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🧀🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa 6 minutes ago:
the biggest blood suckers in the music industry are music writers
🧀🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa 8 minutes ago:
@rejaniced ugh it sooo tiring only dabs come close tho for the high i like tho sadly
🧀🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa 22 minutes ago:
when u trap you dont worry bout the cops if they got you they got you just serve the custies get the product and g…
🧀🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa 23 minutes ago:
the best thing about streaming and social is it shows critics opinions dont matter and it eliminates the gate keepe…
🧀🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa 26 minutes ago:
i stopped listening to march madness verse 2 now i only listen to feed me dope on repeat
🧀🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa 32 minutes ago:
if u feel u got to put out ur song now cause if u dont the time is over for it your song is trash u go to be able t…
🧀🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa 41 minutes ago:
yeah i might need a dentist but ill still get your wife from Tenants
🧀🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa 52 minutes ago:
RT @IjeomaOluo: If you tweet at me saying, "I know you're going to call me out for this but -" Know that I will not call you out, & I will…
🧀🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa 53 minutes ago:
note to self my twitter name* is 🧀 🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa
🧀🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa 59 minutes ago:
@BrettBlackman i only deal in the roughest of demos because my recording schedule slows down my production process but they are bangers
🧀🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa 1 hour ago:
only people who have heard all the fire i got are my younger brother a girl who doesnt follow me on twitter an a&r…
🧀🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa 1 hour ago:
any time somebody tries to talk to me like i cant produce or dj im like how did u just assume that is it cause i…
🧀🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa 1 hour ago:
@DAGHE i always say they cool with niggas dealing dog food, being in gangs, killing each other, and dying but heav…
🧀🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa 3 hours ago:
People used to tell me I can’t say the things i say And i would say Sorry u don’t have the ability to believe in…
🧀🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa 3 hours ago:
I’m just sitting here putting things in place so i can really talk my shit in 2020
🧀🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa 3 hours ago:
God i haven’t even started to talk my shit yet
🧀🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa 3 hours ago:
Yo if ur influences in dance Music are a bunch of nerdy white boys I think ur wild corny forever U white washing sa…
🧀🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa 3 hours ago:
@moistbreezy @Madeaux God dance Music is sooo corny
🧀🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa 3 hours ago:
RT @NHL: "Eric Lindros, from tonight until eternity, your number 88 will never by worn by another Philadelphia Flyers player."…
🧀🥩 Whiz WIT Khalifa 3 hours ago:
Lollllllll let me not fuck my money up

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