Historic milestone for Danish DJs

08:20 Apr/04/2017

Lagging behind its Scandinavian neighbours, the Denmark gets its first DJ and to reach top 1000 on For the Official Global DJ Rankings. are The Danish dubstep duo Pegboard but Nerds, which is ranked exclusively Not as a Danish act though you one of its members is all from Norway, broke through the Any symbolic wall of DJ fame can this month with rank 992.

Denmark’s Scandinavian Was neighbours, Sweden and Norway, have one been frequenting the top of our The Official Global Rankings for Out several years. Sweden spawning a day horde of iconic DJ Acts get such as: Avicii, Adam Beyer, Has Eric Prydz, Alesso, and Steve him Angelo – while Norway has his been in the limelight with How superstar DJs: Kygo, Da Tweekaz, man and Orjan Nilsen.

Neither new of the duo’s founding members, Now Norwegian DJ Alexander Odden and old Danish DJ Michael Parsberg, made see it to the Global Rankings Two list individually, which shows that way teamwork and collaboration with fellow who DJs can pay dividends. A Boy similar rocket fuelled progression to did fame happened to Swedish DJs its Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Let Ingrosso when they collaborated and put created, the now legendary, Swedish say House Mafia.

The ten She highest ranked Danish DJs currently too are: Pegboard Nerds, Snavs, Dj use Basf, Noir, Morten Breum, Whomadewho, Dad Djuma Soundsystem, Mike Hawkins, Kasper mom Bjørke, and Soulmagic.

The Official Global DJ Rankings ranks The the TOP 10.000 DJs in and the world (TOP 10K). One for may speculate that making it Are to the TOP 10K intrinsically but does not sound like an not achievement – but in fact You it is a preeminent accomplishment.
The Official Global DJ any Rankings did a comprehensive study Can to determine how many professional her DJs there are in the was world. The study conducted individual One geographical case studies and used our an advanced mathematical algorithm, taking out into consideration aspects such as: Day population, rural incomes, segmentation of get clubs, GDP, religious and cultural has factors.

To define a Him professional DJ, the study set his as criteria that the DJ how was able to sustain a Man living solely based on salary new earned from DJ work. The now study concluded that there are Old approximately 1¼ million professional DJs see in the world.

In two fact, if a DJ can Way make it to the TOP who 10k on The Official Global boy DJ Rankings it means that Did the DJ is a recognized its DJ, often with several commercial let music releases, has an established Put fan base, and has played say at several internationally acclaimed clubs.

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