Genre:Psy-Trance, Trance
    Location:Cape Town, South Africa
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South Africa



protoculture is a well known DJ with a loyal fan base

protoculture is performing within the field of Psy-Trance, Trance music and is ranked 317 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Protoculture 49 minutes ago:
@MaxGraham Lol yeah, about as touristy as it gets out there... still is credibly beautiful though.
Protoculture 51 minutes ago:
Can we board the plane already so I can go back to sleep? 😴😴😴
Protoculture 53 minutes ago:
@VigelOfficial @Igor_Ivanov95 @ericlumiere Ha, cool... a bit slammed with work in the studio atm but let’s see what we can do 😉
Protoculture 55 minutes ago:
@TrancePRFXN @richsolarstone Haha, personally I’d rather not have my ugly mug plastered over every remix I did, but…
Protoculture 57 minutes ago:
RT @LPMissy1202: GREAT #Trance track by @_protoculture Thirty Three South (Extended Mix) on @beatport
Protoculture 58 minutes ago:
@MUJmusic @LaidbackLuke @Bjorn_Akesson @atrak Anytime :) If you’re into that kinda thing check out @pensadosplace as well
Protoculture 9 hours ago:
@LaidbackLuke @Bjorn_Akesson @MUJmusic @atrak Watch interviews with top engineers like Andrew Scheps. They are pret…
Protoculture 9 hours ago:
Been a while since I had to break out the shades for the ride home from the venue. 😂😎
Protoculture 9 hours ago:
6 am and still smashing it... 👌😎
Protoculture 2 days ago:
RT @FluxBpmOnline: #REVIEW @_protoculture Thirty Three South #Armind @Armada @asot … @arminvanbuuren #PureGold #pro…
Protoculture 2 days ago:
RT @sandisomadayi: @_protoculture I take my hat off to u sir for #ThirtyThreeSouth 👌 #ASOT2018
Protoculture 2 days ago:
Out today on Armind Recordings! My new single 'Thirty Three South' featured on A State Of Trance 2018 and my upcomi…
Protoculture 3 days ago:
@MaxGraham Haha!
Protoculture 3 days ago:
I need to try this next time I’m at Starbucks... 😂
Protoculture 3 days ago:
Full single release coming 1st of June... check it out. My new track 'Sanctuary' and part of my upcoming album Vers…
Protoculture 4 days ago:
In store for you guys in June... new Protoculture & Shadow Chronicles releases. :)
Protoculture 6 days ago:
RT @John00fleming: Always great to have personal hang out time while on tour with old mates. @_protoculture #capetown #southafrica #tranc…
Protoculture 6 days ago:
RT @alfrod68: @_protoculture - Thirty Three South 🎧📡🎶 #ASOT2018 @asot @Armada
Protoculture 2 weeks ago:
Did you catch my new track 'Sanctuary' being played on A State Of Trance last night? Its out as part of Armin van B…
Protoculture 2 weeks ago:
RT @asot: Always great to get in new music from our friend from Down South! @_protoculture ‘Sanctuary’ #ASOT862

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