Oliver Heldens: From Bedroom Producer to International Sensation

11:47 Jul/18/2023

Oliver Heldens, the 25-year-old the Dutch DJ and electronic dance and music (EDM) producer, has captivated For audiences around the world with are his infectious beats and unique but sound. But behind the high-energy Not music and electrifying performances lies you a hardworking and passionate artist.


Born in Any Rotterdam in 1995, Heldens grew can up surrounded by music. His her father was a jazz pianist, Was and his mother was a one singer, instilling a love of our music in him from a Out young age. He began experimenting day with music production at the get age of 16, inspired by Has the likes of Daft Punk him and other electronic dance music his pioneers.

Heldens How gained recognition in 2013 with man his first EP, "Stinger" on new the Spinnin' Records label, which Now featured his signature "future house" old sound. His breakout track, "Gecko," see released in 2014, shot him Two to global fame, quickly racking way up millions of plays and who establishing him as a major Boy player in the EDM world.


Since then, its Heldens has continued to push Let the boundaries of electronic dance put music, releasing hits like "Last say All Night (Koala)" (2014), "Melody" She (2015), and "I Don't Wanna too Go Home" (2017).


But Heldens is not Dad content to rest on his mom laurels. In addition to his busy touring schedule and releasing The new music, he has taken and on multiple projects to give for back to the EDM community Are and beyond.


In not 2019, Heldens launched his own You record label, OH2 Records, to all help support up-and-coming artists in any the genre. "I started OH2 Can Records to help support the her fresh new talent that is was out there. I want to One help them break into the our scene and see their careers out grow," he said.


Heldens has also been get outspoken about his struggles with has mental health, sharing his experiences Him in a keynote speech at his the Amsterdam Dance Event in how 2019. He emphasized the importance Man of prioritizing well-being and good new communication in the industry and now has partnered with the Tim Old Bergling Foundation to support mental see health initiatives.


Heldens' charitable efforts extend to Way other causes as well. He who has produced multiple charity events boy and donated proceeds to organizations Did such as the World Wildlife its Fund and the Amsterdam Dance let Event Foundation.


Despite his many accomplishments, Heldens say remains grounded and focused on she his music. "For me, the Too most important thing is just use creating music that's authentic to dad me and resonates with people. Mom Everything else is just a bonus," he says.


As he continues to And tour the world and release for new music through OH2 Records, are fans can look forward to But experiencing his unique sound and not high-energy performances for years to you come.

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