Location:Kolkata, India
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dits is an acclaimed DJ from India

dits is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 2514 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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dj dits 41 minutes ago:
eating Partyzone at The Drunken Monkey https://t.co/MIFcNqEcFm
dj dits 1 hour ago:
Planning for my first collaboration album : if you r interested in getting featured drop ur track in my mail id... https://t.co/SEhDzjAk0i
dj dits 18 hours ago:
I saw a flyer today , mtv love school fame and splitsvilla fame Dj ,, is that her qualification as a dj ?? Those... https://t.co/HhDqHLaKhr
dj dits 23 hours ago:
Me : why theres no quality war of djs happening in india Harsh Bhutani: theres already so many wars going on... https://t.co/Rez1AyCgOh
dj dits 2 days ago:
Some memories of last year
dj dits 3 days ago:
EDM according me is Electronic Desi Music ...
dj dits 4 days ago:
Any lady dj willing to be a resident dj abroad ping me
dj dits 4 days ago:
In the year 2000 Amitabh Bachchan played kaun banega crorepati !! And in... https://t.co/7lqmbwExMn
dj dits 5 days ago:
U talk about respecting girls in facebook and the very next moment request track like Delhi se Hu bhnc...d ..... why this track ???
dj dits 6 days ago:
Female dj free for 31st dec revert me back
dj dits 6 days ago:
Everyone is either a dj or a producer else both .. who r the audience then ?
dj dits 6 days ago:
Unable to trasfer my contact from android to IOS ... Please whatsapp me ur number on my 973**** 655 so that i can be in touch
dj dits 7 days ago:
Cctv camera everywhere in kolkata .. tao traffic police ra ghus khAcche .. eder bari chithi k pathay ?? Na sabar... https://t.co/TG70GmEHHW
dj dits 7 days ago:
Today i was jobless and thinking about facebook ... and suddenly decided that even sharukh khan or brad pitt do... https://t.co/69D724i2c7
dj dits 1 week ago:
Posing half naked in facebook will make u hot but being normal always makes u and us beautiful , remember hell is... https://t.co/fg3ZR3xbJ0
dj dits 1 week ago:
Done with the holiday .. Now work mode on from today .... — traveling to Kolkata airport from Kempegowda... https://t.co/8Ts53DZDZC
dj dits 2 weeks ago:
What the fuck is this .. I have two flights from the same airlines today ... https://t.co/likv8NSAYa
dj dits 2 weeks ago:
With my current account balance the only apple product i can buy is APPLE JUICE ...
dj dits 2 weeks ago:
In 2017 we are having beer for Rs 31 and french fries for Rs 11 .. Amazing promotional stunt by this very young... https://t.co/iXABc9TeFd
dj dits 2 weeks ago:
East meets north but in south ... What a pleasant eve — attending The Grand Punjabi Night with DJ Harsh Bhutani... https://t.co/iTocgoLYLA

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