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Pusha K 3 minutes ago:
@docadam everyday like everyday yo i swear at this point its proximity to studio and weed price thts keep ing me go…
Pusha K 7 minutes ago:
you hang with these people you talk music and somebody will say "oh they are young" and i think friend the djs im…
Pusha K 8 minutes ago:
sorry i just saw some spring break clips and i could never imagine traveling to hang with a bunch of people to drin…
Pusha K 10 minutes ago:
yah bruv seems like you spent your youth getting lit to the most common music and trying to date i was in fashion…
Pusha K 11 minutes ago:
if you are some person whom like inexpicably in THEIR 20S live in one of these cities with things going on and onl…
Pusha K 14 minutes ago:
like ohh you took your early 20s to do some sort of stupid drinking vacation art basel and sxsw were right there y…
Pusha K 16 minutes ago:
im going to be honest wtih you if you ever did spring break or were in some sort of sorority fraternity i dock the…
Pusha K 21 minutes ago:
RT @CartoonsHateHer: My friends: why do you still go on twitter Me:
Pusha K 22 minutes ago:
@GovanJones thanks for joining GovanJones a bar a word
Pusha K 23 minutes ago:
RT @GovanJones: @dances I’ve seen niggas do real gay shit that ain’t gay lmao
Pusha K 27 minutes ago:
RT @dances: shout outs to anybody whos done adderall so they could get things done and 5 hours later have watched all the porn in the world
Pusha K 28 minutes ago:
RT @dances: Me on adderall Im about to get All this work done After i learn about this pornstars whole career via 60 tabs in incognito mo…
Pusha K 29 minutes ago:
@1zaidazane ive got like 1000 tweets about this i dotn touch that drug lol
Pusha K 30 minutes ago:
lmfao still mad as shit this fucking morning
Pusha K 4 hours ago:
RT @GovanJones: Nah you niggas not just finna switch the picture and keep encouraging discourse cut it tf out
Pusha K 10 hours ago:
Obviously my life is trash with no fucking opportunity that people would just routinely act like I’m one of these m…
Pusha K 10 hours ago:
Opps hit me up to do a record i swear to god I’ve been mad about that one also for fucking days yeah yo obviously m…
Pusha K 10 hours ago:
I will sit in the studio and math out how to with streams and releases and promo budget to sit the Fuck at home Le…
Pusha K 10 hours ago:
No actually i think a chill life of rapping i feel i could find some sort of mix of weird at home job and consultin…
Pusha K 11 hours ago:
These rappers just do adlibs and dance around it’s lit it’s like a hardcore show everyone sings the words In dj w…



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