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    Location:Southampton, United Kingdom
4275 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



ridney is a professional DJ who is mainly working in

ridney is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 4275 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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RIDNEY 24 hours ago:
@MightyMouseHQ But remember, it’ll be better for it 🎶
RIDNEY 2 days ago:
@dannyhowarddj Link expired!
RIDNEY 2 days ago:
Very proud, "Summer Love" (which I co-wrote in just a handful of hrs with @lovelylaurasax at her house in #Ibiza) h… https://t.co/pSvxlGjEfO
RIDNEY 3 days ago:
@DannyKayIbiza @RealJudgeJules @Mamboibiza @CafedelMar_Ibz My first year on the island. Sat on the beach outside… https://t.co/b4oMCddGLO
RIDNEY 3 days ago:
Doc says to continue resting, so in bed making Drum n Bass in @Ableton 🎶
RIDNEY 5 days ago:
Huge thanks to @toddedwards3000 for the ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ feedback on "Gravity" (with @DianaMiroMusic) & the @dariodattis re… https://t.co/beic8EcgmO
RIDNEY 6 days ago:
RT @FG_DJ_Radio: 🎧⚠️Coup de coeur FG du jour : Moodena remixe 'Gotta Have' de @ridney et @richardearnshaw avec @INAYADAY ! https://t.co/LLQ…
RIDNEY 1 week ago:
RT @GlenHorsborough: Big remix from Italian production duo @MatteiAndOmich of 'All Your Love' by @ridney, @LauraVane and Jayefel on @ltbhre…
RIDNEY 1 week ago:
Loosing a stone in just over a week definitely wasn’t on my plan, but I’ll take it 🤣
RIDNEY 2 weeks ago:
RT @LTBH_: The huge brand new @MatteiAndOmich Remix of ‘All Your Love by @ridney @LauraVane & Jayefel is OUT ON FRIDAY Check it out here 🔗…
RIDNEY 2 weeks ago:
For those asking, due to recovering time post ops, all gigs cancelled until Nov 6th 🙏🎶
RIDNEY 2 weeks ago:
Home sweet home, time to continue recovery with meds. Thanks again to everyone who checked in on me, means a lot 🙏 x
RIDNEY 2 weeks ago:
@Blessed_Madonna @BBC6Music Locked in from my hospital bed post appendicitis op 🎶
RIDNEY 3 weeks ago:
Hugely grateful to the amazing NHS staff who’ve looked after me during my operation over the last 2 days. Big thank… https://t.co/sMAwWgFiWd
RIDNEY 3 weeks ago:
@RobdaBank @degzy99 is your man Rob 👍
RIDNEY 3 weeks ago:
@iMusic_Group @Agency_WRLD @KNOXHOUSEMUSIC @Anticodon23 Tons of fun flipping this one 👍🎶
RIDNEY 3 weeks ago:
Huge thanks to @UKShapeshifters for playing “Gotta Have” (Moodena Remix) with @richardearnshaw & @INAYADAY on… https://t.co/O5ltRADM9O
RIDNEY 3 weeks ago:
RT @FutureDisco: Today Cafe Mambo resident, @ridney drops his single Gravity which features a remix of his track 'Constantly' by @Tilman_Fi…
RIDNEY 3 weeks ago:
RT @GlenHorsborough: The new MOODENA REMIX is OUT TODAY on @ltbhrecords 👌🏻 @ridney @INAYADAY & @richardearnshaw DL/Stream - https://t.co…
RIDNEY 3 weeks ago:
RT @LTBH_: Big ups to @UKShapeshifters for supporting the new Moodena Remix of ‘Gotta Have’ ❤️🙏🏻☮️🎵@Glitterbox @ridney @richardearnshaw @…

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