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SKisM 4 hours ago:
@BadKlaat Bet you won’t forget the car journey back either 😂
SKisM 6 hours ago:
SKisM 7 hours ago:
RT @TrampaMusic: Tonight is SOLD OUT. Chicago’s about to get wallopped.
SKisM 7 hours ago:
@FuckJasonWhite @klintslvyvll 😂❤️
SKisM 7 hours ago:
@FuckJasonWhite @klintslvyvll Aww shucks guys ☺️ shame I think you’re both dicks
SKisM 11 hours ago:
SKisM 12 hours ago:
@jlmafi @TrampaMusic Ayee nice to meet you!
SKisM 12 hours ago:
RT @ConcordHall: TONIGHT! Tickets are going FAST for Trampa at Concord Music Hall. Special guest, SKisM will be joining Trampa, along with…
SKisM 13 hours ago:
@SweetTooth_LA @yakzdubz @Midnightasaurus @TrampaMusic @caspaofficial Aye good to meet you dude ✌🏼
SKisM 1 day ago:
Absolute Beast of an EP from @Kompanymusic 💪
SKisM 1 day ago:
@eliminatemusic JisM
SKisM 1 day ago:
RT @IrishLassie92: All I’ve wanted for literally years is to see @TrampaMusic and @skism_uk together and now just like that, it’s happening…
SKisM 1 day ago:
@blankfacedubs Woot woot!
SKisM 1 day ago:
@Kompanymusic Ayyye 🕺
SKisM 1 day ago:
RT @ConcordHall: ⚡️ Surprise ⚡️ Special guest, Skism will be joining Trampa tomorrow night! Tickets are almost sold out so grab your ticket…
SKisM 1 day ago:
@blankfacedubs 😋
SKisM 1 day ago:
RT @TrampaMusic: Bassrush Massive is getting RATTLED tonight. B2B with @skism_uk
SKisM 3 days ago:
Thanks for all the suggestions! I actually hate deep dish pizza lol but it looks like Chicago is the move anyway 😉
SKisM 3 days ago:
RT @TrampaMusic: I would Wallop a deep dish pizza this weekend. Someone help us out.... 👀
SKisM 3 days ago:

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