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SKisM 1 hour ago:
Me and @TrampaMusic are joining the (Zom)boy wonder on the Rott N' Roll Tour. Chicago Stand Up! TICKETS -…
SKisM 3 days ago:
@SPAGHEDDY Got you fam #courgetti
SKisM 3 days ago:
Can confirm
SKisM 4 days ago:
RT @spacelaces: SPCELCS_0210_VLT
SKisM 5 days ago:
RT @bootshaus_club: Gods & Monsters XL: @AmelieLens x @KlaudiaGawlas x @FarragoL x @skism_uk B2B @TrampaMusic x @TrolleySnatcha ❌ Event:…
SKisM 1 week ago:
@OfficialKrimer That shit will make you sick, throw your ex up 🤮
SKisM 2 weeks ago:
@FuntCaseUK @BlazeStarInc @PersistUk Sounds familiar, but not me 🤷🏽‍♂️
SKisM 2 weeks ago:
@OfficialKrimer 🔥
SKisM 2 weeks ago:
RT @OfficialKrimer: Me and @skism_uk made a new tune called ‘Never Gonna Happen’ super stoke for this release tbh.
SKisM 2 weeks ago:
@Ivorydubz @uburdub Chopping
SKisM 2 weeks ago:
@uburdub You boys are late. Where the party at?
SKisM 2 weeks ago:
And don’t mistake my intentions. I cum in peace
SKisM 2 weeks ago:
And yet the mere mention of it has got you more interaction than an Amsterdam glory hole. People in glass houses sh…
SKisM 2 weeks ago:
RT @Rodrixrj: Love it❤😍 @neversaydie @skism_uk
SKisM 2 weeks ago:
@PegboardNerds @TrampaMusic Good to see you man, safe travels ✌🏼
SKisM 3 weeks ago:
RT @TrampaMusic: That’s @skism_uk right after sending a fiery email
SKisM 3 weeks ago:
RT @tynanofficial: 11/9
SKisM 3 weeks ago:
SKisM 4 weeks ago:
RT @ZaddyZavage: @TrampaMusic X @skism_uk did not deserve that sound restriction. That shit deserves to be turned the fuck up, gahhh dayum
SKisM 4 weeks ago:
ATL HO [ @empintermedia ]

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