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SKisM 2 days ago:
RT @BlackLabelNSD: Black Ops III OUT NOW -
SKisM 3 days ago:
B2B w/ @TrampaMusic at @ANIMALZFR 🔥🔥🔥 [ @gaspard_wenner ]
SKisM 3 days ago:
“@HarvTheGoat1: Volleying lessons with me and @skism_uk” Bro I've still got cake on my shoe from volleying it haha
SKisM 3 days ago:
“@GCUK_: WE ARE LIVE 💎” 👀 See y'all in the comments
SKisM 5 days ago:
RT @mikaylaleigh__: when the riddim is so real you literally blow the roof off the place @yakzdubz @BloodThinnerz @blankfacedubs https://t.…
SKisM 5 days ago:
RT @Herobust: Paris tonight with so many of the dawgs 💪💥 @ANIMALZFR
SKisM 5 days ago:
Cc @TrampaMusic
SKisM 5 days ago:
This is the one night of the year that I condone cruelty to @ANIMALZFR . Trampa and me gonna fuk u up fam 💪🏼😿
SKisM 6 days ago:
Going B2B with @Trampamusic again this weekend. Every time we do this it feels like history in the making
SKisM 7 days ago:
“@TrampaMusic: PARIS TOMORROW IS GONNA GET FUCKING #WHACKED @skism_uk” Crash bang Wallop
SKisM 1 week ago:
The Black Label boys are back in town! TICKETS -
SKisM 1 week ago:
#CERTIFIED 011 - DEPTHS Time to go a little deeper and darker LISTEN -
SKisM 1 week ago:
“@TrampaMusic: I ain't into twitter/internet beef, so either try fight me or fuck off” Get yourself a man who can do both ☝️😂
SKisM 1 week ago:
@killthenoise my 2 yr old keeps saying 'For Fuck's Sake' at his Day care. No idea where he gets it from 🙄
SKisM 1 week ago:
50 Hurtz is one of my favourite parties in Europe, can't wait to come back with the NSD fam!
SKisM 1 week ago:
RT @OthersDubstep: @skism_uk
SKisM 1 week ago:
@skism_uk This is up there for me
SKisM 1 week ago:
@trampamusic pum pum pum pum
SKisM 1 week ago:
Favorite Dubstep tune of all time?
SKisM 2 weeks ago:
@oddprophet 😂

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