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terence fixmer has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

terence fixmer is performing within the field of Techno music and is ranked 1257 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Oliver Jones 18 minutes ago:
Hahah I’ve done a mix of this aswell... Mines more of an extended mix https://t.co/8deRTWh4Tg
Oliver Jones 54 minutes ago:
RT @KrystalKlear: Thank you Paris!!! An amazing week. See you soon Edinburgh!!! Liquid Rooms Night Vision tonight with @I_Skream and Hamm…
Oliver Jones 1 hour ago:
RT @PressureGlasgow: This summer @I_Skream debuts at The Galvinizers at @SWG3glasgow where he will join Maximum Pressure head-honchos @SLAM…
Oliver Jones 2 hours ago:
RT @ElliottDrury: Selling ticket to @I_Skream in Birmingham March 16th (or a volunteer to supervise me)
Oliver Jones 3 hours ago:
RT @KrystalKlear: Could? Absolutely fucking will. https://t.co/UgbnccZRYx
Oliver Jones 3 hours ago:
Huge shouts to @dannyhowarddj for giving this a spin last night! https://t.co/Z9ofIsSWmu
Oliver Jones 4 hours ago:
Off up the road tonight with @thehammerhits and @KrystalKlear This could get messy..... https://t.co/ykFjs95lp3
Oliver Jones 19 hours ago:
Anyone know how to get a blank patch up on the Korg Triton?
Oliver Jones 19 hours ago:
RT @rubiekennedyx: selling 1 kaluki patrick topping takeover ticket for the 15th of march @ Manchester academy! message me @Patrick_Topping…
Oliver Jones 22 hours ago:
RT @MARTYN3024: Important thread about management and agents (applies to djs as well as bands) https://t.co/68frDjmCuR
Oliver Jones 22 hours ago:
RT @Elibrownbeats: Out now... Listen Here: https://t.co/EH3R4d4VGa Stream on Spotify: https://t.co/kfomvcxkiY @melodysenemy @I_Skream ht…
Oliver Jones 1 day ago:
OI OI Life Festival i'm coming back for you!!! Cannot wait <3 https://t.co/IJF2SJqBvw
Oliver Jones 1 day ago:
RT @SWG3glasgow: As announced last night, we can't wait to welcome back the show-stopper that is @I_Skream and Glasgow pioneers, @SLAMdjs…
Oliver Jones 1 day ago:
Can not fuxking wait for this! https://t.co/qvLuW0y7O2
Oliver Jones 1 day ago:
RT @GallagherPiers: This night still hasn’t been beaten @I_Skream the man himself even poured voddy down my neck x https://t.co/gGbvS2GMMs
Oliver Jones 1 day ago:
This is gold mate! https://t.co/Cji85hBfzb
Oliver Jones 1 day ago:
RT @marcrebillet: One of the high points of my life so far! Happy Valentine's Day. https://t.co/rDhH0oi0Md
Oliver Jones 2 days ago:
RT @TicketArena: It'll be good vibes only when @I_Skream takes on @SugarmillStoke thanks to @themoveuk 👌😎 https://t.co/vkWLOyJpCl
Oliver Jones 2 days ago:
RT @TheTuesdayTapes: @I_Skream @BISradio @royksopp (the whole tracklist + link) https://t.co/ZX9IyFkOrF
Oliver Jones 2 days ago:
RT @TheTuesdayTapes: kudos to @I_Skream who, in his set for @BISradio, recouped this forgotten #year2K gem by Mekon & @royksopp… https://t.…

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