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Funkagenda 8 minutes ago:
Love Jason Witten but bless him he IS useless... lol
Funkagenda 9 minutes ago:
@JBroska55 Next year it’s gonna be Marquise Williams though. If Jimmy G is back + healthy, he’s gonna blow fantasy up.
Funkagenda 10 minutes ago:
@JBroska55 You got TyFreak? Never worry when you have TyFreak :)
Funkagenda 14 minutes ago:
20 mins ago I was down by 6 points in my fantasy league. By the end I was up by 9 points. The Packers are UNREAL...
Funkagenda 31 minutes ago:
Mad love to Adams + Crosby tonight for winning me my fantasy week :)
Funkagenda 9 hours ago:
Out this week: Stan Kolev /Official Page/ remix of "Underground" by Paul Thomas + Funkagenda!…
Funkagenda 2 days ago:
@doubutu_suki_a @AshleySiegs
Funkagenda 2 days ago:
@rickaysurvive You live practically in ny... Miami is budget compared to here :)
Funkagenda 2 days ago:
Fucking car alarm today... Just constant...
Funkagenda 2 days ago:
RT @pixelatedboat: Wow these brands are moving in very different directions
Funkagenda 3 days ago:
@rickaysurvive Rickwah... lol x
Funkagenda 3 days ago:
It's actually "The amount of time spent on a record should be twice as long as from the middle to the end - same as…
Funkagenda 4 days ago:
@Jeff_Sutorius @TheFPIA Speculative... but not “wrong” or “false”. Kinda says a lot imho. I got no problem with you…
Funkagenda 4 days ago:
@TheFPIA @Jeff_Sutorius @DashBerlin There a much bigger concerns in the dance scene right now than some fake produc…
Funkagenda 4 days ago:
@TheFPIA @Jeff_Sutorius @DashBerlin But they’ve made their money. They’re happy. They’ll move on, make another proj…
Funkagenda 4 days ago:
@TheFPIA @Jeff_Sutorius @DashBerlin Look at it like this: if he had just made music instead of taking the easy rout…
Funkagenda 4 days ago:
@TheFPIA @Jeff_Sutorius @DashBerlin That might be so but as you guys have pointed out MANY times, he didn’t make th…
Funkagenda 4 days ago:
@TheFPIA @Jeff_Sutorius @DashBerlin I’ve heard he’s a lovely guy and I have nothing against him, but Dash Berlin ar…
Funkagenda 4 days ago:
@TheFPIA @Jeff_Sutorius @DashBerlin He was under contract to perform, take photos with fans etc etc. He is not Dash…
Funkagenda 4 days ago:
@TheFPIA @Jeff_Sutorius @DashBerlin Because he’s not the artist. He’s the tour DJ.

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