Genre:commercial dance
    Location:Kirkenes, Norway
    Date of birth:1982-06-14
1400 official dj-rankings.com




orjan nilsen has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

orjan nilsen is performing within the field of commercial dance music and is ranked 1400 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

orjan nilsen is 40 years old, and his zodiac is Gemini.

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Ørjan Nilsen 24 hours ago:
Which I agree with, but in time, at least give the software devs an opportunity to make a fully functioning version… https://t.co/M91MksYS6r
Ørjan Nilsen 24 hours ago:
Oh for sure, it works good for me too, but in Rosetta, which means it’s not working to its full potential! Just loo… https://t.co/mZyeLnP4lz
Ørjan Nilsen 24 hours ago:
You mean the M1 right? And still… they can not bring themselves to make this a standard feature. As soon as you hav… https://t.co/NX4zY6ZyVg
Ørjan Nilsen 24 hours ago:
The people who listen to and love the music, plus the feeling finishing a new track gives you, the feeling of creat… https://t.co/iyQFQoprb5
Ørjan Nilsen 24 hours ago:
Now this is intriguing 🤔 I still would like for them to do this as everyone else has, like EVERYONE! 😂 But Meta you… https://t.co/Ui9W1WMMmE
Ørjan Nilsen 1 day ago:
@SteinbergMedia Hey guys, can we please make native AU compatibility for Cubase…? PLEASE?! So I can FINALLY stop us… https://t.co/ZQXB2odJ2S
Ørjan Nilsen 1 week ago:
It’s really good to be back in Asia! ❤️ Vietnam’s such a cool place and love the people! What I haven’t missed is t… https://t.co/YBuc7d3HmJ
Ørjan Nilsen 2 weeks ago:
@Apple @AppleSupport Guys, I’m losing my mind over this system storage problem!!! Every single day my storage’s max… https://t.co/ZSyVWSAt3M
Ørjan Nilsen 2 weeks ago:
#Tromsø almost right! And it is pretty cool up here in Northern Norway! Get it?! COOL?? #comedy https://t.co/bUfkmnSnYj
Ørjan Nilsen 2 weeks ago:
We’re blurry, but happy it seems! https://t.co/BSvUr53jeu
Ørjan Nilsen 2 weeks ago:
Kinda did tease a couple on an Insta live thing I did today, go check it out! https://t.co/j90jqJK54X
Ørjan Nilsen 2 weeks ago:
So what’s new with me you ask? (I know you didn’t but gonna share anyways…). Made two new trance tracks (two of my… https://t.co/PJqRrKNvTj
Ørjan Nilsen 2 weeks ago:
Heheeey! ☺️ Well consider yourself invited! I’m impressed! https://t.co/w4BRc6ej4n
Ørjan Nilsen 2 weeks ago:
Try the north #northofthewall https://t.co/ysPlhuZ9ZK
Ørjan Nilsen 2 weeks ago:
Amen https://t.co/j68vIxjHGP
Ørjan Nilsen 2 weeks ago:
HEEEY!!! Yeeeaa… https://t.co/xP6bAWyDHR
Ørjan Nilsen 3 weeks ago:
🫂🤗 Can’t wait for this buddy! https://t.co/THlxmUV6dO
Ørjan Nilsen 3 weeks ago:
Thanks @SAS 😘❤️ #lifetimegold Gonna celebrate this weekend on the plane! https://t.co/k9GZvJrdYY
Ørjan Nilsen 4 weeks ago:
We all have that, I’ve embraced the imposter as part of my personality. On one side I’m a happy go lucky kind of du… https://t.co/yrZ5NE2Apf
Ørjan Nilsen 4 weeks ago:
New episode of #IMORadio with music by @davidguetta @andrewbayer @MARCOV @MaddixMusic @TempoGiusto @pinkpandadjs an… https://t.co/VKEHB4B2hm



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