Genre:Drum & Bass, Dubstep
    Location:Paris, France
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dirtyphonics is a world famous DJ who has global recognition

dirtyphonics is performing within the field of Drum & Bass, Dubstep music and is ranked 127 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Dirtyphonics 3 hours ago:
@Zedd1sDead @DeltaHeavyUK @Disciplerecs @bassrush @EDC_LasVegas 🙏🏻
Dirtyphonics 4 hours ago:
@bealy_beal @reddit Oh shit maybe we did back then... I’m sure you can find a torrent of DL link somewhere. If not… https://t.co/2yZCFvNc6K
Dirtyphonics 4 hours ago:
@whoissiege Oopsies 😎
Dirtyphonics 4 hours ago:
@ty_fujii 😬😈
Dirtyphonics 4 hours ago:
@k33pCalm_RaveOn @Disciplerecs @bassrush @DeltaHeavyUK @EDC_LasVegas “No Mercy” https://t.co/EiCsaBhIa9
Dirtyphonics 4 hours ago:
@bealy_beal It’s never been released so probably only on @reddit lol.
Dirtyphonics 4 hours ago:
@PhaseOneAU It’s a fun idea but it means that new producers need to write 70 songs before getting a slot. Music is… https://t.co/FzX7dGxKgJ
Dirtyphonics 8 hours ago:
RT @oraperra: That security guard just standing there barely holding the rail thinking’s he accomplishing something. Lmao. They should star…
Dirtyphonics 8 hours ago:
RT @larissruiz: @DIRTYPHONICS done fucked me up with this one, I legit thought this was a metal track https://t.co/Eerr5WGqwC
Dirtyphonics 8 hours ago:
RT @MSHJR155: https://t.co/qeJzvBN9Av this is fucking insane lads @PhaseOneAU @DIRTYPHONICS
Dirtyphonics 15 hours ago:
@Natemcaloon @Disciplerecs @bassrush @DeltaHeavyUK @EDC_LasVegas We woke the sun up together 😎
Dirtyphonics 20 hours ago:
Shout out to @NoraEnPure and @Spotify for putting « Last Stand » at the top of her Friday Cradiggers playlist 🤘🏻… https://t.co/lB1CpZdWGH
Dirtyphonics 21 hours ago:
@Love_Tha_Caper @Disciplerecs @bassrush @DeltaHeavyUK @EDC_LasVegas 😂
Dirtyphonics 22 hours ago:
RT @Love_Tha_Caper: @DIRTYPHONICS @Disciplerecs @bassrush @DeltaHeavyUK @EDC_LasVegas ".... ON YOUR SOUL" https://t.co/f17wWDZXIv
Dirtyphonics 23 hours ago:
🤘🏻🤘🏻TAKE US BACK to EDC !! 🤘🏻🤘🏻 @Disciplerecs @bassrush @DeltaHeavyUK @EDC_LasVegas https://t.co/hmw19dIgYH
Dirtyphonics 23 hours ago:
RT @JJayClouds: Anyone fucking with that new @DIRTYPHONICS ep yet?! Omggggg👀🙏🔥😈 fucking nut, and that collab with @PhaseOneAU absolutely go…
Dirtyphonics 1 day ago:
@illGatesMusic 😱
Dirtyphonics 1 day ago:
RT @12thplanet: Just uploaded episode 18 #SwamplexRadio to my SoundCloud. This episode includes @bandlez @Antiserum @definitiveus @barelya…
Dirtyphonics 1 day ago:
@12thplanet @bandlez @Antiserum @DefinitiveUS @BarelyAliveUS @PhaseOneAU @MUSTDIEmusic @ImFigure @dodgeandfuski… https://t.co/ECd10fb4Xg
Dirtyphonics 1 day ago:
RT @mathsounds: @DIRTYPHONICS's new EP on @Disciplerecs is an absolute monster, every tracks is bombastic, nasty and showcases their incred…

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