Genre:Dubstep, Electro House
    Location:Los Angeles, United States
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United States



kill the noise is a world famous DJ who has global recognition

kill the noise is performing within the field of Dubstep, Electro House music and is ranked 174 on the official DJ rankings list (

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ЖTИ 25 minutes ago:
@jonogrant @Mat_Zo This is exactly why we did it!
ЖTИ 1 hour ago:
RT @killthenoise: Just put a bunch of new designs up at RT this and I’ll pick some of you randomly to send some stu…
ЖTИ 12 hours ago:
@Mat_Zo I’m high but you have to admit it was a good choice high or not
ЖTИ 16 hours ago:
@DavidVonderhaar Aw Man U didn’t have to do that I woulda sent you some stuff miss ya brotha we def need to hang out soon ❤️🍻
ЖTИ 18 hours ago:
@livlaugholive This guy DEFAME search it on Instagram!!
ЖTИ 18 hours ago:
ЖTИ 22 hours ago:
@HybridBlood @feedme hahaha
ЖTИ 24 hours ago:
@12thplanet While that in itself is really cool to wonder about, I just feel like in some way why can’t it all be t…
ЖTИ 24 hours ago:
@12thplanet when I used to play D&D there was all kinds of gods a topic “Ao” came up in a campaign. Ao is the god o…
ЖTИ 1 day ago:
@_YuckNasty_ Stay tuned 🍻
ЖTИ 1 day ago:
Just put a bunch of new designs up at RT this and I’ll pick some of you randomly to send so…
ЖTИ 1 day ago:
Congrats to my bro @feedme on his new album well done m8 🍻
ЖTИ 2 days ago:
@12thplanet I believe our whole universe is a simulation running on some kids computer to mine bit coins
ЖTИ 2 days ago:
@12thplanet I mean why not? it isn’t crazier than any other origin story I’ve heard
ЖTИ 2 days ago:
@12thplanet The alien god race made us crave precious metals
ЖTИ 3 days ago:
@eprombeats don't mean to harp on it, but this struck a chord with me
ЖTИ 3 days ago:
@hydraulixdub dude wtf the new tunes are insane brotha holy shit
ЖTИ 3 days ago:
@ezramechaber Haha that’s awesome man! Nah I don’t need it but do you have a pic of it?
ЖTИ 4 days ago:
god damn its crazy how much people rip off david rudnick
ЖTИ 4 days ago:
RT @eprombeats: Day Zero. Drone Warfare — The Music Video is now available to stream via the link in my bio. Over the last year, I wrote, p…

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