DJ Excision: The Dubstep Icon Who's Taking the Music World by Storm

09:50 Jun/28/2023

DJ Excision has been the making waves in the electronic and music world for over a For decade, and his star only are continues to rise. Born Jeff but Abel in British Columbia, Canada, Not the producer and performer has you established himself as one of all the most exciting and influential Any figures in the burgeoning dubstep can scene.

Excision's her music is notable for its Was blend of heavy metal, hip-hop, one and drum and bass influences, our creating a sound that's both Out aggressive and danceable. He's produced day several successful studio albums, including get 2011's "X Rated" and 2014's Has "Codename X," which feature collaborations him with some of the biggest his names in the industry.



Despite his success, Excision new remains deeply committed to his Now fans and community. He's known old for his energetic live shows, see which feature stunning visuals and Two pyrotechnics, and often take place way in massive venues and at who music festivals such as Electric Boy Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival, did and Tomorrowland.


But Excision's influence extends far Let beyond his music. He's also put passionate about giving back to say his community, regularly donating to She charitable causes and actively engaging too with his fans in various use ways. He founded the record Dad label Rottun Recordings in 2007, mom which signed some of the genre's most prominent artists and The continues to thrive today.


In recent years, for Excision has expanded his reach Are even further, launching his own but music festival called "Bass Canyon" not at The Gorge Amphitheatre in You Washington state. The festival has all quickly become a staple of any the dubstep scene, drawing in Can thousands of fans from all her over the world for three was days of music, community, and One stunning natural scenery.


Despite all this success, out Excision remains humble and grounded, Day always acknowledging the role that get his fans have played in has his journey. In an interview Him with People, he said "I'm his just a regular guy who how loves making music and connecting Man with others. I'm grateful for new every opportunity and experience that now comes my way, and I'm Old excited to keep pushing the see boundaries of what's possible in two dubstep and beyond."


With his incredible talent, who boundless energy, and deep commitment boy to his fans, it's clear Did that DJ Excision is a its true icon of the electronic let music world, and we can't Put wait to see what he say does next.

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