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    Genre:Electro House
    Location:Girona, Spain
127 official dj-rankings.com




sak noel is a well known DJ with a loyal fan base

sak noel is performing within the field of Electro House music and is ranked 127 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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🍑 Sak Noel 🍑 6 hours ago:
@IAMETC thats one of my aliases
🍑 Sak Noel 🍑 1 day ago:
🔥🔥🔥 @GhettoKids_ https://t.co/xjuXPHPbVp
🍑 Sak Noel 🍑 3 days ago:
FC BARCELONA https://t.co/wUAnnSg4hZ
🍑 Sak Noel 🍑 4 days ago:
Today is a good day because I made 16 dollars on Soundcloud
🍑 Sak Noel 🍑 6 days ago:
@IAMETC no, it’s... https://t.co/mR7amR98Wb
🍑 Sak Noel 🍑 7 days ago:
RT @IAMETC: Moombahton sounds good today
🍑 Sak Noel 🍑 2 weeks ago:
Espero estén todos bien en Mexico 🙏🏽🙏🏽
🍑 Sak Noel 🍑 2 weeks ago:
this is how I really look like when I untie my hair https://t.co/54IJZSJeDd
🍑 Sak Noel 🍑 2 weeks ago:
@henryfong Henrietta ❤️
🍑 Sak Noel 🍑 2 weeks ago:
Estimado 2020, por la presente quiero preguntarle si sería tan amable de dejarme disfrutar de un EVENTO BARNATON de… https://t.co/qPmX1Q2CCW
🍑 Sak Noel 🍑 3 weeks ago:
This is my most important show of 2020, my 1st show after all we have been thru. Im so happy, I CANT WAIT. 7/15 in… https://t.co/ROvHtY0xcm
🍑 Sak Noel 🍑 3 weeks ago:
@henryfong welcome, its a wholeee new woooorld
🍑 Sak Noel 🍑 3 weeks ago:
After years in this music industry Ive decided It’s time to give something back. Starting monday I’ll share my expe… https://t.co/9S2KZZihZW
🍑 Sak Noel 🍑 3 weeks ago:
happy birthday to the one and only @DJHappyColors 🎂
🍑 Sak Noel 🍑 3 weeks ago:
This Friday we are finally releasing “ARRIBA” You have been hearing it on my sets for a while. Truth is, we have to… https://t.co/tODBvVaEcc
🍑 Sak Noel 🍑 4 weeks ago:
RT @salvi_music: Stereo Love Remix ❤️ #studiotime https://t.co/xvcl4d1w4d
🍑 Sak Noel 🍑 4 weeks ago:
@henryfong sorry to hear that man, hope she recovers quickly
🍑 Sak Noel 🍑 1 month ago:
RT @UnrigLA: Even Garcetti’s rich white neighbors get it more than he does. https://t.co/jjZp9CEjLb
🍑 Sak Noel 🍑 1 month ago:
RT @barnaton: EL RACISMO NO CABE EN BARNATON NI EN NINGÚN SITIO. https://t.co/4ifKphmoA9
🍑 Sak Noel 🍑 1 month ago:
BARCELONA ❤️ https://t.co/5sF9ZzLBWf

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