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    Location:Kelowna, Canada
356 official dj-rankings.com




downlink is a well known DJ with a loyal fan base

downlink is performing within the field of Dubstep music and is ranked 356 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 hours ago:
RT @jaboukie: no one: baby birds when their moms come back with fresh vomit: https://t.co/nM9oknZzHe
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 11 hours ago:
I have coffee mate in my tea... And I am not ashamed.
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 1 day ago:
@YOSushi Just wanted to say that the staff at your Ashford location tonight did me proud for my Birthday. Attentive… https://t.co/cE9f3vB1Km
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 3 days ago:
@SteveInRealife @justinmartin @djkamayo Only ever lived in LA + NYC. I ve been gifted by the lack of twatdom.
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 3 days ago:
@SteveInRealife @justinmartin @djkamayo When I say “don’t blame us” it’s more of a “we’d love you here but your cou… https://t.co/RNyWnB8yZm
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 3 days ago:
@SteveInRealife @justinmartin @djkamayo Nobody said you were. Maybe check the heat of your tit?
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 3 days ago:
@djgrantrichards At least Lost ended!!!!
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 3 days ago:
@klubbingman Oh well the opinion of a newspaper that once spelled its own name wrong definitely makes it ok. It was garbage.
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 3 days ago:
@djgrantrichards It made me feel like I wasted my life watching it.
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 3 days ago:
Your president is a fucking liar and a dick. https://t.co/vbY9OaO9mQ
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 3 days ago:
@justinmartin @djkamayo Sadly don't blame us. Blame the united nation of Karen that won't shop at Walmart in a mask… https://t.co/Lyj6W5Mspa
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 3 days ago:
Hahaha the sheer idea of promoters not going for a quick cash grab... You're too good a human Justin. https://t.co/GptlifpiOK
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 3 days ago:
So I have invested a large chunk of time watching the Sopranos from beginning to end for the first time. I'm sorry… https://t.co/pRHGoycVfp
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 4 days ago:
This is just the worst thing... 10 years!!! https://t.co/FwloiiSRbe
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 5 days ago:
@overloud Hey I can't get your auth process to work at all. Can I get a bit of help here?
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 6 days ago:
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 6 days ago:
@Darudevil They go up to icloud so I don't lose them but literally it's the dumbest operating system ever. Oh and n… https://t.co/hnvbDg9FPa
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 6 days ago:
@LifesizeLuna Yes but it still doesn't appear as a location in the render windows of apps. I had to create a sideba… https://t.co/BPFXL87eps
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 7 days ago:
RIP Ennio Morricone... Tragic loss to music.
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 1 week ago:
@Darudevil You can unhide but it’s still not available as a bounce location. It’s a piss take. Documents disappeared too.

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