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SKisM 1 hour ago:
.@lost_lands was the best b2b w/ @Trampamusic yet. Tag yourselves / drop a comment so we know it was real ❤️ 📸 -…
SKisM 1 day ago:
SKisM 2 days ago:
RT @TrampaMusic: Fair to say, me and @skism_uk fucking walloped Lost Lands
SKisM 2 days ago:
RT @Samplifire: Mancubus EP | 24 Sept | @BlackLabelNSD
SKisM 3 days ago:
Go cop that new @ECRAZEmusic EP NOW! 🔥🔥🔥 BUY / STREAM - [ @brokenwoodprod ]
SKisM 4 days ago:
RT @BlackLabelNSD: The boss man @skism_uk dropping French Hood! cc: @ecrazemusic PRESAVE -
SKisM 4 days ago:
@Eptic @TrampaMusic @TheJaneGreer Killed it. So proud of you x
SKisM 5 days ago:
@TrampaMusic Horny
SKisM 5 days ago:
Lost Lands was so good that me and @TrampaMusic were literally just laughing the entire time during our set 👌🏼 CC…
SKisM 5 days ago:
RT @Eptic: Off to Fuck up Minneapolis now 🔥 So stoked to have some of my best friends @skism_uk b2b @TrampaMusic with me 😤😤😤
SKisM 5 days ago:
Double Teamed In fact ✌🏼
SKisM 5 days ago:
@TenGraphs Nope, sorry
SKisM 6 days ago:
RT @megalodondubs: THE TOOTH & RAIL EP IS OFFICIALLY OUT NOW! Stream/Buy: cc: @neversaydie…
SKisM 1 week ago:
RT @Dubloadz: The Ghost Gang EP is out now! Much love to all of you guys and gals for the awesome feedback and massive huge big ups to all…
SKisM 1 week ago:
RT @megalodondubs: TOOTH & RAIL IS COMING! ARE YOU READY? 9/14 cc: @neversaydie Pre-Save:…
SKisM 2 weeks ago:
RT @Excision: Stoked to destroy Red Rocks this October! 🙅🏻‍♂️ Tix/info:
SKisM 2 weeks ago:
Lol I have more involvement in more tunes than a lot of big name ‘producers’ have in their ‘own’, but I never got i…
SKisM 2 weeks ago:
You could say I was fucking an expert
SKisM 2 weeks ago:
During Sex
SKisM 2 weeks ago:
@wolfganggartner Too many to choose just one! I’m gonna have to do 3 - Frenetica, Fire Power & Undertaker 👌🏽

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