
Oliver Jones 4 days ago:
That's the question that's on everybody's lips at the moment....... https://t.co/CX4p2451VV

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