Genre:Psy-Trance, Trance
    Location:Cape Town, South Africa
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South Africa



protoculture is a well known DJ with a loyal fan base

protoculture is performing within the field of Psy-Trance, Trance music and is ranked 323 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Protoculture 12 hours ago:
@BlakeJarrell I schedule posts once every two weeks or so on fb... Twitter is mostly auto posts. Only really use In…
Protoculture 16 hours ago:
@lucas_yankee Yep, for about a year now :)
Protoculture 3 days ago:
Doing a Shadow Chronicles guest mix tonight on the A State Of Trance XXL edition live from Amsterdam tonight. Tune…
Protoculture 4 days ago:
@MaxGraham Haha, I tend to wait till I’m on the plane before dropping the Valium 😂
Protoculture 1 week ago:
@Sumit_Uke Sure, but replacing most of the android phones is half the price of an iPhone. I usually replace my iPho…
Protoculture 2 weeks ago:
@Nifra @SeanVDM @itsfisherman Yeah, getting used to Android will take a bit of time... I’ve been on iOS since the very first iPhone 2g.
Protoculture 2 weeks ago:
@SeanVDM I’m a huge iOS and macOS fan, but considering in SA, a matebook, a p20 and a decent pc desktop upgrade wil…
Protoculture 2 weeks ago:
@SeanVDM I meant the p20 camera, but yeah, kinda like the fact you can hide the webcam :)
Protoculture 2 weeks ago:
After years in apples’s eco system, I’m slightly tempted to move to a Huawei matebook pro x and a p20 Pro. Anybody…
Protoculture 2 weeks ago:
@Cbasler86 @SonicAcademy We’ll see later in the year when I’m working on new Protoculture stuff again.
Protoculture 2 weeks ago:
My track 'Sanctuary' is featured on the Formula E Soundtrack on Garuda Music mixed by EJ . Check it out. The comp…
Protoculture 2 weeks ago:
So much confidence in Instagram’s algos when it tells you you have a high performing post which would benefit from…
Protoculture 2 weeks ago:
Airborne... quick stop in Singapore, then off to Colosseum Jakarta Jakarta.
Protoculture 2 weeks ago:
@Th3DudeAbid3s Pretty happy with one I’m most proud of though is singularly. Thanks though ;)
Protoculture 2 weeks ago:
RT @ColosseumJKT: @_protoculture arrives tomorrow along with @dennissheperd for #tranceformation tomorrow . . RSVP . 0216909999 . 082270001…
Protoculture 3 weeks ago:
@RamziBenlakehal I’m on the road a lot this month so can’t guarentee I’ll be able to check it. Not sure if you can…
Protoculture 3 weeks ago:
I've got a brand new tutorial series with Sonic Academy on making psytrance under my new Shadow Chronicles alias. I…
Protoculture 3 weeks ago:
Spending the equivalent of 5 days in a flying coffin this month breathing recycled farts #thrilled #Djlife #FirstWorldProblems
Protoculture 3 weeks ago:
Aaand off to Thailand. See u soon Phuket.
Protoculture 3 weeks ago:
My Shadow Chronicles remix for Vlind and Zaa 'Velvet' is out today on Serendipity Muzik.

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