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    Location:Kelowna, Canada
356 official dj-rankings.com




downlink is an outstanding DJ who has proven a succesful brand on the international scene

downlink is performing within the field of Dubstep music and is ranked 356 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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☣️Funkagenda☣️ 21 hours ago:
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 23 hours ago:
@djshajeb What the hell were you smoking when you wrote this reply? An idiot built a steam powered rocket in an att… https://t.co/rSBCEdcJeT
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 23 hours ago:
Yknow, MAYBE if you don’t think a child is responsible enough to make good choices, you probably shouldn’t insist t… https://t.co/4YzTxgzUVQ
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 23 hours ago:
Did you know you can tell what sex an ant is if you drop it in water? If it sinks: Girl Ant If it floats: Buoyant
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 24 hours ago:
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 3 days ago:
Ladies and gents... Natural selection: https://t.co/YVGMctqOxt
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 3 days ago:
RT @Rachael_Conrad: For the love of god UNMUTE THIS https://t.co/MA48mit8MX
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 3 days ago:
@AmberIsAQT ...your own body and your own life. That is paramount over all other things. Do whatever you need to do… https://t.co/E8zgzu93KJ
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 3 days ago:
@AmberIsAQT You don’t have to give up on what you know to be true. I can’t even begin to fathom what you must be go… https://t.co/vX6T6KUOYh
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 3 days ago:
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 4 days ago:
There are many things wrong with this prick’s statements. But I’d say the glaringly obvious one is: Islam is a reli… https://t.co/x894kvUERE
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 5 days ago:
Anyone got a free link to wilder fury?
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 5 days ago:
@bchettt https://t.co/co23B6WO9T
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 5 days ago:
#murderedbywords https://t.co/lcjH7YdmOo
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 6 days ago:
Sometimes I can’t help but think back to when my Mom used to tuck me in... She always wanted a girl so that was th… https://t.co/7ZfKhGLM12
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 7 days ago:
RT @MrNiceGuybrush: #KurtCobain was born 53 years ago today. We will always love and miss you, Kurt! ❤️ https://t.co/oo8WrKTl2H
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 1 week ago:
RT @baddogsdrawing: https://t.co/m13wqvKypC
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 1 week ago:
RT @rickygervais: The next few hours are crucial to end Trophy Hunting. The UK Govt public consultation closes TOMORROW. Hunters are lobbyi…
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 1 week ago:
RT @ThatKevinSmith: Religions have been founded on the Bible, resulting in millions of people deriving inspiration and moral strength from…
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 1 week ago:
RT @MyDudes_: https://t.co/KADnO5ydIA

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