Genre:Hip-Hop, House
    Location:Washington, DC, United States
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trayze has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

trayze is performing within the field of Hip-Hop, House music and is ranked 3298 on the official DJ rankings list (

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trayze 4 minutes ago:
RT @questlove: BOOM
trayze 2 hours ago:
RT @nachosarah: oh yes the kid who was marching against women’s reproductive rights while wearing a hat promoting an evil homophobic racist…
trayze 2 hours ago:
RT @dances: I don’t care about any other video From that MAGA kid If we have video and witnesses of Black children getting shot and u st…
trayze 2 hours ago:
I wouldn’t trust @TuckerCarlson to watch my dog, let alone give me an accurate account of the days news
trayze 10 hours ago:
RT @djnickbike: some of y’all never dropped in a Pharrell beat from the top and it fuckin shows
trayze 12 hours ago:
@BrendenHill Agreed. I just think swaying public opinion helps.
trayze 13 hours ago:
I mean...... this can’t really get any more accurate.
trayze 13 hours ago:
RT @Alyssa_Milano: Let’s not forget—this entire event happened because a group of boys went on a school-sanctioned trip to protest against…
trayze 13 hours ago:
I mean....
trayze 13 hours ago:
RT @ClintSmithIII: If you’re doing an MLK day service project, consider bringing a King-level analysis to it. For example, don’t just serve…
trayze 13 hours ago:
RT @thewayoftheid: “Does this presidential candidate spark joy?”
trayze 13 hours ago:
@BrendenHill what does it matter? It’s cov cath, it’s fairly recent, and it corroborates evidence from the video, f…
trayze 13 hours ago:
@BrendenHill random I just saw this floating by
trayze 13 hours ago:
@BrendenHill Well my 2019 answer to that is: don’t get caught on camera doing dirt or talking shit you can’t back u…
trayze 13 hours ago:
@BrendenHill @jeromebaker3rd I’m basing these personal opinion estimates just off of the last election. You had ~90…
trayze 13 hours ago:
@BrendenHill Yeah but you’re judging this out of context. Teenagers do dumb shit in general, I agree. But vandalism…
trayze 13 hours ago:
Philando Castile HELLO? You guys are full of shit.
trayze 13 hours ago:
RT @SenSanders: We have a president who is a racist. Today we say to Trump: We aren't going back to more bigotry, discrimination and divis…
trayze 13 hours ago:
@BrendenHill @jeromebaker3rd I disagree with a lot of that. I’d say 35% of america is straight up racists and maybe…
trayze 14 hours ago:
@BrendenHill @jeromebaker3rd That kids mom is senior VP of customer relations at Fidelity. His school has multiple…

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