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    Location:Kelowna, Canada
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Excision is a champion of bass music. He has worked himself up to being one of the leading dubstep DJs in the world, but his sets encompass a full range of genres. His music is best described by keywords such as: brutal, overload, enlightenment, morphing, filth and destruction.

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Excision 8 hours ago:
Had to record this, the milkman on a boat throwing cash is a new one for me haha https://t.co/8tcvQ0W6ar https://t.co/ob4d6QtJcU
Excision 12 hours ago:
RT @Scvno_: WE READY 🗣🗣 @Excision @lost_lands @AllTimeEDM https://t.co/KxPQdotRs8
Excision 18 hours ago:
@VickieMarie03 Thank you. You are a kind soul and I appreciate this a lot ❤️.
Excision 22 hours ago:
🎥: @GuerillaMcGavin
Excision 22 hours ago:
Headbangers, thank you for the most incredible night 1 at Lost Lands! This night has been two years in the making,… https://t.co/X2LhcqQ1ET
Excision 1 day ago:
Headbangers, tune in to Couch Lands at 10pm ET for my 2 hour set!! https://t.co/Sjo3W9BrVV https://t.co/mKTxzlvU3O
Excision 1 day ago:
@jaredpate6 @BassedxGinger I was there for less than 5 minutes to walk the DJ’s to stage and have Keaton introduce… https://t.co/Y9MulOEBWl
Excision 2 days ago:
Excision 3 days ago:
@RealDiscoDonnie 🌰🌰
Excision 3 days ago:
RT @lost_lands: Lost Lands Fam, if you’re not here this weekend, tune into the Couch Lands livestream 📺 from Friday - Sunday! Watch our soc…
Excision 3 days ago:
RT @rissietweets: The flight attendant just mentioned lost lands and the whole plane got so hype I am READY
Excision 4 days ago:
Headbangers, the land of the lost awaits.. https://t.co/oG3g8v9nBj
Excision 4 days ago:
RT @lost_lands: Lost Lands fam, the campground gates are NOW OPEN! Please have all wristbands on, your camping passes on the driver's side…
Excision 4 days ago:
RT @lost_lands: Headbangers, we always recommend not losing your phone! But just in case you do, you can pre-register it with our Lost & Fo…
Excision 5 days ago:
@whalesfm Keep killin it fam, don’t stop pushing things forward! Congrats on the success :)
Excision 5 days ago:
@GanjaWhiteNight Genius!
Excision 5 days ago:
Headbangers, Lost Lands is THIS WEEK! The team and I have been on-site for weeks in preparation, & I am so proud of… https://t.co/OMpQtCvL5b
Excision 5 days ago:
RT @lost_lands: Lost Lands Fam, set times are OUT NOW on the festival app!! Don't forget to register your wristbands in the app to be autom…
Excision 6 days ago:
RT @lost_lands: Packing tips thread! Each year at Legend Valley is different. Right now it looks like it will be perfect daytime weather an…
Excision 1 week ago:
RT @lost_lands: Lost Lands fam, we are ONE. WEEK. AWAY. https://t.co/BIY03lL94X

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