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ridney has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

ridney is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 3809 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Ridney 1 day ago:
@ghostsofvenice Indeed it is, but Homework trumps it 🎶
Ridney 4 days ago:
@PhantomsAreLame Excellent and tremendous 🎶👍
Ridney 5 days ago:
RT @mambolandagency: See you this afternoon at @ibizarocks !!! w/ @lovelylaurasax @bensantiago & @ridney https://t.co/vjZZwrEDGQ https://t…
Ridney 6 days ago:
@MIKEDISCALA Amazing isn’t it!! 👍
Ridney 1 week ago:
RT @FRougemeistar: Shhhh Revolution The Hidden Garden party Tomorrow #93Feeteast Not to Be Missed 8-10pm RIDNEY (Cafe Mambo Classic Ibiza…
Ridney 1 week ago:
@Jon_Hackett Done x
Ridney 1 week ago:
My latest DJ mix for @1001tracklists inc productions on @AndrewNervous @Soulfuric @DefectedRecords @toolroomrecords… https://t.co/96kon9FmZu
Ridney 1 week ago:
The Aphex Twin “T69 Collapse” video is the Prodigy “One Love” follow up I’ve waited 24 years for 👍 #awesome
Ridney 1 week ago:
Can’t wait to be back in #london this Sat! Looking to be a great one @FRougemeistar https://t.co/vJUuI2oovL
Ridney 2 weeks ago:
@DjAshLowe @Mamboibiza @embassyeb @toughlovemusic Gonna be a belter! 🎶👊
Ridney 2 weeks ago:
RT @1001TLtv: "I try and play as much of my own stuff as possible – I’ve always found a bigger buzz seeing a great reaction to your own tra…
Ridney 2 weeks ago:
Previewed some of my new album exclusively on @1001tracklists 🎶 👊 https://t.co/GCa1kcLG4x
Ridney 2 weeks ago:
@jasontrinder I got sent a promo many many months ago, not sure if it ever came out ??👊🎶
Ridney 2 weeks ago:
@PhoebedAbo Well done you guys, welcome to the club 👍👍
Ridney 3 weeks ago:
From #italy to #wales this Saturday with my besties @lovelylaurasax & @bensantiago 🤙 @Mamboibiza @mambolandagency https://t.co/8ww9QA76aC
Ridney 3 weeks ago:
Really appreciate the @DefectedRecords team selecting one of my tracks for their latest compilation. Out today in u… https://t.co/P7uo3ZFbCO
Ridney 3 weeks ago:
@FatboySlim @cercle @CercleMusic Hope you don’t mind me respectfully correcting, but I was 1st DJ to play it in 201… https://t.co/c8Y2L6c4PL
Ridney 4 weeks ago:
@jemhaynes @andydaniell Word
Ridney 4 weeks ago:
Heading back to #london this week for @Mamboibiza at @__McQueen__ 🙌🎶 https://t.co/TyMIKUOc5G
Ridney 4 weeks ago:
RT @mambolandagency: From Ibiza to Newcastle ✈🌏☀🌴 @Ridney is on the way to Party with you today! >> https://t.co/ii8J0mpl08 @geordiemoor…

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