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dits has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

dits is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 2512 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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dj dits 5 hours ago:
One day i will play only my remixes in my gigs , all exclusive and unreleased ,,, thats my goal
dj dits 8 hours ago:
Hey firends, here a groovy Punjabi Number for you JAANI TERE NAA - DJ DITS https://t.co/QQHTAZn1x1
dj dits 10 hours ago:
Of to Durgapur for a very special reason and will update the KHUSHKHABRI soon ... — travelling to Durgapur, West Bengal
dj dits 1 day ago:
That goosebump moment when Indian National Anthem was sung just after Pakistan finished theirs ... bleed blue
dj dits 2 days ago:
He took djing to next level https://t.co/e6iS6leXyo
dj dits 2 days ago:
Suggest few new bolly tracks to be remixed ... i have already made kamariya and tere naal nachna ...
dj dits 2 days ago:
One of my brand new remix KAMARIYA - DJ DITS Check this one out ...... https://t.co/KAmvzgkfHW
dj dits 3 days ago:
Travelling to haldia for todays gig, tea time — in Kolaghat https://t.co/ketfZmXDio
dj dits 4 days ago:
Next sunday its gonna be huge at OBD , one bottle down https://t.co/JZXFV5uvkR
dj dits 4 days ago:
Today i went to club Boudoir and all of a sudden i was stopped at the entry, not a prob, u can causr u have ur aut… https://t.co/ffChvq5kyd
dj dits 5 days ago:
Hey friends, i am a big lover of intro music, i just want to begin my set with a surprise so heres my intro i gon… https://t.co/Y7Q3FJuaWN
dj dits 6 days ago:
Has anyone ever done this shit ? dont hide its time to admit here today ... https://t.co/dITCTllzS3
dj dits 6 days ago:
Regarding Djing and its music Scenerio in the Club COCKTAIL (which is about to open soon ) in Durgapur contact dire… https://t.co/Ag1vyhUfhw
dj dits 7 days ago:
I request govt not to allow any telecom brand to provide internet 3g and 4g service at the present cost and instead… https://t.co/BYe4rgShAo
dj dits 1 week ago:
Tips and tricks on djing again .... just watch this space
dj dits 1 week ago:
I always need a push or a motivation to prove myself wrong and improve everyday and now i have one ....
dj dits 1 week ago:
#djblogger #ditsthedj #djdits #djditsfromkolkata #djditsblog #dits #entertainer #musicfreak #djslife #desidj… https://t.co/2YfeBIMFyp
dj dits 1 week ago:
I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/puEX58LlF8
dj dits 1 week ago:
So All The Retro Lovers and Mithun Da Fans, Here's Something Special For You Check Out This one JULIE JULIE - DJ… https://t.co/zBoCadCmWD
dj dits 1 week ago:
Suggest me some retro tracks for my next remixes

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