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dits is an acclaimed DJ from India

dits is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 2514 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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dj dits 8 hours ago:
Nowadays 📞1- hello bhai jam party krwa rhe hai dj lagega. 📞2- kitna dozen lagega..? 📞1- ek dozen dj booth pe 5 dozen dancing floor pe
dj dits 9 hours ago:
If i did the same , that would have been my last gig at that place ... This man is just filled with confidence of n… https://t.co/Z71jxSNXA5
dj dits 1 day ago:
We have taxi union , bus driver union , labour union , artist union , event managers union and even rickshaw wala u… https://t.co/xC7xTQTe0H
dj dits 2 days ago:
Jindegi me bahut locha kiya hai , kand to pucho mat,, par kabhi ghora gari and off beat nahi kiye hai djing ke samay
dj dits 2 days ago:
Sahid dibos chilo , eta dukher din ar manuser koster din ..... eta to jamon khusi tamon sajo pratijogita dekhchi .… https://t.co/UMB0EyaMmO
dj dits 2 days ago:
Hypocrisy of Indian Club goers : I played dilbar dilbar few months back people were gesturing to change the track… https://t.co/GCQqvIWr9i
dj dits 4 days ago:
One advice to everyone Kisika burai karna hai to ghar me bulao aur apas me karo , na phone calls mein na text mess… https://t.co/p142ONMA2T
dj dits 1 week ago:
Trust me next time a see someone sharing a “a boy trying to be a girl and dancing in a girls attire and making funn… https://t.co/zj4NOXbjEK
dj dits 1 week ago:
These kids are learning djing, and in our country u dont need to learn , u can only become a dj by putting a prefi… https://t.co/TSKT8gsCWo
dj dits 1 week ago:
Never think what the world says about you ... They will definately change their words when u r successful ... Worry not strive hard ...
dj dits 1 week ago:
What should be my next release ? 1 . Dilbar Dilbar 2 . Ole ole 3 . Buzz 4 . Kaho na kaho
dj dits 1 week ago:
আগে দোকানে লেখা থাকতো- " ক্রেতাই ভগবান "… আর এখন - " You are under CCTV surveillance " - সংক্ষেপে #চোর …
dj dits 2 weeks ago:
One of my friend has opened a boutique and she is into female attires ... hope u find it good and its my love towar… https://t.co/ZU9G53L71o
dj dits 2 weeks ago:
Bas yehi dekhna baki tha , https://t.co/LYPwJFj7oj
dj dits 2 weeks ago:
New BATCH Starting From - August . Join Scratch Lab .
dj dits 2 weeks ago:
Playing for motorola tonight ... — at The Westin Kolkata Rajarhat https://t.co/HtQxQCLIkX
dj dits 2 weeks ago:
I am not there in musically nor do i have a bike neither i am having a car whether fancy or not .. even i am not in… https://t.co/0YaEDinqDv
dj dits 2 weeks ago:
I have a question :: Are you a kind of hypocrite ? The moment a track is being played which has been remade and t… https://t.co/9Wd9VNHrhi
dj dits 2 weeks ago:
PPL IPRS kafi nahi tha jo Novex bhi add kar diye ? Freelancer Djs now have 80 percent lesser events due to all these ...
dj dits 2 weeks ago:
A man is known by the companion he keeps and a Dj is known by the music he has ... Dits

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