Genre:Progressive House, Trance
    Location:Hartford, CT, United States
748 official

United States



audien is a highly acknowledged DJ and considered among the best in United States

audien is performing within the field of Progressive House, Trance music and is ranked 748 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Audien 20 hours ago:
RT @NightCulture: TOMORROW! @Audien tickets are almost SOLD OUT! Join us at @Stereo_Live Houston for an unforgettable evening! ✨ Tickets -…
Audien 21 hours ago:
@danny_komendera 2am 🤘🏼
Audien 1 day ago:
@loera1425 insanity!! love it
Audien 4 days ago:
RT @echosmith: Thinking about the fact that TOMORROW IS THE VIDEO SHOOT FOR FAVORITE SOUND @audien 🎉 (out 3.8.19)
Audien 4 days ago:
@SoundsToMylife success to me is making something I’m proud of, even if 10 people hear it
Audien 4 days ago:
@etherfluxmusic release it yourself! lots of platforms (tunecore, stem)
Audien 4 days ago:
@rigisk @ProximityM proxy supports more small / brand new artists more than anyone I’ve ever seen, they gave me a c…
Audien 4 days ago:
@SeanMurphyDJ they often succeed, but never feel the fulfillment of helping people through art, which is worth more than any amount of money
Audien 4 days ago:
@RobinHagglund @JimmySomeGee “analysis paralysis”
Audien 4 days ago:
@SMartyn_16 get it to a point that feels somewhat comfortable but know that nothing is ever truly finished or perfect
Audien 5 days ago:
@bonilla_xo don’t give up!
Audien 5 days ago:
@ProximityM ❤️
Audien 5 days ago:
@JimmySomeGee you literally can’t fail if you are having fun
Audien 5 days ago:
it makes me sad knowing that there are people out there who really want to make music but are intimidated or afraid to start.. start now!
Audien 6 days ago:
RT @echosmith: Out on 3.8.2019 #favoritesound with @audien 💥💥💥 Pre-save it here:
Audien 7 days ago:
RT @SaidTheSky: It’s ok to cry in the club
Audien 7 days ago:
@austinkramer @mintsyndicate @ProximityM that was so fun!
Audien 7 days ago:
RT @iriskhung: met @Cplkikoman 2 years ago at @Audien’s Feels Trip tour, I’m so happy we got to see him right before our 2 year anniversary…
Audien 7 days ago:
@Shaun_Frank me?
Audien 1 week ago:
@PiMpsTyLeO 🤘🏼

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