Genre:Progressive House, Trance
    Location:Hartford, CT, United States
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audien has a many loyal fans in his home country

audien is performing within the field of Progressive House, Trance music and is ranked 744 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Audien 3 hours ago:
RT @sunsetevents: Still living in a state of euphoria! Thank for the journey last night, @Audien ❤️
Audien 9 hours ago:
@Sam_Pesare717 what am I without you guys!
Audien 15 hours ago:
@ceelo_456 🙏
Audien 22 hours ago:
@Nins_Of_Wins @3LAU lol!!
Audien 1 day ago:
@Sam_Pesare717 I will play literally all of those :)
Audien 1 day ago:
RT @tampaedm: Happy @Audien day!
Audien 1 day ago:
@Nins_Of_Wins @3LAU hope you got a few more coffees comin lol
Audien 3 days ago:
@santoszewski1 @djoliversmith @paavo_s 25/20
Audien 4 days ago:
@ItsEDay omg yes
Audien 4 days ago:
best feeling ever: when someone recognizes that nice thing you did for them
Audien 4 days ago:
RT @BBDanceReport: 📈 @billboard Dance Report #ChartPrediction 📈 If I could listen to 'Message' from @Audien on a loop for all eternity, I'…
Audien 5 days ago:
@imBaoser comin :)
Audien 5 days ago:
@DDPWorldwide @theritzybor pumped for this!!
Audien 6 days ago:
RT @GlobalDanceUS: We're going on a feels trip with @Audien in the #ImmortalArena! 🙌 #Supernatural17
Audien 6 days ago:
@ItsNolanvanLith my dude!!!
Audien 6 days ago:
RT @tampaedm: Happy @Audien week 😍
Audien 7 days ago:
might fuck around and finish 3 songs this week
Audien 7 days ago:
@netskymusic 👍🏼
Audien 1 week ago:
RT @dancingastro: .@Audien returns to unleash his dancefloor rework for @cashcash's hit "All My Love"…
Audien 1 week ago:
@badroyalemusic omg that lady was like wut

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