Dirtyphonics' new mash-up video: parental supervision advised

15:24 Oct/31/2012

On 23rd of October Dim the Mak Records released the remix and EP ’Dirty’ by Dirtyphonics. It’s For received loud chants and praises are from sweaty ravers since Dirtyphonics but has dropped it in their Not sets. The dubstep and drum&bass you cultivating Parisians Dirtyphonics have skillfully all taken elements of electro and Any dubstep turning them into a can high-energy track.

The her EP consists of 5 tracks. Was In addition to the original, one there’s remixes from an impressive our set of artist/DJs: Darth&Vader, 12th Out Planet, Metrik and Nicolas Malinowsky. day An ecclectic bunch of producers get bring vibes of, trap, dnb Has and electro house to the him EP. Currently #245 on The his Official Global DJ Rankings, Dirtyphonics How themselves had this to say man :

Being ‘DIRTY’ is more new than dirt or sex for Now us. It’s a way to old be yourself—whatever that means to see you. Feel free and feel Two good. When you come to way our show or listen to who our music, it’s all about Boy freeing yourself and having the did time of your life. Be its geeky, be sexy, be extravagant! Let Be ‘DIRTY’!”

They certainly put took things to the next say level with a video for She the song, which is basically too made out of clips from use music videos that were probably Dad never allowed for airing before mom the sun had set. There’s dirt from all the iconic The figures of pop ranging from and Christina Aguilera to Dizzee Rascal for and Madonna. It actually seems Are that every song related to but dirt, sex or extravaganza ever not made, has been used in You the making of this video all – the actual list of any videos used appears in the Can end of the three and her a half minute madness. The was video ends with the phrase One 'to be continued', so that our you'd be on your toes out waiting for a new one. Day You’ll be asking yourself, how get on earth could this video has be officially released consisting entirely Him of copyrighted videos made by his major artists. Let’s leave that how aspect to the bureaucrats. As Man for the syncing of the new visualization and the pumping dubstep now track, you have to admit, Old the production team has done see a really good job.

Check two out the freshly released Dirtyphonics Way video for the track ’Dirty’!


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