Genre:Hip-Hop, House
    Location:Washington, DC, United States
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United States



trayze is an acclaimed DJ from United States

trayze is performing within the field of Hip-Hop, House music and is ranked 3298 on the official DJ rankings list (

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trayze 14 minutes ago:
This doesn’t make any sense. DJ Paul is literally listed as writing credit for the song 🤷🏼‍♂️ click bait?
trayze 35 minutes ago:
RT @djMoonRockk: That live set by @djtrayze at Motion is wavey! 👌🏽
trayze 13 hours ago:
RT @DJJaycee: i went crazy at the crib for a few before heading for DC today 😜 @ranedj the full routine can be seen elsewhere 😉 #Prince #D…
trayze 13 hours ago:
@DJJaycee WWWHHHAAT!? damn dude that’s a story!!! Glad to see you shining out here though! Also thanks for saying h…
trayze 13 hours ago:
@djphlipz I tried the açaí /yogurt swirl thing holy shit it’s good 😂😂
trayze 13 hours ago:
@bethanyabrigoli I’m kinda immune from over spending in target somehow. Idk how!?
trayze 13 hours ago:
@DJBennyC @djphlipz DC!! Fort Lincoln
trayze 14 hours ago:
@djphlipz They have a self serve kiosk now for the snack bar ITS DANGEROUS
trayze 16 hours ago:
RT @diannaeanderson: a man: "free college!" men: "yay!" a woman: "Here's how we'll settle our crippling student debt problem and make col…
trayze 17 hours ago:
trayze 18 hours ago:
Went to Costco for TP, left without TP and spent $150.
trayze 19 hours ago:
🚨REMIX ALERT🚨 NEW MUSIC!! @DayneJordan3D & @decapmusic ‘Annoying’ [trayze remix] get the stream from…
trayze 19 hours ago:
Blocking these trump bots left and right today
trayze 22 hours ago:
@djevilone Still gets requested every night thooooo
trayze 22 hours ago:
@D_PRADOS He’s trying whatever PR he can but I see the authenticity in some of it. Problem is he needs therapy and…
trayze 2 days ago:
I hear #ImpeachDonaldTrump trending! Lesssgooooooooooo
trayze 2 days ago:
@BigJacks Peep my edit thoooooooooo
trayze 2 days ago:
@djarchi idk but need!
trayze 2 days ago:
TONIGHT!! #MotownOnMondaysDC
trayze 2 days ago:
@DJBonics @carr_damon don’t reply to trump supporter bots

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