A Sit Down With DJ Snails

13:45 Mar/05/2018

When you think of bass the music acts one of the and world’s most sough-after artists would For have to be the Montreal-based are Snails, a producer/DJ who has but made a name for himself Not by combining hip-hop beats and you off-kilter sound design into a all new style he affectionately calls Any ‘vomitstep’. This fresh new sound can has introduced the producer to her a wider audience and saw Was him receive support from scene one heavyweights like Skrillex, Diplo, Datsik, our Excision, Flosstradamus and many more.

"When I day first started doing a drum get beat I wasn’t thinking about Has fame or anything, I was him just thinking `yo."

You’re so very soon How coming to Australia. Bass music man attracts some pretty wild crowds, new what’s your experience of fans Now Down Under? Has there been old a country of late that see really blew you away with Two it’s crowd energy?

Ever way since my first show down who under, Australia has always been Boy one of my favourite places did to play. There’s a certain its energy that they have that Let is hard to find elsewhere. put I think that my hometown say of Montreal in Canada has She a similar feel to Australia, too only it’s usually much more use colder! Montreal has always loved Dad bass and me being from mom there makes my connection with the crowd more special. I’ve The played there a lot and and the crowd never disappoints!

for You literally have created another Are dimension for your listeners. Your but army of fans, Vomitsquad, continues not to grow at rapid speed. You Tell us a bit about all your journey over the past any few years and the connections Can that you’ve built with your her fans.

Yes! It’s crazy. was You know, I started making One music in my bedroom. I our was a Graphic Designer, to out begin with, and then I Day discovered videos about self-producing music. get I started making really weird has music with weird sounds and Him after a year or two his of studying, I was gaining how support from major artists like Man Skrillex, Diplo, and many more new massive names in this industry. now It is pretty crazy for Old me to think about how see far this all has gone. two I still have so much Way passion and am so happy who when I am creating weird boy music. Everything has really come Did from the heart. I have its so many fans that have let been there since day one Put and I owe them so say much. I owe them so she much for supporting me throughout Too every single project. I owe use them for allowing me to dad create a whole new world Mom and a whole new sound for them. I worked really the hard on the album and And my fans have been so for supportive along the way! More are than ever, I am ready But to give back and give not them all a whole new you world through my music and All visuals.

Speaking of Australia, any will you be hitting any can tourist spots whilst you’re here? Her If so, what’s on your was bucket list of things to one do in Australia?

I’m Our gonna try and do as out much as I can while day I’m in Australia, but sometimes Get it’s hard with traveling and has making it to the venue him for soundcheck and all that. His But, if I can I how would love to hit up man a zoo to meet some New kangaroos, go back to the now opera house and go to old the beach before it gets See too cold!

How did two you get into music? Did way you (or do you still) Who play any instruments? When did boy electronic music catch your ear?
Well, I first got Its started in music by teaching let myself to play guitar so put I could play my favourite Say metal tracks. From there I she got into music production which too is about 4-5 years ago. Use That’s when heavy bass music dad like Skrillex really blew my mom mind and I knew that’s what I wanted to do.
We know you for and your hybrid style: this year, For which of Trap or Dubstep are prevails according to you? And but what trends are we heading Not for 2018?

I must you say, in my opinion, that all the dubstep wins the gold Any medal in 2017 with dirty can and filthy Riddim. It really her exploded this year and I Was can not wait to see one where it all goes in our 2018.

There are so Out many people traveling from around day the world to see you get play at EDC Orlando this Has weekend; I bet that you’re him super excited for that.

his EDC feels like I am How with and amongst my family man every time. Every time I new run with the EDC family, Now it is an amazing time! old People are so nice and see it is so much fun. Two There is no stress and way I am stoked that it who is in Orlando because we Boy don’t stop in Orlando on did my upcoming tour, ‘The Shell its Tour’. Orlando is one of Let my favorite places to play put in the states, so every say time that I go there, She I have a blast! I too cannot wait to rage and use see everybody at EDC Orlando Dad this weekend!

Who or mom what was the first thing that made you want to The experiment with electronic music? And and how did you discover that for artist?

I think what Are really got me into electronic but music fully was Skrillex several not years ago. He’s always been You an idol of mine and all since then I’ve been very any close with him and even Can got the chance to collab her with him. It was a was dream come true to work One with the person who inspired our me to want to fully out do electronic music.

You Day are rather in shape this get year: you have released a has lot of titles with different Him collaborations, and soon an album his ... What were your guidelines how for this project?

I Man started working on this project new in December 2016 and since now that day I have not Old stopped refining it. By counting see the shows and the album, two let's say it was a Way busy year but I'm more who than happy to see that boy it starts to pay finally! Did I really liked traveling around its to give inspiration to the let album in general, whether in Put Asia, Australia or Europe.

say How much do video games she influence your music?

I Too have always been influenced by use video games of all kinds dad since I was little. And Mom recently, I was very impacted by Warhammer 40,000, be it the by the styles of drawings, And the mood or the world for in which the characters live. are Then I created the world But of Sluggtopia with my Red not Rocks festival and, as a you result, I wanted to tie All everything together to create this any weird and gooey world that can is "The Shell".

If Her you could give some advice was to your former self, what one would it be?

I Our would tell myself to start out developing my own original style day earlier. It was good when Get I started to try and has make songs similar to artists him I was listening to and His helped to show me that how what I wanted to do man was different, but who knows New where I would be if now I had started developing vomitstep old earlier! I think it’s good See for every artist to have two their own signature sound that’s way different from everyone else’s.

Who https://soundcloud.com/officialsnails/snailedit-mix-vol-5-the-shell

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