Genre:Dubstep, Electro House
    Location:Los Angeles, United States
165 official

United States



kill the noise is an outstanding DJ who has proven a succesful brand on the international scene

kill the noise is performing within the field of Dubstep, Electro House music and is ranked 165 on the official DJ rankings list (

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к†и 8 minutes ago:
@emil_niklasson In certain places SoundCloud was holding on but I think given the opportunity some of the hold outs…
к†и 23 minutes ago:
Good question I actually don’t know the answer to that
к†и 24 minutes ago:
@Perylian It’s crazy how one extra step like dealing with a digital distributor can make all the difference
к†и 27 minutes ago:
Spotify just gave SoundCloud the final deathblow
к†и 37 minutes ago:
@woolimusic @squnto @Mat_Zo The long game is that if you wanna be consistently successful some people have a “head…
к†и 38 minutes ago:
@woolimusic @squnto I was talkin bout this with @Mat_Zo about this on here a while back. Some people might have an…
к†и 51 minutes ago:
RT @Mat_Zo: Biggup @UKF for the premiere of my new tune 'Vice'
к†и 4 hours ago:
RT @snailmusic: ONLY WANT BASSSSS 🐌💀 @killthenoise, @NGHTMRE, @akylla_music 🎥:@BRXVN_
к†и 21 hours ago:
@Ghastly @woolimusic @MUSTDIEmusic *say it in a way that’s condescending
к†и 21 hours ago:
RT @knifecast_live: Knifecast is LIVE! STREAM LINK:
к†и 21 hours ago:
@Ghastly @woolimusic @MUSTDIEmusic Yea totally just kinda breaking apart what people mean when they say “original”…
к†и 23 hours ago:
@woolimusic @MUSTDIEmusic I’m being a total dick haha I am saying this with utmost humility here
к†и 23 hours ago:
@woolimusic @MUSTDIEmusic I think for many artists the idea of an all original set sounds better in theory than rea…
к†и 24 hours ago:
@MUSTDIEmusic No doubt I’m just sayin there’s a difference between an “all original set” and an all original festival set perhaps...
к†и 24 hours ago:
@MUSTDIEmusic With that being said it’s all good I just wanna hear a good set, a set of all original music that is…
к†и 24 hours ago:
@MUSTDIEmusic One thing I gotta say is people say they play all original music but still use drop vocals from extre…
к†и 1 day ago:
90% of the content on YouTube is cursed
к†и 2 days ago:
God dammit I love bill burr
к†и 2 days ago:
@GREXbeatz yea @tisoki showed me it, i bought it, i personally say for $29 bucks its prob worth it, i paid $150 for…
к†и 2 days ago:
@MarcStraight i have used it, i don't use it all the time but its dope for sure all the sound toys stuff is fun to use !

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