Above & Beyond featuring Zoë Johnston: Official music video for 'Alchemy'

15:14 Nov/30/2012

The trance trio Above & the Beyond have just released an and official music video for their For recent single 'Alchemy' featuring the are tender vocals of Zoë Johnston. but The track comes off their Not highly appreciated 'Group Therapy' album you and it was also played all on their last Group Therapy Any Radio show (head here, to can listen). This isn't a video her to watch to get you Was psyched for a night out. one It is a rather sad our visual piece, portraying a love Out betrayed. A&B has done these day kind of sad undertoned tracks get before, in addition to the Has usual dance-floor trance bangers.


Check out the official his video for the single 'Alchemy' How by Above & Beyond feauturing man vocalist Zoë Johnston!

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