Genre:Dubstep, Electro House
    Location:Los Angeles, United States
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United States



kill the noise is a well known DJ with a loyal fan base

kill the noise is performing within the field of Dubstep, Electro House music and is ranked 166 on the official DJ rankings list (

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к†и 49 minutes ago:
@FoxChildMusic Ok cool check ur DMs
к†и 55 minutes ago:
@BROJOBOFFICIAL @FuntCaseUK @AcreMedia Yea man! Hit me up when ur thinking of coming down!
к†и 58 minutes ago:
Gonna hit Tampa tonight at the Ritz with @FuntCaseUK excited to see lots of our friends as well tonight gonna be fu…
к†и 2 hours ago:
@MalaVidaMusic no way, are u joking??
к†и 2 hours ago:
@FuntCaseUK haha ah shit ok ill see u at the show !
к†и 2 hours ago:
@FuntCaseUK yea man! ill hit you up when i land!
к†и 2 hours ago:
@FuntCaseUK yea good point, thats like trying to argue with someone about religion
к†и 3 hours ago:
I’m glad I can argue with people on my twitter and it doesn’t get personal I’m not always right of course but I’m p…
к†и 3 hours ago:
@CodesHouse I am bothered by it cause I don’t understand it
к†и 10 hours ago:
@deanmusic_ Yea! Thanks!
к†и 13 hours ago:
RT @BracewellLiz: Ready for @killthenoise and @FuntCaseUK at the Ritz tomorrow 🤗
к†и 13 hours ago:
@FoxChildMusic If u send me info I’ll def figure it out for ya!
к†и 13 hours ago:
@FoxChildMusic What was it that was ordered can you forward it or take a screen shot?
к†и 16 hours ago:
RT @killthenoise: Hey y’all, here’s the official recap from the B2B with @12thplanet ! @EDC_LasVegas 2018 @bassrush stage! Just a lil flash…
к†и 17 hours ago:
@DerekMK @brosafari @Wuki I’m walking through airport doing text to speech
к†и 17 hours ago:
@brosafari @Wuki Premier lol!
к†и 17 hours ago:
@brosafari @Wuki Do you guys know if there’s any features I’d be missing if I use per mirror instead of final cut
к†и 21 hours ago:
@FuntCaseUK hahah I'm just talking shit, if someone gets butt hurt they must be very sensitive
к†и 21 hours ago:
@SlanderOfficial @tuckerkreway this is dope guys can't wait to play it :)
к†и 21 hours ago:
RT @SlanderOfficial: JUMP YA BODY REMIX [OUT NOW] @tuckerkreway @killthenoise

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