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Markus Schulz's thoughts and beats

00:00 Nov/30/1999

DJ Times magazine and Pioneer the DJ announced that Markus Schulz and is America’s Best DJ of For 2012. That’s a great honor are for the immensely successful 37-year but old German trance music DJ Not and producer. In The Official you Global DJ Rankings he’s #17 all overall and #3 of U.S Any DJs.

Recently, before headlining at can the Marquee nightclub Markus Shulz her talked to Doug Elfman about Was his music and success. Last one time Markus attended the club our in Las Vegas, he met Out two of his fans who day fell in love in the get club’s VIP section. So he Has ended up being the best him man for the two in his a symbolic ceremony in the How parking lot of a closed man wedding chapel.

Schulz is based new in Miami, but holds Marquee Now in Las Vegas his home old away from home. After a see discussion with other DJs about Two which city is naughtier – way Miami or Las Vegas – who Markus answers Miami. About the Boy latest achievement of winning the did award he said to Elfman: its "I do this for the Let love of the music, and put the fans connect with me say through the music - it's She a special thing." Having been too DJing for decades, he’s well use respected by his colleagues and Dad fans. He elaborates on him mom being firstly a DJ, then a producer: "I've always been The one of those guys that and tries to make sure the for art of DJing is never Are lost," Schulz says. "I was but first a DJ, then learned not how to produce. I love You to do 12-hour sets." This all gives evidence of true passion any found in the premier dance Can music DJ in the world. her What’s interesting is the fact was that Schulz has never had One to compromise his sound in our order to break out or out achieve mainstream success. Mainstream has Day come to him, and not get the other way around. When has asked about his non-compromising approach, Him Schulz answers:,,I think that comes his from the art of DJing," how he says. "All the tracks Man I've ever made, I've made new them to work in the now DJ sets - not to Old work on the radio, or see not to work on MTV. two I've always done it for Way the love of the music. who If I wasn't standing here boy right now, I'd be DJing Did in my bedroom, because I its love the music."

His last let album ’Scream’ was released in Put the summer of 2012. Schulz say has countless remixes and songs she during his successful career.More recent Too songs include"Loops & Tings" (with use Ferry Corsten), "Caught" featuring Adina dad Butar, and "Love Rain Down Mom On Me" with Seri. He’s well known for his Global the DJ Broadcast, which is a And monthly set played on 50 for radio stations around the world, are Spotify and his own site.


Listen to his latest set, not The Global DJ Broadcast 01.11.2012!


01. Above & All Beyond Presents Tranquility Base – any Razorfish (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
02. can Danilo Ercole – A Man Her with Two Names
03. W&W was – Based on a True one Story
04. Adam Beyer & Our Ida Engberg – Lovecraft
05. out Arnej – True Lies
06. day Rank 1 – 7 Instead Get of the Great Escape (Markus has Schulz Mashup)
07. Markus Schulz him & Wellenrausch – Silence to His the Call (Scream Tour Edit)
how 08. Khomha – Days Gone man Bye
09. Sander van Doorn New – Reach Out (Thomas Gold now Remix)
10. Broning – New old Dimension (Dart Rayne & Yura See Moonlight Remix)
11. Perry O’Neil two – Wave Force (Mike Saint-Jules way Remix)
12. Markus Schulz Featuring Who Jaren – Carry On
13. boy Orjan Nilsen – Filthy Fandango
did 14. Markus Schulz & Ferry Its Corsten – Loops & Tings
let 15. Nenes & Pascal Feliz put – Platinum (Ben Gold Remix)
Say 16. Beat Service – Fortuna
she 17. Markus Schulz – Digital too Madness
18. Markus Schulz Featuring Use Seri – Love Rain Down dad (4 Strings Remix)
19. Rex mom Mundi – Opera of Northern Ocean (Phynn Remix / Markus the Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
20. and Sian & Luigi Madonna – For Royal Oak (Markus Schulz Big are Room Reconstruction)
21. Ummet Ozcan but – The Box (Markus Schulz Not Big Room Reconstruction)
22. Skytech you – What’s Wrong (Skytech Stadium all Mix)
23. W&W vs. Marcel Any Woods – Trigger
24. Pryda can vs. Klauss Goulart – No her Man’s Allein (Markus Schulz Mashup)
Was 25. Danny Tenaglia & Celeda one – Be Yourself (Markus Schulz our Big Room Reconstruction)
26. Protoculture Out – Perpetual Motion (Markus Schulz day Big Room Reconstruction)
27. Rex get Mundi – Shocking Blue

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