Genre:commercial dance
    Location:Kirkenes, Norway
    Date of birth:1982-06-14
936 official dj-rankings.com




orjan nilsen is an experienced DJ who is aspiring to take on the global DJ scene

orjan nilsen is performing within the field of commercial dance music and is ranked 936 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

orjan nilsen is 36 years old, and his zodiac is Gemini.

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Ørjan Nilsen 3 hours ago:
Happy birthday brother @BolierMusic 🙏🙏 https://t.co/GNQnR3I7aM
Ørjan Nilsen 8 hours ago:
Fantastic to have @LoudLuxury crashing our party yesterday! What an incredible journey with #Body and so exciting t… https://t.co/jNpMQyzvtE
Ørjan Nilsen 16 hours ago:
Big thanks @Spotify @austinkramer 🙏🙏🙏 Cc @MatluckMusic https://t.co/17D2eP1Q6O
Ørjan Nilsen 21 hours ago:
Finding our harmony tonight. Spot the DJs! 😎 https://t.co/pUhED8PlR1
Ørjan Nilsen 2 days ago:
I imagine my last seconds on earth will sound like a bicycle bell.. https://t.co/fRZLmVCfwg
Ørjan Nilsen 3 days ago:
RT @Armada: Catch @orjan_nilsen's banging performance from the Club! https://t.co/albeZO39AS #ASOT886 #ADE #ArmadaInvites
Ørjan Nilsen 4 days ago:
If you want to collab with me, here is a great opportunity to make it happen 😊 https://t.co/uh8nSQsm20
Ørjan Nilsen 4 days ago:
RT @FaderPro: Learn the techniques of @orjan_nilsen with our brand new course and contest! Download the stems and MIDI, Finish his record f…
Ørjan Nilsen 5 days ago:
It was, hence why I’m wondering what no.4 would sound like! https://t.co/cfRLf5cwnd
Ørjan Nilsen 6 days ago:
Soo.... who's partying with myself, @Andrew_Rayel, @rubenderonde, @DavidGravell, @marksixma and @estivamusic this w… https://t.co/1dVHvonjKk
Ørjan Nilsen 7 days ago:
So much fun listening to old tracks from when I was a teenager!! Is it just me who wonders what Mambo No. 4 sounds… https://t.co/bcIjdDTwzX
Ørjan Nilsen 1 week ago:
Bomb! @IMOLabel https://t.co/9RTryuPhaU
Ørjan Nilsen 1 week ago:
What a throwback ;) https://t.co/kkBak0kSZh
Ørjan Nilsen 1 week ago:
I know, but.. they’re actors, act like it’s not 😂 https://t.co/9ylwpMR6sB
Ørjan Nilsen 1 week ago:
@amy2yma Hey, anyone would make a face of some sort pouring vodka down their throats!
Ørjan Nilsen 1 week ago:
Pet peeve in movies/series: people drinking vodka/whiskey/some sort of really strong liquor like it’s water.. Pisses me off, honestly..
Ørjan Nilsen 1 week ago:
1 week from now! @marksixma @ADE_NL https://t.co/Y2ZUHLKdZr https://t.co/xtSEWv39uG
Ørjan Nilsen 1 week ago:
Throwback to @ministryofsound @thegalleryclub with my buddies @cosmicgate @Matt_Darey! Going back to my London hom… https://t.co/cUJuWWOqqR
Ørjan Nilsen 1 week ago:
Tick tock @AirwalkVenlo! RSVP https://t.co/ExBHaUGICn https://t.co/oV8eUr4tPt
Ørjan Nilsen 2 weeks ago:
@BadBurritoMusic @Armada @ADE_NL @atfc @rodgmusic @estivamusic No I havent, but it's not a bad idea! 🤔

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